Joe's Pub

Public Theatre 425 Lafayette St. NYC

Joe's pub is our newest performance space. Named in honor of The Public Theater/NYSF's founder, Joseph Papp, it features food, drink, and eclectic entertainment that spans a wide spectrum fo cultural and performance styles. The Pub is open to serve food and drink every day from 5pm to 4am, with performances held six nights a week.

Seating at The Pub is general admission at tables, couches, and the bar. Tickets are available beginning fourteen days prior to the performance from Telecharge at (212) 239-6200 or in person from The Public Theater box office.

For more information, including the current performance schedule, call the Joe's Pub Hotline at (212)539-8777 Smoking is permitted at Joe's Pub, and a two-drink minimun may apply at certain events.
bands are subject to change