Boogaloo Bar

168 Marcy Ave
South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
(718) 599-8900

After nearly two years of peanut butter sandwiches, collapsing floors, and the blood, sweat and tears of a now unshakeable group of friends, Boogaloo opened its doors in Janurary of 2002.

To be clear, Boogaloo is not a "bar", though it does have well priced drinks with nifty names in beautiful glasses (and an outstanding collection of rums from around the world).

Boogaloo is not a "bar" though it does have Italian inported stools that sit along a ridiculously gorgeous long white counter that happens to both light up and hold those drinks with nifty names.

Boogaloo is not a "bar" though it is open 6pm-4am Tuesday through Sunday and people tend to gather there to talk, write, think, play, dance, and/or listen to great music. The music is from bands, local and touring DJs, and experimental artists who think tables of electronics all plugged -in together buzzing and bleeping is cool. Have no expectations for the music because it will always be different. Soul. Hip-Hop. Techno. Rock. Funk. Reggae. Noise. Ambient-dub-psych-chill-kraut-folksy-vintage-electronic nonsense. We like it all.

Boogaloo is a "space". It's a space to gather and meet people. It's a space to get inspired and decide you want to make something too. Boogaloo will only ever be as great as the people that come here and make it great, but love is built into every corner, which is a pretty perfect starting point.

And ok, yeah, yeah, yeah, we know it's a bar - we're not that pretentious, just trying to approach it differently. Come to Boogaloo, make it yours, and help us build something special in our neighborhood.

Subway: Take the JMZ to Marcy, or the L/G to Metropolitan/Lorimer.
bands are subject to change