Michael J. "Dinosaur" Campbell's

Muscle Funk

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Musclefunk is one hot-n-sticky-crazy Funky band. The sound and vision of it was created by Manhattanite Michael J."Dinosaur" Campbell. The music is driven by his self-proclaimed Musclefunk guitar style. The sound has many colors but the primary color is red-hot. Rockin' in my House guitar funk! Somewhere between where soul music is going and where it has been.

Dinosaur wields a truly impressive array of sounds. From out of nowhere you'll hear synth- guitar, pianos, organs, percussion, hot stabs and much more. You'll hear everything from Cool Acid-Blue Tones to searing, heart-seeking Hendrix-inspired solo flights. We also like to bring da noise into our mic with a sampler. DJ Loops and beats to real life sounds all help to bring out the colors and emotions of our music! Vocally, Dinosaur delivers his songs in a straight-up, no frills vocal/rap style.


Dinosaur's accomplishments read like a history of Rock-Soul-n-Pop.
He has performed, produced, recorded and /or played with:
Stevie Wonder, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chaka Khan, Bootsy Collins
Keith Richards, Los Lobos, Fred Wesley, Randy Crawford, Bernie Worrel
the original Blues Brothers, Sam and Dave, Wilson Pickett ads well as
fellow Lower East side brothers and sisters, Blues Travelers, Joan Osborne
the Spin Doctors, Milo Z, Slapmeat Johnson and Mr. Thing.

The CD Rockin In My House is available here.

The Boogaloo Kings
Muscle Funk not only brings down the house in clubs, they can rock your birthday/office any type of party and make it an event that won't be forgotten. Need a more mellow sound, then meet
The Boogaloo Kings who offer a mixed-bag of swinging Jazz, Rock, Soul,Contemporary Dance, Rhythm and Blues, Latin, Motown, Funk, Disco, New Orleans, Salsa and some Ethnic medleys. Available for weddings and private parties, call or fax anytime 212 679-7392