Les Paul Trio

"See the legend in your lifetime"

Real AudioIt's Been A Long Time

One of the Jazz world's most important quitarists and innovators, Les continues to amaze his fans with his mastery of the instrument. Always the showman, Les can take his audience from the beauty of "Over the Rainbow" to a rocking "Happy Birthday". As the inventor of multitrack recording and the classic Les Paul Gibson guitar, he knows how to get a wide range of tone from his guitar. He can play a thick jazz sound and then by turning a few knobs and dials get the 50's sound that he also invented.

Musicians from all over the world flock to listen to Les and there are always celebrities on hand when he takes the stage. Les makes himself available to all his adoring fans and he's always gracious with autographs and photos. This is a must see act at the Iridium that any night on the town must include.

Every Monday Night at Iridium