Little Buster

Little Buster & The Soul Brothers

"For 30 years he's been a local legend. Now, his first record will show the rest of the world what many Long Islanders already know: Little Buster is the real deal." -- Blues Magazine

B.B. King has been quoted as saving "Little Buster is the only musician who could fill my shoes."

Born 52 years ago Little Buster started singing in elementary school, and started going around with a Baptist church lady to tent meetings funerals and churches, where he made a little money. "Instantly crowds came around me just to see the little boy sing,"Buster recalls. "It made me feel good to know I made somebody else feel good."

At the age of 14 Little Buster went blind, by then he formed a duo with his friend Melvin on washtub drum, and together they played house parties where they'd earned & 10 a night doing Chuck Berry songs and singing doo-woop. In the 60s Little Buster moved to New York and formed his current band The Soul Brothers, and started playing in the clubs.

"The answer came with a gripping overhaul of " Just My Imagination " that stripped the sweet veneer off the Temptations' original version to find a rawer testimonial underneath........Halting a plaintive dedication of undying love, he quieted the Soul Brothers and worked over and over a guitar riff, exploring nuances of phrasing to extract deep shades of meaning that landed like heavy weight punches. Several times he shrieked like Wilson Pickett, but he hit a higher pitch and sustained it interminably, moving the sound around in a stratosphere where male voices simply do not go." -- Fan Fare Magazine

An institution in Long Island for over 30 years. He moved briefly to California but since this North Carolina native returned to the Island about a year ago his career has sky-rocketed. This blind singer/guitarist signed his first record deal with Bullseye Blues and the album has been a huge hit.

Recorded Live at
Manny's Car Wash 1/25/97


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