A Progressive Post Punk Power Rock Trio from the Lower Eastside!
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Electric Death, a psycho dynamic power rock trio, was formed with band members - Jorge Antonio Gonzalez, Tito Gonzalez, and Jim Montanez- in the Lower Eastside of New York City. Born and raised in the Lower Eastside (Loisaida), their music careers span 23years.

They performed throughout metro-areas of New York, in clubs and concert venues such asCBGB'sand Max's Kansas City, meccas of early Punk/New Wave rock, and venues across the Capital District of New York. Their music actually predated alternative rock music by 15 years. Electric Death, psycho dynamic power rock trio, and Electric Death Productions, a member of NARM and BMI, are here to keep the tradition of new music and sound recordings alive by establishing new music trends, publishing their music and other new artists, internal control of their products and services, and business access/availability for music commerce to the world.


Jorge Antonio Gonzalez

- Lead guitarist, lead and backing vocalist, piano, and blues harp. He is producer and performing artist of Electric Death, and president of Electric Death Productions in Schenectady, New York.


Tito Gonzalez

- Electric bassist, lead and backing vocalist, performer and recording artist of Electric Death. His showmanship and musicianship contributions to the band and Electric Death Productions is exceptional as writer, bassist and vocalist.


Jim Montanez

- Drummer, percussionist, songwriter, and backing vocalist. Playing drums for local bands from the Lower Eastside in NYC, he joined Electric Death in 1978. He does performance, tours, freelance music work and records at Electric Death Productions frantically, which we greatly appreciate.

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