Cherish the Ladies

Cherish the Ladies is the premiere all-women ensemble on America's traditional Irish music scene. In what has been a male dominated field, they have won the hearts of music critics and audiences alike on both sides of the Atlantic, Cherish the Ladies have recorded three albums, their debut, Cherish The Ladies, The Back Door and their new release, Out and About, The excitement generated at their performances comes from a blend of first rate musicianship, an impressive command of the Trish tradition repertoire and a great feel for contemporary tastes.

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I went to the concert for Cherish the Ladies and the Irish Rovers last night and I just wanted to say that I had a wonderful time. Both bands have such wonderful musicians, and they were very entertaining. I hope these bands return to the Westbury Music Fair, as well as many other Celtic bands. It is not often that we get such talented musicians to visit our area. It was my first time going to the Westbury Music Fair, and I had a wonderful time :)
03/18/99 Stephanie