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28 Orange Street A unique sound that blends folk, funk, and jazz, they provide an unparalleled performance and their improvisational pop defies classification.
A Garifuna Afternoon feat: Wanichigu Dance Company of Honduras, Aurelio Martinez & Yurumei Band & Peter poots TiTiman Flores
Abby Lincoln Quartet
Abdou Mbacke
Abdoy Mdacke & the Goree Xpress
Accidental Groove
Adriano Santos Quartet
Afrika Bambatta
Agents of Good Roots Web Page Richmond, Virginia's Agents of Good Roots deliver a melted blend of funk and jazz, with rock and roll sensibilities trying it all together
Ahmad Jamal
Alexis Phillips
Ali Farka Toure Web Page Toure, the sublime guitarman from Timbuktu, seems to assimilate the life of everywhere he goes in the sound of his guitar.
Ali Hassan Kuban and the Nubian Band Web Page Egypt's Godfather of Nubian soul, presides over a roots package that crosses James Brown rythms with Afro-Cuban styling
Alice Cooper
Alicia De Larrocha
All Hail Me
All Star Benefit
Allman Brothers Over the years, the Allman brothers have gained a reputation as a"...skillful, improvisational blues-rock act."
Allstonians Web Page Boston's Allstonians bring down their traditional Jamican ska, while King Chango bring their dancehall infused blend that has earned them the Village Voice distinction as best Latin Ska band in NYC. Definitely a suit and skinny tie rude boy ska night.
Alpha Particle
Altan Web Page Altan is one of Ireland's greatest traditional bands.
Alvin Lucier
Alyn Timms
Ambassador 990
Amber Sunshower Web Page Formerly the lead rapper with Tommy Boy's Groove Garden, found her niche singing after that group's dissolution and decided to turn her lengthy book of poetry into songs.
American Chamber Trio
American composers Orchestra
Amina Claudine Myers
Amy Speace
An American Enterprise
Andrew Jr. Boy Jones
Andy Bey
Andy Cooney Web Page Received national exposure in 1986 when he was invited to join the well known Paddy Noonan band. Andy recorded several albums with Noonan and now has five solo albums on Rego Records
Andy Statman
Angel Dust
Angel Face
Angela McKlutsky
Angela Warren
Angie Aparo
Ani DiFranco Web Page DiFranco is a one women acoustic punk threat: confrontational, confessional and righteous.
Anita Brown
Anna Rabinova
Anne Correa & Company
Annita Nugget
Another Girl
Ansel Mathews Web Page
Anson Funderburgh & The Rockets Web Page W.C. Handy Award Winners for Blues Band of the year in 1992 & 1994.
Anthony Braxton
Anthony Carreras
Ari Hoenig/Tim Matzer
Aristedes DuVal
Arnie Kolodner
Art Alexakis
Artist Boy Wondre
Arturo Sandovai Sextet featuring: Charles McNeill, John Chip Stephens, David Enos, Willie Jones lll & Manuel Egui Castrillo
Asa Rydman
Ashford & Simpson One of music's most talented duos, Nickolas Asford and Valerie Simpson have not only gained success as performers with their hits like "Main Line," they have also been successful songwriters for stars like Ray Charles and Marvin Gaye.
Ashley Wilkes Band
Astral Project
Avail Web Page Tearing through the country on a non stop run of sold out shows on nothing but word of mouth, great zine reviews and merchandising.
Avandguard Starting in the same clubs as Robert Cray, Alice & Chains and Soundgarden in the Seattle/Tacoma area, his music is acoustic/electric guitar based with an alternative and country edge.
Avenue Blue
Average White Band Over the years the AVB has performed around the world, proving their timeless appeal as a funky band of rhythm and blues. Formed in 1972 and still going strong in the year 2000. This band is is one of the most "sampled" bands in contemporary music.
Aziz Tajili
B Blush
B of Melody
B.B. King Web Page B.B. King has been described as the most famous blues singer and guitarist in the world today. In 1987, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and won the Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award.
Baaba Seth
Baby Gramps
Bad Rowald
Baha Men
Band of Susan's
Band Together For Kids
Bands with the Kitchen
Bankhead Bankhead plays a unique brand of punk-inspired pop songs with a little ska and funk thrown in for good measure.
Barbara Bonney
Barbriana Complex
Bardo Pond
Barry Harris
Barry Manilow
Barry Ryan & the Fireballs
Basement Bhangra
Batoto Yetu
Battle of The Blues
Bear's Choice
Beggars Canyon
Beggars Opera
Ben Folds Five
Ben Street
benefit for Jeff Heithmar
Benjamin Wagner
Benny Golson
Berlioz: Roman Carnival Overture
Bern Nix Duo
Bernard Allison
Bet Williams
Better Off Dead New Jersey's demented kings of the blues!
better than ezra
Beyond Belief
Beyond Blue
Big Al Brown
Big Ass Truck Web Page Voted the Hottest Band in Memphis, by a recent poll of club owners, which was reported in Billboard.
Big Bad Johns
Big House
Big Jack Johnson Web Page
Big Runga
Big Stupid Guitars
Big Top Low
BILE Web Page Notorious live performances where the players don masks, and give an incendiary performance intended to "uninhibit" rather than shock
Bill Charlap Trio
Bill Perry Blues Band Web Page After stints with The Band and Richie Havens, Bill just recently began concentrating on his own band. Now he has blossomed into one of the top new blues acts in the country
Bill Scher
Bill Simms & the Cold-Blooded Revue
Billy Branch & The Sons of The Blues Billy Branch is one of the top Harmonica players in the world today. Featuring top Chicago guitarist, Carl Weathersby.
Bittu Web Page One of the finest vocalists on the British bhangra scene, Bittu ignites with the infectious Punjabi rhythms of dhol and tabla.
Black Army Jacket
Black Cat Bone
Black Diamond
Black Pearl
Black Rock Coalition Orchestra
Black Stalin Web Page
Bleecker St Reality Band
Blind Gypsy
Blitz Dynette Web Page This is about SOUL. No Hype, No Histrionics, Just SOUL.
Blue Number Nine funky, soulful, melodic rock with great vocal harmonies and flute. Sort of like the Brand New Heavies...not too loud!! Blues number 9
Blue Rider
Blue Ruin
Blue Voodoo
Blues Foot Band
Blues in Progress
Blues Jam with Ed Sullivan
Blues Jumpers
Blues Savage
BMX Bandits
Bob Deprio
Bob Groce
Bob Marleys Original Wailers
Bob Sharkey Quartet
Bobbito the Barber
Bobby Bell Web Page Bobby Bell brings to his listeners his years of solid experience in live performance, fluid guitar playing and great songwriting. Bobby Bell
Bobby Mitchell Band
Bobby Radcliff Web Page "The term 'razor-sharp guitar' has become cliche. Lets just say Bobby Radcliff wields his guitar like a serrated knife." -- The Hard Report Photo
Bobby Sichran
Bobby Syvarth
Bohrams Young Musicans Concert
Bombay June Twisted poetry & free-verse set to heavy, driving, aggressive music performed with an industrial, gothic edge. Recent reviews describe Bombay June as "gritty & gutsy enough for the hard popular market". Bombay June
Bone Taxi
Boney James James is standing on the threshold of jazz superstardom. His 1997 album 'Sweet Thing' brought him four top 3 NAC singles, two top 20 Urban AC singles, Soul Train Music Award & first instrumentalist to hit Billboard's #1 on their Heatseekers Chart
Bonzai Pipeline
Boogie Fever
Boogie Man
Boogie Nights
Booker T & the MG's
Boozoo Chavis
Boricua Festival
Boss Ross Blues
Boukan Ginen Web Page The newest voice in mizik rasin (roots music ) ex-Boukman Eksperyans sparkplug Eddy Francois and a bold new cast have taken Ginen to the forfront of Haiti's newest groove.
Bouncing Souls Web Page New Jersey's Bouncing Souls have been causing quite a stir in the waters of Punk Rock as of late, with the release of their second full length on B.Y.O Records, the dazzling "Maniacal Laughter", and the relentess touring that has gone behind it.
Brand New Heavies
Brandon Michael
Brian Seymour
Briggan Krauss' Good Kitty
Brother Rabbit
Brotherhood Dogs
Bruce Barth
Bruce Henderson
Bruce Jacques
Buck Mackane
Buddy Hank Band
Budo Vooba
Bunny Plasm
Burn What's Left
Burnt Colonels
Burr Johnson Band
Bush Sugarbabies
Buster Williams Quartet feat: Geri Allen, Stefon Harris & Lenny White
Buzz Bomber & the M-80s Sound like AC/DC backing up their tour bus over Weird Al Yankovich on his moped down at the beach!
Caedmons Call
Camilla Benson
Candeye Kane
Candiria Web Page Candiria spring forth with a death meta/jazz fusion that straddles the two incredibly will, balancing the much bigger chip of Death Metal with the subtle infusion of jazz fills, licks and time changes makin this Brooklyn band an act to watch. Procees of Self Development
Candy Meat
Canned Heat
Carmel Quinn Web Page Carmel Quinn has delighted audiences ever since she captivated the American public as part of the Arthur Godfrey family on his famed television program.
Carnegie Hall Celebrates The Glorious M-G-M Musicals
Carnegie Hall celebrates the Music of Nat King Cole
Carolann Solebello
Carrie Smith
Cascabulho Cascabulho are the new generation of musicians who reinvent the powerful coco & forro rhythms & renovate the traditional music of Pernambuco
Casey Parker
Catch-a-Fire This band was the best Reggae band around New York City in the 80's.
Cathal McConnell
Cathedral Web Page Cathedral play an incrediably hard metaled out Sabbath style rock, like bong smoking revivalists still writing songs in the blacklight poster covered bedrooms, in their parents suburban London house.
Cathie Martino
Cavin' Melon
Cecil Brooks lll Organ Quartet
Cecil Payne Quintet
Cecil Tayler and his Trio
Ced-G & Kool Keith
Celebracion Dominicana! With Asa Dife
Celia Cruz
Channel Live
Chapman Stick Night
Charles McPherson Quartet
Charlie Dog
Charlie Prose Web Page Charlie Prose hails from the coal country region of Pennsylvania and became a Jersey shore tradition over the past 25 years with his performances in the theatres and showrooms on the shore.
Cheili Minucci, Chuck Loeb & their Band
Cherish the Ladies Web Page Cherish the Ladies is the premiere all-women ensemble on America's traditional Irish music scene. In what has been a male dominated field, they have won the hearts of music critics and audiences alike on both sides of the Atlantic.
Cherokee Sex Workshop
Chicago One of the best loved & most successful bands in rock history. The band's heavy mix of rock, jazz, R&B, Latin & classical played out over the course of 4 epic records. A rare accomplishment in the rock world. Famous hits are "Love Me Tomorrow, What Kind
Chico Freeman Quintet
Chico Science Chico Science leads one of Brazil's most original and exciting bands; drum driven grooves ranging from samba to makossa to hip-hop meet guitar thunder
Child of Chaos
Chip Taylor
Chizh & Co.
Choosy Mothers
Choral & Orchestral Concert
Chris Cain Web Page "Cain is worth the attention-his dense guitar word, full bodied singing and solid original songs prove him to be a cut above the run of contemporary blues men." -- Billboard Magazine
Chris Cheeck
Chris Jones
Chris Lynn
Chris McDermott Web Page Guitar player Mcdermott is a member of a new school of blues based performers coming out of Boston that also includes G -Love.
Chris Phillips Band Web Page Phillips' influences draw much from the sound of late 70's/early 80's Pop; Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, Billy Joel.
Christian Death Web Page One of the most prolific Gothic groups in existence, with a total of more than twenty five albums in their fifteen years, are still going strong. Formed by Rick Agnew of the Adolescents, Christian Death have packed the Limelight countless times.
Christine Lavin
Chuck Loeb
Chuck Mangione
Chump Change
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
Cindy Lee Berryhill
Circus Junkies
Clara Belina and the Flying Monkeys Web Page Clara Bellino - Savoy sensuos, bell ringing earful of joy. Clara, the vocal zigzag seductive fume, rushing like a French kiss. Clara Bellino
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown Brown's has an unrelenting sense of humor, grace & soul. He can turn out an authentic zydeco two-stepper, rock the house with a Bill Dogget boogie, throw down a painfully slow blues, then pick up the fiddle for a hee-haw styled breakdown.
Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown
Clarence Spady Web Page "The sharpest yet most emotive slide guitar in town... Where the hell is this coming from and why haven't I heard from him before." &nsbp; - Tribe Magazine - Tom Gizben Clarence Spady
Claudia Acuna Group
Claudia Hayden Project
Cliff Goldmacher
Clint Dadian Trio
Clowns For Progress Web Page The East Village's own Clowns For Progress play of glammy schmaltz punk, roaring and rocking yet oozing with a Mel Tomre quality. The Clowns, staying true to their name, dress the part, with makeup, tuxedos, and plenty of goofy posturing.
Cockeyed Jr.
Coffin Daggers On the suave side of the lounge surf aisle at times, and at others with twang and interesting ideas, the Coffin Daggers use subtle changes in arrangement to great affect when covering familiar standards --Reverb Central
Colder Thy Kiss
Cole Connection
Colie Brice Web Page After several years of musical and spiritual incubation, Colie Brice is ready to emerge. His debut solo album New Age Blues, features songs and sounds that express a yearning to understand the deeper meaning of life.
Colin Hay
Colin Raye Web Page An academy of country music nomination for song of the year and a top ten album of the year. USA TODAY, says " it's not hard to understand why Collin Raye is considered one of contemporary country music's hottest stars."
Colleen Sexton
Color House
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen Web Page Led by Cody's rollicking piano playing they were named the best live band of 1975 by Billboard International.
Common Ground
Concrete Jungle
Coney Island Rain
Constant Velocity
Continental Drifters Web Page The Continental Drifters ' Peter Holsapple (ex-db and REM's fifth man), susan Cowsill (the Cowsills), Vicki Peterson (ex-Bangles and Go-go's maternity leave replacement) and assorted others form an all-star coalition of grassroots American rockers. photo
Corey Harris
Cornelius Claudio Kreusch
Cornell Dupree
Cosmic Box
Cougar Band
Courtney Pine
Cowboy Mouth
Cows in the Graveyard
Craig Handy Quartet
Craig Wooper
Crosby Stills & Nash
Cross Force
Culture and Michael Mafiano
Culture Clash
Culture with Enchantaz
Cyrus Chestnut Trio & Kengo Nakamura, Neal Smith
Dalton Clay
Damsel Web Page Damsel CD
Dan Hartal
Dana Jarred Collective
Daniel Barenboim
Daniel Cartier
Danielle Cotton
Danielle's Mouth
Danny G
Danny Kalb/Steve Katz
Dar Williams
Darby Jones
Darik and The Funbags
Daryl Hall & John Oates
Das Phlazure
Dave Brubeck Quartet
Dave Davies
Dave Ellis Group
Dave Pietro Quartet
Dave Ralph
Dave Thompson Band Web Page
David Breitman
David Cantor Web Page Not exactly jazz-folk, but listeners on either side of that divide will be won over. They've appeared twice on Fast Folk recordings and have a self-titled CD of their own.
David Johanson
David Kane's Them Jazzbeards
David Krakauer's Klezmer Madness
David Peo
David S. Ware
David Sanchez Quintet "?the most profound young tenor saxophonist working today..." - Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune, Sanchez stands out as one of the genre's most innovative and exciting artists.
David Wantz Trio
David Weiss Octet
Dawn Upshaw
Days of Wild Prince Tribute with a style all their own that covers, but does not copy. Days of Wild
Dead Sea Apple
Dede St. Prix Martinique Days
Deep Banana Blackout Web Page From soul, funk and jazz to latin, metal and psychedelia, their diverse sound combines elements of the many influences that the band has acquired over the years. deepbanana
Delmar Brown
Dennis Mitcheltree This young Brooklyn based tenor saxophonist has produced an awesome recording that every jazz enthusiast should become familiar with.
Denny Blake
Derek Trucks
Deyote Dwellers
Diane Devlin
Diane Schuur
Dick Capri Capri started out working in his father's grocer Store, he would mimic his customers and it wasn't long untill he was a full-fledged impressionst and dazzling us with his humor throughout America
Dick Dale
Dillon Fence
Ditch Croaker
Dizzy Gillespie Alumni All-Star
DJ Bally Sagoo
DJ Ian
DJ Johnnie "O" & The Flying Neutrinos
DJ Nino Torre & The Flying Neutrinos
DJ Spinna
DJ Swingsett
DJ's Roni Size & Die
Domain Pratt
Don Byron & Music for Six Musicians
Don Glaser Trio
Don Toher
Donald Glaude
Down Low
Dr Octagon
Dr. Hector & The Groove Injectors Great Blues featuring former guitarist from Grinderswitch Dru Lombar
Drag Mules
Drain S.T.H.
Drew Gress' Jagged Sky
Drink Me
Drinkin' & Cheatin'
Drippen Goss
Drunken Master
Eamon O'Connor Web Page This funny man from County Clare in Ireland, incorporates many characters in his performance including "Father Ned", "Agnes O'Malley and Shamus."
Earl Davis and Majic Spirit
Earl King
Early Edison
Earth Crisis
Earth Eatz Dog! Web Page Earth Eatz Dog!
Ed Ware
Eddie Palmieri
Eddie Henderson Group
Eddie Henderson Quintet
Eddie Palmieri & Hilton Ruiz
Edna's Goldfish
Ehud Asherie Trio
El Dorado
El Vez Web Page El Vez has honed his performances into absolute works of madness and merriness, with as many as seven costume changes in a one hour set
Elaine Elais Trio
Electric Bushman
Electric Death Web Page Electric Death, a psycho dynamic power rock trio was formed in the Lower Eastside of New York City.
Electric Enchiladas
Eleven 59
Eli Fountains Percussion Discussion
Eliot Zigmond Quartet
Elisabeth Kontomanou & her Trio
Elizabeth Gone
Elizabeth Harper
Elizabeth Moore
Elk City
Elle B. & Jaylin
Elliott Sharp's Terraplane "Tenor Sax, guitar & steel guitar /electronics master Elliott Sharp's brings you the Terraplane. Drummer/Sim Cain, Saxophonist/Sam Furnace, David Hofstra/bass&tuba.This hard driving band pushes the blues idiom into the 21st Century"- JazzFest
Ellis Paul
Elvin Jones reunion band
ends of Tom Clark Benefit
Engines of Aggression Web Page photo
Englebert Humperdinck
Enrique Iglesians
Eric Anderson
Eric Miranda
Eric Woods
Erica Herd
Ernie White Band
Erykah Badu
Escape Tribute to Jouney
Ether Park Ether Park is a band whose original songs deliver an alternative pop punch to life's little dramas.
Evan Kremin
Eve's Plum
Exedor 'Saturdays' Communion
Extra Dry
Eye Wish Eye
Fabrica De Nueva York
Famtasia 2000
Fantasy Band
Fates Warning
Felix Cabrera
Festival of India
Fiasco Brothers
Fiji Mariners Web Page Fiji Mariners, led by the Godfather of Alternative Southern Rock, Colonel Bruce Hampton.
Final Notice
Finally Balanced
Finals of the Birgit Nilsson Prize Competition
Fingers Taylor with the Jumpin Johnny Sansone Band
Fiona Apple
Flamin' Amy
Flash Rosenburg
Flat Foot Sam
Flying Monkeys
Flynn Cohen
Fontella Bass Web Page Bass, the R & B legend who soared to prominence in 1965 with the classic
"Rescue Me," has returned to her gospel roots.
Found Money
Four Blind Mice This phenomenal contemporary folk trio will easily draw you in with their 'Peter, Paul & Mary' harmonies
Four Color Manual
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