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"amanda's waiting has been in the studio working on some news songs for their second CD"
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Child of Saturn New!
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Recorded Live at Downtime 1/14/97
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Superman Blue Child of Saturn 2M
Tread These Waters

Child of Saturn

Hear amanda's waiting now by calling The Village Voice CLUB LAND 212-598-0677 ext. 1883

The Song "GHOST" was inspired by the pain of a relationship where one person has fallen out of love for the other. On the B-side, " See No Evil" draws from Minx's personal experience of living through an abusive childhood.

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amanda's waiting
is a 6-piece alternative rock band from NYC formed in November '94. The emotional heart of AW is the collaboration of lead singer Minx and singer songwriter Grace Millo. Their songs are infused with introspection and dark melodies, songs of bitterness and longing are complemented by Minx's emotionallly charged vocals.

Their debut 7" single, Ghost on Breath of the Earth Records was released June '95 to widespread critical acclaim. Along with performing regularly in the NYC area, amanda's waiting have also toured the tri-state area. The single is currently receiving national airplay on college radio. Two east coast stations,WNTI Hackettstown, NJ, and WRPI Troy, NY, featured live performances and interviews with the band. WBAB, NY recently selected "Pretty Good For a Girl" off the CD compilation "Go on Girl" featuring bands from NY and Texas.

Backed by MCA Music Publishing, amanda's waiting collaborated with Russ Kunkel (James Taylor, Jackson Brown, Fleetwood Mac, Jimmy Buffet) in producing a 4 song demo in November 1996 including:
Superman Blue - The sadness that comes from the realization that your lover only loves you for your strength
Shades of Blue - A love song celebrating how opposites attract
Just Lay - Inner conflict between sexual temptation and religious faith.
Tread These Waters - Was written during an anxiety attack-aplea for peace in the soul


- Vocals, 12 string acoustic-electic guitar. Minx has an aversion to baby girl voices.

Grace Millo
- Guitars, Harmonies.

Jack Shepherd
- Guitars.

Joe Baldizzone
-Bass guitar

Donna Kelly
- Drums

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5 stars
Great vocals and a great song. This song is a definite chart burner in the making. The vocals simply melt the listener and the music is tight and masterfully produced. This is the kind of son g that artists dream of creating.

AMANDA'S WAITING - (SELF TITLED) Nearing 4 years of this band being together certainly shows on this album. It took me a couple of tracks to get into the sound of the band, but once I came across "Superman Blue", I was pretty much hooked on the rest of the album.

The sound of the band hovers between various styles of rock & at times slowing to rock ballad territory. There's a number of extremely impressive tracks here, like to alternate soft/loud masterpiece of "Ghost", the rousing epic proportions of "Child Of Saturn" (a definite hit single inh the making) & another big favourite of mine that got 3 plays in a row, "Jane's Room", a track that's got a great lyrical content.

Another very interesting track is the closing track "Pretty Good For A Girl", which is a very cool feminist pop number with a great story. The band certainly have something to appeal to just about everyone.

hEARd Magazine

Modern rock with a feminist twist from this NYC-based sextet. Comparisons to 4 Non Blondes are not far off the mark, but I also detected the influence of Patti Smith in AW's dark drama. Lead singer Minx has a strong, clear voice, and song writer Grace Millo (who also sings and plays rhythm guitar) has given her above-par melodies to work with. The band, accented by Wendy Flitter's cello, is sure-footed, if not incendiary, and with a little push amanda's waiting could well make its mark in the AAA market. A previous demo was produced by Russ Kunkel (Jackson Browne, Fleetwood Mac), so they've got some friends in high places.

Jim Santo Demo Universe


"Minx steps out of the crowd and delivers with her passionate style that grabs your attention."


"promising vocals and lyrical ideas..."- The Music Connection

According to Buzzmonger's Josh Rott... amanda's waiting has more of a rockin' sound, nothing extremely harsh, but pretty catchy. "Pretty Good For A Girl" is the track that stands out the most.

check this out from Ralph Kruger, editor of The GAP... Next is amanda's waiting: More psychedelic than Velvet Hammer. If someone 'd tell me they come from Scotland I'd believe him unspokenly. Amanda's got this perfectly English depressing attitude. Love it!

According to The Nebula... Closer to home, New York's amanda's waiting may have the catchiest tune of the bunch with the bouncy Pretty Good For A Girl (which kind of sums up the concept of the whole disc, come to think of it...) but I am a bit confused with their sound which is somewhat alternative-pop, but is almost too polished for the genre. I'd definitely like to hear more material from them to really get a feel of what their overall approach is.

amanda's waiting "Ghost" (4:58), "Breath of the Earth" 702 (7-inch single), New York City-based quintet straddles traditional rock vocals with modern rock riffs. Lead singer Minx may remind some of former 4 Non-Blondes singer Linda Perry. For a haunting, slow rock experience, check out the flipside, "See No Evil."
- Billboard Magazine

The nucleus of this New York City quintet is the lead singing of Minx, and the song-writing of Grace Millo. The band is in the vein of the Counting Crows fronted by Joan Osborne covering Four Non Blondes. This sound, the appeal of Minx and the strength of the songs has drawn the interest of ex-Lou Reed bassist extraordinaire, Fernando Saunders, who is producing their new tape. The band is in the studio making that demo now, and will resume their steady gigging when it is completed.
-- Gordon's Flash

Two songs won't tell you much about too many artists, but two songs speaks volumes about New York City's amanda's waiting. Containing one studio track and one song recorded live, this brief- encounter can tell you what's up with this 6 piece in a hurry. amanda's waiting is an alternative band fronted and backed by familiar faces (Vocalist Minx and drummer Zoe).
The two songs reflect street- smart views set to honest, minimalist musical passages. They seem to be very good at merging the mysterious with the accessible to create a band & music you feel you know well. Still, they can leave you feeling curious about the sides of them you don't know. With a lot of gigs in the near future, amanda's waiting is a band every alternative pop fan should take a look at.
How deep into them you want to dive is all your choice, but fear not. The waters run deep.
- Dicky Peterson, Good Times.

amanda's waiting, "Ghost" b/w "See No Evil" (7" V2): "Ghost" is simply tremendous'.' Every angle is covered here, from thoughtful lyrics and melodies to the dreamy pop arrangements that surround them. "See No Evil" is an excellent ballad . I definitely feel a connection to Minx and he; lyrics. She is obviously very talented and focused.
With the right producer, this band could be huge. I strongly agree with this band's philosophy that if rock music is going to survive, women need to carry the torch. This single is truly triumphant effort for Minx and Grace Millo. - PI.
-- The Music Paper's Music Exchange

amanda's waiting is doing some cool stuff here. There is a certain vibrancy in the performance and some of the lyrics approach the poetic.
-- Cake

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