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  Pianos Showroom
Address: 158 Ludlow Street , Ground Floor
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Aug-26-19 07:00 PM Nisa Shetty, SEE, The Flops, Sydney Fay LIVE SHOW AT PIANOS
Aug-29-19 07:00 PM Van Halen NYC Tribute (FREE), The Moors, Joata, Tash Neal, Detective Logan LIVE MUSIC AT PIANOS 8/29
Aug-30-19 07:30 PM Grumby (DJ Set), A Tribute To Suede, The Specialists, BeMaeva LIVE SHOW AT PIANOS (8/30) FREE DJ SET (10PM-4AM)
Sep-01-19 06:00 PM Moziah, Duefunk, Charles Potenza, Katia, Joyhood LIVE SHOW AT PIANOS (9/1)
Sep-04-19 07:00 PM WAH GWON TWON DJ PARTY, FrankJavCee, Hi I'm Chris, Janae Sound, Tyler V Pianos Showroom 7 PM $8
Sep-05-19 07:00 PM The Second Arrangement, Emily Gabriele Live Show at Pianos
Sep-06-19 07:00 PM Zevon & Friends Charity Concert LIVE SHOW AT PIANOS (9/6)
Sep-07-19 07:00 PM NanaBcool, Pious Mantis, sgmaniak, The Age Pianos Showroom $10
Sep-12-19 08:00 PM Paytra, Dexter Driscoll, End Scene, Boy Who Cried Wolf LIVE SHOW AT PIANOS 9/12
Sep-13-19 08:00 PM Scoville Unit Record Release: with Earnhardt,Dentist, + Phil & the Osophers LIVE SHOW AT PIANOS (9/13)