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  Coney Island Baby
Address: 169 Avenue A
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Aug-17-18 12:00 AM Mr. Brightside Dance Party
Aug-17-18 08:00 PM Heavy Howl, Damn Jackals, the Brother K Melee
Aug-17-18 11:00 PM Chatterbox Feat. DJ Miss Guy, Dancing By Hayley and Dariell, Guest DJ
Aug-18-18 12:00 AM Mr. Brightside Dance Party
Aug-18-18 08:00 PM Isa Flowers (Of Beechwood), Density, Phil Gammage (Solo)
Aug-18-18 11:00 PM Imagination Dance Party (Goth / Edm / Fetish / Cosplay) featuring DJ M
Aug-18-18 11:00 PM Mr. Brightside Dance Party
Aug-20-18 07:45 PM Hennessy, Antibodies, Privacy Issues, Urban Legends
Aug-21-18 08:00 PM Little Racer
Aug-21-18 11:00 PM Femme Fatale Dance Party 11pm