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  Coney Island Baby
Address: 169 Avenue A
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Mar-20-19 07:30 PM Spirits of Leo, Dahl Haus, the More, Alecks
Mar-21-19 07:30 PM The Sweet High
Mar-21-19 11:00 PM FSQ Line-up /


FSQ's monthly party at Coney Island Baby in the East Village NYC. January's edition brings you a 3 hour set of downtown disco, new wave, funk and dance selections by FSQ's Chuck Da Fonk.

Mar-21-19 11:00 PM FSQ Coney Island Baby Residency - March 2019
Mar-24-19 07:30 PM Epic Voices: Sung & Spoken
Mar-26-19 07:00 PM Boardwalk Comedy: Hosted By Tommy McNamara & Luke Mones
Mar-28-19 07:00 PM The Art of the Interview: John Holmstrom
Mar-28-19 09:00 PM Missyou
Mar-29-19 09:15 PM Mike Mains and the Branches, Owel
Mar-29-19 11:00 PM Stiv Bators Movie Premiere Party with DJ Uncle Mike