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  Pete's Candy Store
Address: 709 Lorimer Street
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Feb-22-19 08:00 PM 8:00pm Izabel Crane @ Pete's Candy Store Drawing from the rich storytelling history of the Ozarks, a background based in jazz, and side projects oriented around grunge and electronic music, Izabel Crane creates her own form of gritty, Ozarkian Folk. 2018 has been spent touring the midwest and recording a new EP, to be released soon.
Feb-22-19 09:00 PM 9:00pm The Felix @ Pete's Candy Store
Feb-22-19 10:00 PM 10:00pm Brim @ Pete's Candy Store Brim is Ed Ryan, Alex Ruiz, Justin Mayfield, and John Ryan. The songs, written by Ed Ryan, are the product of several years of writing split between New York City and his native Kalamazoo, MI. Centered thematically around moments of in-betweenness, liminality, and transition, these short, simple songs are vignettes of change and connection that owe as much to songwriting heroes like George Harrison as they do to other locals like LVL UP.
Feb-23-19 06:00 PM 6:00pm Gabby Borges @ Pete's Candy Store Hailing from Scranton, PA, the Gabby Borges Band brings a funky/jammy/jazzy vibe wherever they go! Gabby Borges believes that insightful lyrics are the key to audience members connecting with the musicians playing in front of them. She brings it all on stage with her and her band backs her up with a groove that'll keep the people movin'!
Feb-23-19 07:00 PM 7:00pm J. Alan Schneider @ Pete's Candy Store Just like his debut record Lo & Behold, J. Alan Schneider's new EP was recorded entirely in a Queens, NY apartment with the help of a few neighborhood musicians, and it marks a new chapter in J. Alan Schneider’s career -- one in which he is no longer trying to find his sound, but rather, trying to accept the honesty of his new music as it relates to a life we can never truly orchestrate.
Feb-23-19 08:00 PM 8:00pm Matt Puckett @ Pete's Candy Store Matt Puckett is a Grammy award-winning songwriter, arranger, and performer from Austin, TX. After spending much of the last decade as a supporting musician, intermittently releasing music under pseudonyms, 2019 will see Puckett release his first solo recordings under his own name. Hovering around the sweet spot between Brian Wilson and Stevie Wonder, Puckett's music is built on the belief that a good song will hit you in your head and your heart.
Feb-23-19 09:00 PM 9:00pm Lauren Hendon @ Pete's Candy Store
Feb-23-19 10:00 PM 10:00pm Brett Benowitz @ Pete's Candy Store
Feb-24-19 08:30 PM 8:30pm Paul Burch @ Pete's Candy Store For over two decades, Paul Burch's unique vision of American roots music has attracted characters and collaborators from punk to honky tonk. Burch's latest album, Meridian Rising features Billy Bragg, Jon Langford of the Mekons, William Tyler, and Garry Tallent of the E Street Band. Look for a new album in 2019.
Feb-25-19 08:30 PM Will and Sam Make a Mess When two guys write individual one-man shows, what you get is two one-man shows. Two men, two shows, two individual stories and that's it, nothing else. Oh my god. What have we done.FREE!