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  Brooklyn Artisan Bakehouse
Address: 529 East New York Avenue
City: Brooklyn
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Mar-01-19 12:30 PM Brooklyn Artisan Bakehouse Come join Brooklyn Artisan Bakehouse for delicious kosher dairy Cuisine in Crown Heights Brooklyn. It also is a wholesale business that sells their signature multigrain sour dough bread to to Kosher supermarkets around NYC. Don’t miss their Café which is Dairy and includes: that now serves individuals sandwiches, salads and pizza along with a wide variety of handmade breads. You might not have been part of State Senator Jesse Hamilton’s 70-80 person entourages at Brooklyn Artisan Bakehouse on Chanukah, but you can still enjoy dishes like the Pesto Panini. The Pesto Panini (pictured above) is the signature sandwich. It consists of avocado, pesto, tomato, arugula and melted cheese, layered onto homemade sourdough bread and topped with a sunny side egg . They sell about 300 Pesto Paninis a day. We hope to see you soon!