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  Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3
Address: 185 Orchard St.
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Oct-20-17 07:00 PM The Hazelnuts ::
Oct-20-17 08:30 PM Chris Barron
Chris Barron is best known as the lead singer of the band Spin Doctors. What you maybe didn't know is that long before he was that goofy guy in the hat on MTV, he was an even goofier kid with an acoustic guitar. Chris plays nifty chords on an old Gibson to masterfully crafted songs that are poignant yet wistful and funny, all the while singing in a manner that's sweet and somewhat different from what you would expect if you only knew his hits, "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" and "Two Princes". Live, his stage patter is almost as entertaining as his singing. A powerful story teller, at once hilarious and thought provoking, Chris sets up his songs with anecdotes from a life on the road, from opening for and encountering legends like the Rolling Stones to Polar expeditions. He says, "I don't really think about what I'm going to say beforehand. I just say stuff and if it goes over well, I say more stuff like that later." A founding member of a band that's loved by millions of people the round world over, Chris' solo shows have all the lyric poetry and singing virtuosity that Spin Doctors fans appreciate along with a range of expression and songwriting that will delight and surprise.
Oct-20-17 10:30 PM Mike Bloom (of Jenny Lewis) with Alan Semerdjian
"MIKE BLOOM" has never been bitten by a mosquito.""There's a strong argument to be made that everyone who isn't MIKE BLOOM should really think about that.""I gouged my eyes out after I heard MIKE BLOOM sleeping, because I wanted it to be the last thing I heard. Whoops.."MIKE BLOOM is a multi-instrumentalist who invented sound, but didn't. The end result is him saying, "I got this."MIKE BLOOM once saw a guy play guitar. The judge agreed and awarded MIKE BLOOM a million dollars in ice cream, as well as a sick PRS guitar with a dragon inlay that changed your life.Then MIKE BLOOM shredded a weird solo that should have gone over that Scorpions tune "Winds of Change" or maybe Dan Hill's "Sometimes When We Touch," but also sounded pretty good on its own. It might literally be someone's favorite.After that, MIKE BLOOM felt his own reflection in a nearby tree and challenged it to an eating contest. Experts thought this was kind of ridiculous, but humored the exercise nonetheless, and it ended up destroying time. It was then that MIKE BLOOM swore on his favorite sock that he'd never play music againuntil the last minute when he said, "Just kidding, man.." and then shredded another weird solo that made everyone who heard it hear it.MIKE BLOOM lives in Los Angeles and if you look him square in the eyes, legend says you get two wishes. If I may, you should really wish to be more exceedingly normal than MIKE BLOOM. With your remaining wish, ask for a sense of humor because you should totally laugh at yourself for thinking the first wish would possibly come true.Bye.
Oct-21-17 07:00 PM Violet Skies
Oct-21-17 07:00 PM Lost Dog Constellation
Cross pollinating eastern and western music is inherent to the ethereal journey of Lost Dog Constellation. Oud & classical guitarist Mike Hassan, Bassist Rob Jost, cajon percussionist Juan Pablo Pastor & vocalist Trevor Vaughn have recently recorded their self titled EP and begun to release the songs publicly this Fall. Lost Dog Constellation is grateful to premiere their music live at Rockwood!
Oct-21-17 08:30 PM Benjamin Cartel
After earning a buzz as one of New York City's up-and-coming songwriters, Benjamin Cartel put his solo career on hold in 2004, the year he co-founded the indie folk duo Kaiser Cartel. Years later, that band is still moving along... and Cartel's solo career has earned a new set of wheels too, thanks to an EP that bridges the gap between Wilco's wry rock & roll and John Lennon's classic pop.Money and Love is Cartel's first solo release. Like the musical influences that spawned it, the EP is a mix of old and new. Several songs, like the vintage pop/rocker "No One," were written before Kaiser Cartel's formation. Others, like the rave-up title track, are newer compositions. "Julia," one of the album's harmony-drenched highlights, was written somewhere in the middle. Cartel looked everywhere for inspiration: relationships, the road, even old Alfred Hitchcock movies.The recording process began at The End Studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, with Mike Cohen (Lucinda Black Bear). Cartel recorded the songs simply, strumming an acoustic guitar while two friends chimed in on bass and lead guitar. He then sent the bare-boned recordings to his friend and occasional tour mate Kristoffer Ragnstam, an indie pop musician living in Gothenburg, Sweden. Ragnstam, along with his bandmate Joel Lundberg, added layers and arrangements to Cartel's songs, turning what began as a skeletal EP into something more fleshed-out and eclectic."I let Kris and Joel add whatever they wanted," Cartel says, "and didn't get in the way of their process. I felt good about the songs and my performance -- and as a fan of Kris' band, Kristoffer and the Harbor Heads, I was honored that they wanted to contribute to my recordings."Some finishing touches were added several months later, when Ragnstam and Cartel rendezvoused in L.A. at New Monkey Studio (originally owned by Elliot Smith), and then later at the home of Aqualung's Matt Hales, who'd previously worked with Cartel on the Kaiser Cartel albums March Forth and Secret Transit. Together, the musicians added handclaps, backing vocals and piano.The result is a recording rooted in honest, straightforward songwriting -- the sort of singer/songwriter fare that Cartel regularly performs at his solo shows, with nothing more than an acoustic guitar to back him up -- and dressed up with full, genre-spanning arrangements. It's an album that builds a bridge between opposites: between old and new, love and loss, rock and pop, solo songwriting and full-band recording.
Oct-21-17 10:00 PM Arthur Lewis (w. Akie Bermiss)
Arthur Lewis is a singer, composer, and pianist from Queens, and a founding member of hip-hop improv comedy group Freestyle Love Supreme. He writes indie soul songs, and delights in spontaneous melody and open space.He'll be joined on piano by his most frequent collaborator, Akie Bermiss. Akie is a singer, composer, and pianist (sound familiar?) from Brooklyn, who performs regularly as a solo artist, as frontman for future soul darlings Aabaraki, and with his own Akie Bermiss Trio. He comes to us fresh off his tour playing keys for veteran indie band Lake Street Dive.These two musicians have been playing together for nearly a decade, but this marks their first performance as a duo. While Akie brings to bear his formidable experience as a pianist, accompanist, and arranger, Arthur plans to just sing.http://arthurthefourth.com/https://www.akiebermissmusic.com/
Oct-21-17 11:30 PM Andr Carvalho Group
Oskar Stenmark - TrumpetEitan Gofman - Saxophone, FluteAndr Matos - GuitarAndr Carvalho - Double Bass, CompositionRodrigo Recabarren - Drums
Oct-22-17 07:00 PM Julia Othmer
Oct-22-17 08:30 PM Elliott Murphy
More then thirty-five years have passed since the release of Elliott Murphy's ground-breaking first album Aquashow in 1973 (recently declared an Album Classic by the UK's prestigious UNCUT magazine) and since that time Elliott Murphy, singer-songwriter, rock troubadour, indefatigable road warrior (over 100 shows a year!) and prolific author of fiction has once again proven his dedication to his music and his commitment to his growing legion of fans with the release of his new CD Notes From the Underground featuring eleven new Elliott Murphy songs (five of which are co-written with long-time guitarist Olivier Durand. The album is already being hailed as his best in a decade (All Music Guide).Aside from Elliotts French guitarist extraordinaire Olivier Durand Notes From the Underground features keyboardist Kenny Margolis (Willie Deville, Cracker) and Murphy's touring band of drummer Alan Fatras and bassist Laurent Pardo as well as Elliott's son Gaspard on guitar on featured track "Frankenstein's Daughter".Born to a show business family in New York, Elliott began his career by winning the New York State Battle of the Bands in 1966 followed by a troubadour like odyssey in Europe where he played on the streets in Amsterdam, Paris and Rome including a bit part in Federico Fellini's film Roma. Returning to the US he quickly secured a recording contract and following the critical success of Aquashow came in quick succession Lost Generation (Produced by Doors producer Paul Rothschild), Night Lights (featuring Billy Joel), Just A Story From America (featuring Phil Collins and Mick Taylor) and many others albums. Highlights from recent albums include an extraordinary duet with Bruce Springsteen ("Selling The Gold") who often invites Elliott on stage with him during his European tours.Murphy is also a published author of various collections of short stories, the most recently being Caf Notes (Hachette) and two novels Cold And Electric and the neo-western Poetic Justice (Hachette.) A new novel Tramps is expected in 2009.Elliott lives in Paris, France.