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  American Graphics Institute
Address: 21 West 46th Street
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Dec-19-18 12:00 AM Adobe Photoshop Intermediate Workshop This is a mid-level Photoshop class that covers the use of tools, filters and layers that allow attendees to take advantage of creative effects. Automation features are covered, as well as speeding up production task with automation and buttons.
Dec-19-18 09:30 AM HTML5 Training Workshop This HTML5 class that gives students hands on experience to build and maintain a website. Our expert instructor will teach you basic HTML and CSS, the foundation behind every website, and guide you through the steps of publishing a website.
Dec-19-18 09:30 AM Adobe Illustrator Advanced Workshop During this two-day advanced Illustrator course, students discover the power and versatility of vector artwork. This hands-on workshop takes you beyond the basics and show users the advanced capabilities of Illustrator, such as troubleshooting for production personnel and techniques for stunning design effects.
Dec-21-18 09:30 AM Adobe Muse Training Workshop This one-day Adobe Muse workshop teaches users to build web-standards based websites with Muse. Learn to use Muse to create websites that incorporate HTML5 and CSS3 to deliver high-quality experiences. Discover this easy-to-use visual web page editor. Participants learn Muse tools, commands, and interface to create websites that adapt from desktop and notebook browsers to mobile devices and tablets. This class covers website planning, creating new sites, importing graphics and text, and publishing completed sites.
Dec-24-18 09:30 AM Creative Cloud for Web Design This Adobe Creative Cloud workshop for Web Design provides essential skills to create websites, landing pages and HTML email. Students learn to use applications such as Dreamweaver, Animate, and Photoshop to create effective web designs.
Dec-26-18 12:00 AM Adobe Photoshop Advanced Workshop Advanced Photoshop is for those who already accomplished basic masking and retouching tasks, but wish to further their Photoshop abilities and become power users. In class, participants learn how to create complex composites, work with advanced level color correction and construct beautiful masks.
Dec-26-18 09:30 AM After Effects Advanced Workshop Learn advanced skills and techniques in this After Effects workshop. Gain skills for creating dynamic effects for video that can be used in broadcast, film, and on the web. Discover how to work more efficiently and creatively. Gain mastery with advanced visual effects, workflow, Chroma Keying, 3D camera motion tracking & stabilization, time-remapping, advanced color correction, rotoscoping & rendering, and much more.
Dec-27-18 09:30 AM Premiere Pro Advanced Workshop Learn the advanced capabilities of Adobe Premiere Pro in two days of intensive hands-on training. This is the more advanced than our regularly scheduled Adobe Premiere Pro classes and covers intermediate through advanced topics such as complex editing techniques and building upon other skills covered in our introductory course.
Dec-28-18 09:30 AM PowerPoint Training Workshop This one-day Microsoft PowerPoint training workshop covers a broad range of topics to help you quickly get up-and-running with PowerPoint. Learn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint and the rich functionality it offers to create presentations with an impact. You will learn to use outlines, create slides from existing Microsoft Word documents, establish the timing of presentations, as well as add sound, animation, and video to your presentations. You will also learn design guidelines for creating effective presentations.
Jan-02-19 09:30 AM WordPress Introduction Workshop This two-day, hands-on WordPress workshop covers core functionalities such as installing, administering, designing and customizing a WordPress website. Additionally, students learn efficient and effective use of WordPress as a content management system and how to augment WordPress' capabilities through plugins.