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  Club Bonafide
Address: 212 East 52nd Street
City: New York
State: NY
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Apr-21-18 06:00 PM "Padam Padam": The Music of Edith Piaf Edith Piaf Tribute With Yael & Gabriel

Ransack the Louvre, scour every patisserie, interrogate every mime -- you will not find anything more French than the music of Edith Piaf, whose quavering voice instantly summons images of a bygone, bohemian world of heartache and longing. So what better way to celebrate Sunday Brunch to honor France's greatest star? Now Yael & Gabriel perform selections from Piaf's incomparable repertoire, which includes "La Vie En Rose," "Non, Je Ne Regrette," "Hymne a L'amour" "Milord","La Foule," "I'Accordeoniste" and " Padam ...Padam" and many more wonderful songs at Club Bonafide in New York City. Yael Dray-Barel is a French/Israeli singer/songwriter influenced by rock and gypsy jazz, and her songs often incorporate the five languages she can speak. Gabriel Hermida is an Argentinian guitarist, infusing his compositions with the essence of classical tango, flamenco and contemporary jazz. Together, their styles create a uniquely exciting musical mix.
Apr-21-18 08:00 PM Cissa Paz Her name i s Cissa Paz and she's a Brazilian singer-songwriter sharing her culture with the world through music. She's currently working on her second album with the highly acclaimed producer and bassist, Arthur Maia. They will be recording in July and releasing in the U.S. in September. Cissa Paz lives in DC and will be recording the album in Brazil as she did with her first one. Her sound is Afro-Brazilian based with funky and soulful influences. The songs for the new album will mostly be originals composed by Cissa Paz, her producers and other collaborators. One of which is Alberto Salgado, who won best album last year at the Brazilian Popular Music awards. Cissa Paz has made a name for herself in the DC scene not only as one of the best Brazilian music artists in the area, but also as an eclectic performer influenced by the local jazz sounds and her Brazilian indigenous/African heritage. Nominated for 3 Wammies, her debut album gained great organic momentum and got the attention of the DC Jazz Festival and many other music industry professionals in DC. Her show is upbeat and engaging, with a mixture of African and Brazilian rhythms. She's known and loved in the area among the lovers and dancers of Brazilian music not only as a performer, but also as ambassador of her genre. Her upcoming tour promises a combination of dance-evoking rhythms, beauty of sounds and authenticity of expression as the product of fresh collaborations. Here's what the press is saying about Cissa's self-titled album: Cissa's performance “is unexpectedly playful and whimsical in the nicest sense of the word, and we almost always end up falling in love with her on this…The bounding momentum of some of her sambas is uncompromising and she evokes the joie de vivre of much that is beautiful about being Brasilian.” (World Music Report)
Apr-21-18 10:00 PM Vanishing Sun On the forefront of the movement that combines Funky Jazz Fusion with Drum & Bass is Rochestarian band Vanishing Sun. Featuring musicians who have played with the likes of legends such as Maceo Parker and Chaka Khan, Vanishing Sun embraces an approach that places emphasis on creative freedom and an anything goes philosophy in songwriting and live performance. The result is a truly innovative sound that is at once avant-garde while at the same time firmly grounded in the roots of its influences. vanishingsun.com "By allowing for space in its swirling infinity, Vanishing Sun keeps the confusion out of the fusion without restricting its own flavor and flow." - Frank De Blase
Apr-22-18 05:00 PM The Best of Bossa Nova Sundays With International Duo Yael & Gabriel Bring your weekend to a musical close with Bossa Nova Sundays, featuring the duo Yael & Gabriel, at Club Bonafide in New York City. Yael Dray-Barel is a French/Israeli singer/songwriter influenced by rock and gypsy jazz, and her songs often incorporate the five languages she speaks. Argentinian guitarist Gabriel Hermida infuses his compositions with the essence of classical tango, flamenco and contemporary jazz. Together, Yael & Gabriel's love for bossa nova and unconventional melding of genres make for a unique, exciting mix of music.
Apr-22-18 07:00 PM Mika: Samba Jazz Trio The coolest of cool and the smoothest of smooth, pianist, vocalist, composer, and arranger MIKA combines her love of the sounds of Jazz, Samba, and Bossa Nova learned and shared over the years in Japan, Brazil, Taiwan, Paris, India and New York, with the support of her MIKA Samba Jazz Trio and MIKA Group and has been continuing to go global. Her lineage comes through the likes of genre greats such as Fernando Motta and Amilton Godoy. MIKA’s successful collaborations with artists such as Armando  Marcal (Pat Metheny Group), Ricardo Silveira (Herbie Mann), Sergio Barrozo (Elis Regina), Jesse Sadoc (Marcos Valle), Andrei Vasconcellos (Djavan), Jorge Helder (Caetano Veloso) and Rafael Barata (Eliane Elias) have brought audiences new musical palettes to marvel at, from Sao Paulo’s and Rio’s clubs, and all over Japan. She performed in Japan to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Japan-Brazil immigration.She was also invited as instructer for the international music camp at Brasilia(one of the hight level music camp in brazil) in 2008. She has been based in NY since 2008 and been performing at local venues such as S.O.B’s ,Kitano, Zinc bar, just to name a few, as well as at some venues in Washington. Recently she has been performing not only Samba jazz trio, but also Swing Jazz Piano trio. Her highly acclaimed work includes six albums and her new album “Mika Samba Jazz Trio Vol.1” was released on May 29th 2013 throughout the world. In 2014,she released an album in USA for the first time, titled “Samba for Johnny” In January 2015, She released her 8th album “Balanco zone sul”  the famous Marcos Valle on guitar and voice,and he praised Mika. She also toured Japan with Rafael Barata(drums) and Sergio Barrozo(bass) from Rio de Janeiro.   All their concerts were sold out. It was highly unusual, as this music genre is not popular in Japan. She composed,arranged and recorded 8 of the tracks on the CD album “Kotori Cafe” which was select by JAL for its flight entertainment program. It will be available from November 2015 – February 2016. “Balanco zona sul ” has been selected ” Critics choice 2015″ by Mark Holston on JAZZIZ (Winter 2016 issue)
Apr-23-18 08:00 PM Jim Self APPEARING with John Chiodini and a group of guests, NYC’s Club Bonafide has the pleasure of presenting a legend in the Tuba world, Jim Self.   Jim is an American tubist and composer from Los Angeles who has performed extensively in the US and internationally as a soloist, chamber musician, orchestral tubist, and, most notably, as a studio musician in the Los Angeles movie studios having appeared on over 1500 soundtracks. One of Self's most notable soundtrack credits is his performance on Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  His performance was featured as the "voice of the mothership."  Self can be heard as a soloist in such films as Jurassic Park, Home Alone I&II, Casper, Batteries Not Included, Sleepless in Seattle, and Dennis the Menace.  Jim Self has been the first call tubist for such notable film composers as John Williams, James Newton Howard, John Debney and James Horner. Club Bonafide is honored to have such a notable person as Jim Self appearing at the Club.
Apr-23-18 10:00 PM Aaron Rimbui Aaron Rimbui (born Harun Kimathi Rimbui, October 15, 1979, in Kenya) is an innovator in East African music. In 2005, Rimbui released his first album, Keys Of Life. It was the first known jazz piano album to emerge from East Africa and in 2009, he followed it up with Alfajiri. In February 2016 the self-taught pianist, keyboardist, drummer, bandleader and composer and program host of The Capital Jazz Club (2013-2017), Kenya's longest- running jazz show – released Deeper, his third album. In it he unveils a new focus on the classic piano trio format, adding subtle touches of voice, percussion and guitar to lend textural variety to his overall sound. From 2009 through 2013 Rimbui was music director and bandleader of Tusker Project Fame, one of East Africa's top-rated television talent shows. Rimbui was named music director of the Safaricom Jazz Festival, Kenya's first international jazz festival, in 2014. He also founded the concert series "All That Jazz”, “Piano & Voice" and "The New Standard Jazz Sessions" in Nairobi. Over the course of his career, he has performed at such prestigious gatherings as the Jahazi Jazz Festival in Zanzibar, the Sierra Jazz Festival and the Winter Jazz Festival in Copenhagen as well as outings in Los Angeles, Washington D.C, Seattle and Las Vegas among many other cities in the U.S.A. He was Kenya's representative to the International Jazz Showcase in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel. In April 2016, Aaron began the Jazz Crossing Borders series that follows his collaborations with musicians from other parts of the world, setting off on a journey to discover ways in which music transcends the traditional borders of culture, geography, politics and language. Johannesburg was the maiden city to receive Aaron Rimbui and four other jazz musicians on the journey with him namely Ayanda Sikade (South Africa) Tumi Mokgorosi (South Africa) Amaeshi Ikechi (Nigeria) and Benjamin Jephta (South Africa) resulting in a performance at The Orbit Jazz Club, Johannesburg. In May 2016, Aaron returned to Nairobi, Kenya continuing the Jazz Crossing Borders journey with Smaj (France/Tunisia) Bado (Kenya) Mwanate na Mbarak (Kenya) and Emmanuel Jacob (Tanzania) culminating in a concert at the Spotlight on Kenyan Music, Nairobi. Having opened concerts for well-known artists including the late Hugh Masekela (South Africa), Richard Bona (Cameroon/U.S.A.) and Gerald Albright (U.S.A), and having performed collaborated with Dwele (USA) Lionel Loueke (Benin/U.S.A.), Sauti Sol (Kenya), Eddy Grey (Kenya), Jimmy Dludlu (Mozambique/South Africa), Benjamin Koppel(Denmark), Moussa Diallo (Mali) and Maurice Kirya (Uganda) among many others, Rimbui has earned his place at the forefront of contemporary East African musicians. Aaron recently added to his offering a new album, Kwetu, in December of 2017. In it, he explores a blend of the distinctive sound of South African jazz and the percussive-intensive Kenyan jazz. Aaron then relocated to the United States, to continue to pursue his jazz career. Aaron Rimbui currently lives in Union, New Jersey.
Apr-24-18 07:30 PM South American Music and Literature Series This concert series will explore the landscapes of South American music and literature, featuring very special musical guests from the New York South American Jazz and Folk scene, as well as literary guests. Come to this celebration of South American's rich musical and literary tradition, itcs connection to the present and its continuation into the future. This concert series is artistically curated by renowned Chilean pianist, singer and composer Benjamin Furman.
Apr-26-18 05:00 PM Musical Salute To The Soulful Ladies of the 90’s Mary J. Blige,Janet Jackson & Toni Braxton Musical Salute To The Soulful Ladies of the 90’s Mary J. Blige,Janet Jackson & Toni BraxtonFeat. Emilie Surtees For a singer with such powerful pipes, it’s something of a shock to hear vocalist Emilie Surtees describe herself as primarily a “listener.” Then again, maybe it’s her extraordinary capacity to listen that gives herMusical Salute To The Soulful Ladies of the 90’s Mary J. Blige,Janet Jackson & Toni Braxtonits amazing accuracy. Surtees not only replicates hit songs, power note for power note, but communicates the soul of each singer who originally recorded them — something that requires not only incredible vocals but also a profound appreciation of music. Be moved and amazed by a tribute artist every bit as talented as the singers she honors in this concert at Club Bonafide.
Apr-26-18 07:30 PM Las Áñez Twin sisters sing their own Latin-American songs in a unique way. Las Áñez’s combination of folklore and contemporary music has captivated and beguiled public from South America and Europe. On stage, Las Áñez fill every corner of their resonant medium and make listeners enter a hypnotic resounding ritual. The natural and versatile sound of this vocal duet from Colombia is accompanied by themselves with minimal percussion series, a small keyboard, a loop station.www.lasanez.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIl8FyktShs