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  UCB East Village
Address: 153 East 3rd Street
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Dec-19-18 07:30 PM The Llongest Lloyd Night of The Year!
Dec-19-18 11:15 PM ...XYZ JAM
Dec-20-18 06:00 PM Don't Be Yourself - Character Open Mic
Dec-20-18 07:30 PM LASERS IN THE JUNGLE: Stand-Up Comedy
Dec-20-18 09:00 PM FRESH OUT! NY: Stand-Up Comedy
Dec-21-18 09:00 PM Gay by Play
Dec-21-18 10:30 PM GENTRIFY
Dec-21-18 11:59 PM The Lady Jam
Dec-22-18 08:30 PM The Blender
Dec-22-18 11:30 PM It's a Long Story