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  Trans Pecos
Address: 915 Wyckoff
City: Ridgewood
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Jun-22-18 08:00 PM Yugi Boi, Chuck Sutton, chromonicci, Otxhello, Vada
Jun-23-18 01:00 PM Only Sibling, Modern Color, Flower Crown, Plight
Jun-23-18 08:00 PM Haybaby, Shady Bug, Bueno, Peel Dream
Jun-23-18 10:00 PM 8Ball Radio Fundraiser Party with Barbie Bertisch, Timo Lee, and Paul Raffaele Line-up /

Barbie Bertisch
Timo Lee
Paul Raffaele

Free beer courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery from 10-11pm while supplies last.

8-Ball Community is an independent not-for-profit organization that nurtures and supports a global community of artists through publishing zines and maintaining a zine archive, producing merch, running a public access TV and radio station, and putting on community events and art workshops.

Proceeds will go towards helping us find a new home where all of 8-Ball Community can be back together under one roof and support our operations for the next year!

Flyer by @carolinegay.tv

Jun-23-18 10:00 PM 8-Ball Radio Fundraiser Party with ft. Barbie Bertisch, Timo Lee + more tba, Paul Raffaele
Jun-25-18 08:00 PM ZOMES Record Release w/, Eartheater, Snake Union
Jun-26-18 07:00 PM Personal Space, Full Body, Beeyotch
Jun-27-18 08:00 PM Deem Spencer, Ad Hakim
Jun-28-18 07:00 PM Love Spread, boio, this place is actually the worst
Jun-28-18 10:00 PM OmenXIII, JGRXXN, KOLD BLOODED, + more