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  Trans Pecos
Address: 915 Wyckoff
City: Ridgewood
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Dec-19-18 08:00 PM AV and Big Fitz Present Rappers Exist on the North Pole Too Concert with AV, Yourszlf, Tokyopro, Artist Known As D-Tour
Dec-20-18 08:00 PM Haybaby with Fern Mayo, Thelma, UV Rays
Dec-21-18 08:00 PM Ruben Dax with Exitpost, Sentry Sinvil
Dec-22-18 08:30 PM Ovlov with Mister Goblin, Rock Solid
Band from Newtown, Connecticut
Dec-27-18 08:00 PM Suspect, Featherbed with VzN
Dec-29-18 10:00 PM Fluxxy with Ivy Hollivana, GOSSAMARIE, Conquista, GAZPACHO COSTANZA
Dec-30-18 08:00 PM Bug Fight with Godcaster, Blastmath, Dirt Buyer
Dec-31-18 08:00 PM 8Ball New Years at Trans Pecos
Jan-03-19 08:00 PM Whiner with Deep Sea Peach Tree, Makeup Girl, Guilty Giraffe
Jan-04-19 08:00 PM Dolly Spartans with The Rizzos, Cheyanne Dan, Syd Murphy, Sheer Curtains