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  Trans Pecos
Address: 915 Wyckoff
City: Ridgewood
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Sep-24-18 08:00 PM Particle Kid with Oceanator
Sep-25-18 08:00 PM Shadow Year with Blushed, The Rizzos, Pepto G
Sep-26-18 08:00 PM THUG with Yourszlf, Big Titty & The Big Titties, DJ Silky Smooth, Chloe Lilac, Home Alone
Sep-28-18 10:00 PM Cat Mahatta with Late Guest (at the party), Crissy Bell
Sep-29-18 10:00 PM Bottler with QRTR, Myles Avery, Pretty Digital
Electronic duo from Brooklyn, NY
Sep-30-18 08:00 PM The Wants with Absent City, Ashes, Jemez
Oct-01-18 08:00 PM The Cigarette Bums with The Rotten Mangos, Dead Tooth
American Garage Punk band formed in 2009 by Steven Carrera(Guitar/Vocals/Bass/Keyboards/Various Instruments).Austin AshMassimo De MariaEamon McGinnissJaime RosasRyan AguilarJaime RamirezPaul CarterGus Lopes
Oct-02-18 08:30 PM Spanish Love Songs with Cold Wrecks, Headlines
Oct-03-18 08:00 PM Paper Chains with Sea Rae, Frank Consent, Dane, Spawn Kiss
Oct-04-18 08:00 PM Dodgeball with DUMP HIM, Alien Boys, Abandon