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Address: 80 12 51st ave
City: Elmhurst
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Sep-20-17 07:00 PM Young Picasso
Sep-20-17 08:00 PM Hustle Fam- Jay Burna Power Is Industry showcase at Blackthorn 51 located in Queens, NY. Hosted by Power 105.1FM very own Ahmed Rodriguez and DJ Reymo
Sep-22-17 08:00 PM Steve "Tree" DiFalco- Soul Unhinged- Kore Rozzik- Rebels Over Flames- Logan's Room FRIDAY--SEPTEMBER 22ND Blackthorn 51 Presents: New Record Preview Party & Show For Queens Hometown Bastard Child KORE ROZZIK With special guests: REBELS OVER FLAMES SOUL UNHINGED LOGANS ROOM REVOLT And more tba & listed soon!! Doors at 7pm-- Ages 18+up to enter and 21+up to drink Admission is only $12 dollars with advanced purchased ticket. Which are available from all the bands who are performing on this show. So hit em up!! Or its $15 dollars at the door night of show [without a ticket]
Sep-22-17 08:30 PM LAST RITES
Sep-23-17 12:00 PM Agnostic Front
At the dawn of the '80s, New York City was mired in debt and crime, grappling with one of the most trying periods in its history, yet ironically (or perhaps fittingly), its underground music scene was seething with activity like never before. Still reeling from the violent inception and subsequent implosion of punk rock, hundreds of underprivileged kids living in Manhattan and its outlying boroughs began forming rock groups to rail against the everyday trials, dangers, and prejudices of urban existence. As had been happening in other urban centers (most notably L.A. and Washington, D.C.) equally affected by the lean, recession-laced early years of Reaganomics, New York became a melting pot/hub for a flourishing hardcore scene -- a cultural phenomenon that used punk rock as a platform for politically charged, inherently regional musical catharsis.
Sep-23-17 09:00 PM CANIBALS NYC- Agnostic Front AGNOSTIC FRONT & THE CANIBALS NYC NYHC new york hardcore show
Sep-24-17 05:00 PM Crowd the Airwaves- The Muckrakers Blackthorn 51 and The Muckrakers are celebrating Kyler's 23rd birthday featuring: The Muckrakers (Prog-Punk) Fear Is Dead (Post Nu-Metal) Mutiny Abroad (Hardcore / Punk) Crowd the Airwaves (Melodic Rock) The Dead Are Living (Post Hardcore) Doors 5pm, 6pm show time.
Sep-29-17 11:58 PM The Vibrators
British punk rock band that formed in 1976.
Oct-01-17 08:00 PM Fragile Sky- Winger