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Address: 74 Wythe Ave
City: Brooklyn
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Mar-22-18 10:00 PM Blackgummy, Attlas, Rinzen
Mar-22-18 10:00 PM Mau5trap | BlackGummy/ Attlas/ Rinzen at Output Output: BlackGummy Attlas Rinzen 21+ Doors at 10PM Enter at Wythe Ave
Mar-22-18 10:00 PM Insight | Clovis/ Maksim in The Panther Room The Panther Room: Clovis [BodyParts] Maksim [ReSolute] NO COVER 21+ Doors at 10PM Enter at N 12th
Mar-23-18 10:00 PM Horse Meat Disco (21+ Event)
Mar-23-18 10:00 PM Horse Meat Disco/ Will Automagic at Output and Jason Kendig/ Justin Cudmore in The Panther Room Output: Horse Meat Disco - New York [Output/ Strut] Will Automagic [The Carry Nation] The Panther Room: Jason Kendig [Honeysound System] Justin Cudmore [The Bunker NY/ I.T./ Hnytrax] Hosts: Terrence Edgerson Paloma Perez TJ Samson Charles Ludeke Ryan McNally JWP Presents 21+ Doors at 10PM Enter at Wythe Ave
Mar-24-18 12:00 AM Blush Response - Sonic Groove Night
Mar-24-18 12:00 AM ORPHX - Sonic Groove Night
Mar-24-18 08:00 PM Orphx, Rhys Fulber, Blush Response, REALMZ, Adam X, Alessandro Adriani, Vereker, Shawn O'Sullivan
Mar-25-18 10:00 PM Sundays in The Panther Room | Lauren Ritter/ Pablo Romero + more The Panther Room: Lauren Ritter [All Day I Dream/ ReSolute] Pablo Romero [Altum/ Cielo/ TBA Brooklyn] David Paglia [Soul Clap Records] NO COVER 21+ Doors at 10PM Enter at N 12th
Mar-25-18 10:00 PM Output Grayscale: Sonic Groove w/ Adam X, Orphx, Blush Response Hot on the heels of our Dystopian showcase comes another focused special edition of Grayscale, this time highlighting Adam X’s Sonic Groove label. Born and raised here in New York City, Sonic Groove looks beyond big room techno’s narrow scope, fusing its noisier offshoots with elements of industrial and EBM sounds to cultivate something that sits somewhere between all the aforementioned scenes and genres. This evening’s programme is focused on covering as much of Sonic Groove’s sonic ground as possible. Beginning at 10PM, REALMZ begins with an experimental DJ/live hybrid set; the longest standing Sonic Groove artist to date, he combines industrial crunchiness with deeper, psychedelic techno sensibilities. The pace picks up as we dive into murkier waters courtesy of BLUSH RESPONSE, whose foreboding ambiance is thrust forward by pulsating rhythms and chunky synths. A live performance from RHYS FULBER connects the dots through history; Fulber’s tenure in Front Line Assembly was instrumental in shaping what EBM and industrial techno are today, and his recent release on Sonic Groove is as future-facing as the rest of the roster. Hardware duo ORPHX careen forward with a visceral and dizzying array of banging productions and hypnotic segueways. Label boss ADAM X delivers a bracing finale; presenting the creative vision behind SG with a peaking, take-no-prisoners summation of the sound that defines his label. Further afield, The Panther Room’s usual warmth is replaced by the icy synthwave and further explorations into Sonic Groove soundscapes via a trio of like-minded cohorts that have yet to release on the label, but still fly its flag. Brooklyn’s own SHAWN O’ SULLIVAN deftly mixes everything from synthpop to ambient to gabber in a way that’s infectiously danceable and incredibly fun. VEREKER pummels through with a similarly eclectic set, drawing on everything from filthy techno to grindcore to club tracks. With the party in full swing, Mannequin Records’ AA makes his much anticipated NYC debut; stomping industrial beats collide with minimal synth funk and pounding, arpeggiated body music until the morning. Output: Orphx (Live) Rhys Fulber (of Frontline Assembly)(Live) BLUSH_RESPONSE (Live) REALMZ (Live/ DJ Hybrid) Adam X (DJ Set) The Panther Room: AA Vereker Shawn O'Sullivan 21+ Doors at 10PM Enter at Wythe Ave