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Oct-05-17 12:00 AM Click Fraud Detection: You Don't Need It If You Want to Lag Behind How would you react if I told you that 20% of your marketing budget is flushed down the toilet because of fraudulent clicks? This is the number defined by e-commerce marketing experts today, and this number is a bit threatening unless you are able to protect your website with TEA Software. Unfortunately, many experts claim that the number is even bigger, and that 20% is just a humble number. According to Bloomberg, click fraud is what makes the Internet rotten. Can you believe this? How would you react if I told you that in some cases click fraud rate can reach 60% if networks of bots or click farms are involved. In other words, click fraud can eat all your budget in one day if you ignore click fraud monitoring software installation. At the same time, marketing specialists agree that PPC is one of the most effective methods of online business promotion which brings targeted traffic to the site. PPC can rise conversion really fast. More than that, PPC improves the visibility of the website in the SERP, which ultimately contributes to the growth of the conversion. Today, absolutely all business use Google AdWords services to run PPC campaigns.You can't ignore PPC as well that is why you need to think about click fraud detection with the help of click fraud monitoring software. Why You Need Click Fraud Monitoring Software Today Unfortunately, modern advertisers are in no way immune to click fraud performed by competitors who can sink their websites in several days.Click fraud is becoming one of the most serious problems for Internet marketers today. And you, if you have a website, is not the exception, I am sure of that. But you need to understand that the danger of click fraud is not about false clicks only, it is also about false data on ad impressions which causes even greater financial damage to the advertiser. That is why it is so important to understand what exactly click fraud is. In a nutshell, this is a method of unfair competition in which competitors commit a number of fraudulent clicks on ads. The main purpose is to exhaust the advertising budget of competitors, whose ads win more profitable positions in google search . By developing special click fraud programs, or by hiring people to perform "manual clicking," competing companies aim to drain the advertiser's daily budget even before the ad is shown to potential customers. Keep an Eye on Competitors If you suspect that your competitors use black hats methods, you should make click fraud detection a routine. If you don't have enough time for that, you should rely on click fraud monitoring software. Ideally, PPC presupposes paying for organic clicks, but unfair competitors have learned to use bot networks to gather information about competitors' campaigns. After that, based on the data received, hackers can start a click fraud attack designed to significantly increase the costs of an advertiser who suspect nothing and neglects click fraud detection. detect click fraud As a result, the company which invested in advertising, sees that the number of referrals in the ads in the ads on the site has increased dramatically, but the expected peak of conversions and does not happen. Unfortunately, it is impossible to eradicate the problem today completely. However, with several simple pieces of advice, you can minimize losses from click fraud. click fraud So, Where Do We Start with Click Fraud Detection?
  • It is important to select your keywords carefully every time you launch a PPC campaign. Selecting different keywords with each new launch of the advertising campaign is as important as click fraud detection itself. If the advertiser's goal is to get the maximum from the campaign, it makes sense to place a bet only on the most relevant keywords that reflect the specifics of the business and the target audience.
  • Using highly competitive keywords allows you to generate more traffic to the site and get real clicks. However, you should also check the statistics or use click fraud monitoring software to make sure your clicks are not made by bots. Besides, when creating a context advertising campaign, it makes sense to use a tool such as Google Keyword Planner.
  • Do not neglect tracking users behavior. There is a rule: the identification of click fraud is the first step to minimizing the potential loss of the advertiser. If a business owner wants to identify fraudulent clicks, he should develop the habit of keeping track of statistics for all ongoing PPC campaigns. In case of a sharp increase in clicks, these data will help to recognize click fraud and install click fraud monitoring software in time.
  • Google AdWords customers can start each time by checking the Dimensions tab. Here you can get all the key information about the frequency of ad impressions, coverage and degree of penetration of advertising among the target audience. Such measurements will make it possible to reveal the channels of the majority of clicks. For example, in the report, you can see information about the IP address and browsers of users. On the basis of these data, we can conclude whether the resource has become a victim of click fraud. Subsequently, the business owner can enter all unwanted IP-addresses in the blacklist.
  • Alternatively, you can try to match the number of clicks on ads with the daily bounce rate. This method is no less effective for detecting invalid clicks.
  • It is important to establish fixed budgets for each advertising campaign. After the list of keywords for the company is fully formed, you can develop a clear strategy for setting bids and fixing the advertising budget for it. If a business owner comes to a new topic for himself, he will have to spend some time, as well as resources to study the specifics, before getting the long-awaited clicks on the ad. Typically, the number of clicks in this situation will depend entirely on the effectiveness of the keywords selection.
  • Another good solution, which minimizes the risk of click fraud attack is setting the highest possible CPC bids. Such an approach will prevent sudden overrun of the budget. It also makes sense to set the maximum daily budgets for advertising when paying for a click. This approach will not allow the advertiser to exceed the acceptable daily limits.
  • But nothing is as effective for you as installing click fraud monitoring software. It will spare you of all the difficulties and of all the manual work. More than that, software will deal with click fraud faster and much more efficiently. The thing is bots are basically a script or a program, and in order to neutralize this threat you need another script or a program. Only software is capable of analyzing behavior patterns of website users. Everything users do is detected: the way they move a mouse, the way they watch video ads and other actions. All the bots are spotted easily and blocked for good automatically. You see, software does the work you can do much faster and much thoroughly.
With this tips click fraud detection won't seem as exhausting for you as before. Now you have a dozen of options and you can deal with it effortlessly.
May-22-18 02:00 PM https://nutrahealthtrimsite.com/greenlyte-keto-blend/ Greenlyte Keto Blend There are many things that women can make a successful weight loss after pregnancy. However, did you know that you can break up your walking routine into 10 minute sessions and it's just as effective? A good exercise program for someone new to exercising will not weight loss involve much heavy activity at first. I'll do my best to not overcomplicate what determines the fat burning efficiency of an exercise, and show you the exact process I use to assess exercises. see at more:<<->> https://nutrahealthtrimsite.com/greenlyte-keto-blend/
May-23-18 12:00 AM Virtual Career Fair $18-$22/hr! Interview Guaranteed! (Bachelor’s Required) SCHEDULE YOUR INTERVIEW NOW - Please read completely. Sign-up here: https://t.vipkid.com.cn/refereeId=10628005 Then use your email and password to login and schedule your interview! The VIPKID Online opportunity: Looking for a flexible, professional online opportunity? VIPKID is the world leader in online English education for kids 12 and under. Rediscover the joy of teaching with VIPKID's platform and curriculum. No commute, no grading, no lesson planning required! Instruct kids in your spare time during early mornings or evenings. Teaching just 1-3 hours part-time per day earns you between $1,300-$2,700 a month. It's as easy as making a Skype call, with interactive and fun curriculum and lesson plans made for your use. - Ranked #2 by Forbes on its 2017 "Top 100 Remote Work" companies - The most active online English teaching community in the world - Top-ranked online teaching company on Indeed and Glassdoor with 4-star rating and 86% CEO approval - Backed by Sequoia Capital and Tencent Holdings (currently valued at $1.5 billion) Requirements and Qualifications to become an Online English Teacher/Online ESL Teacher: - Bachelor's Degree or higher - Experience within the U.S./Canadian School System (Teach or Attend) - Eligible to legally work in the U.S. or Canada - Desire to engage and inspire young learners *Note on Teaching Experience: This can include educators, professors, tutors, teaching assistants, elementary teachers, traditional teaching experience or the equivalent in mentoring, tutoring, or alternative education such as summer counselor or Sunday school teacher. Please list ANY teaching experience available to be considered for an interview. While helpful, there's no requirement for teaching certificate, state certification, TESOL, TEFL, or ESL experience. All classes and business are conducted in English. Other experience you may have that are not requirements, but are preferred: - Online English Education / Educator / Online English Teaching / Online Instructor - Home-Based Online English Teacher / Online English Tutor / Online English Tutoring - Online English Teacher Assistant / Online English Elementary Teacher - Summer Teacher / Casual Teacher / Assistant Teacher / Teaching Assistant - Elementary School Teacher / High School Teacher - Substitute Teacher / Teacher Assistant / Lead Teacher The Basics of the Online English Teacher Role: - The classes: 25-minute full immersion English language, 1-on-1 classes - The pay: Depends on your experience, but as reported on Indeed, averages around $19/hour (for two 25 min. classes) - The curriculum: U.S. Common Core aligned lesson material, designed by our in-house curriculum team - Time of day: You choose your schedule from available class slots; peak student demand hours are listed below - Location: Conveniently teach remote from your own home - no commute! - What you need: You only need is computer, a strong internet connection, and a headset  - Benefits: Learn best online teaching experiences from our professional team at no cost - The culture: You will learn about Chinese culture, families, and lifestyle through classroom exchanges with our students Contract type: Independent contractor Start date: Immediately Peak times: The following hours tend to be the most requested time periods to teach from our families: - Monday-Sunday 6-10am EST - Saturday-Sunday 9pm-10am EST Interested in working from the comfort of your home? Work as much or as little as you like, no minimums or maximums. Want to make $18-$22/hr ASAP. Complete the interview process NOW! Sign-up here: https://t.vipkid.com.cn/refereeId=10628005 Don't have a Bachelor's Degree, but know someone who does? Make $25 for each successful referral! Email us at: info@VIPKidGetHiredNow.com (Send us their email address once they sign-up. They must complete the interview process and become an employee to be eligible for the $25 referral bonus)  
May-23-18 12:00 AM SHOW-SCORE SHOW-SCORE THE ONE STOP FOR THEATER LOVERS! *SAVE $5 when you book one of the Experiences below! ALL shows playing in NYC. ALL reviews from critics and members. ALL prices, including discounts, lotteries, and fees. ALL the fun with unique theater-related activities. ALL IN ONE PLACE. JOIN FOR FREE! SHOW-SCORE.COM • The Sardi's Tour- Get the inside scoop on Sardi’s, the epicenter of Broadway life since 1921. Explore the place where famous shows started, classic movies were filmed, and iconic caricatures were drawn. • Broadway Bust A Move- Shake it to Broadway's hottest hits in this high energy, low pressure movement class taught by a professional choreographer. • Fun With A Fight Scene- Live out your swashbuckling fantasies. Joe Isenberg, an award-winning fight choreographer and director, will teach you a fight scene using classic shows and movies as inspiration. • The Business of Broadway- Learn how Broadway shows raise investment capital, generate revenue and spend the money. • Insider Access to the NYPL Theater Collection- The New York Public Library has the world’s leading collection of theater history. Join Doug Reside, the library’s theater curator, for this fascinating dive into its treasures. Use Code "SAVE5" for $5 off tickets
May-23-18 12:00 AM Show-Score Jewish Experience SHOW-SCORE THE ONE STOP FOR THEATER LOVERS! SAVE $5 when you book a​ Show-Score ​Jewish Experience! LEARN ABOUT JEWISH INFLUENCES IN THEATER Jewish Traditions in Musical Theater April 26 @ 7pm Museum of Jewish Heritage Edmond J. Safra Plaza 36 Battery Pl, New York, NY 10280 Learn about the connections between Jewish traditions and musical theater! From the songs of George Gershwin to the works of composer Charles Strouse (“Annie,” “Bye Bye Birdie”), learn how the music and traditions of Judaism have inspired some of our greatest musicals. Tour of The Actors' Temple Select Sundays 11am Actors' Temple Theater (339 W 47th Street) Join us for an intimate and exclusive tour of the historic Actors' Temple in the heart of Broadway's theater district. Founded in 1917, it's the spiritual home of entertainment legends Jack Benny and Milton Berle. Temple Rabbi and Cantor Jill Hausman, a former singer and actress, will share the amazing history of the congregation and lead a discussion about Jewish influences on Broadway. Tickets: $20.00 (Reg $25.00) Use code “FIVEOFF” for $5 off tickets ______________
May-23-18 08:00 AM Web Design Course New York EB Click here for details.   zarlun.com or directly to http://www.zarlun.com/website-design.html Video click here. Topic:  Best Web Design Course  - Learn to create a User Friendly Website Learn how to create a website in 2 hours or less. Give your business, product, service, or effort a face online! Online Web Design course.  You will learn how to:  This course is designed for busy individuals who need online marketing solutions without investing a lot of time. You will learn and apply immediately. By the end of this course, you will have a finished product. Imagine creating your website in 2 hours or less, Boom! You will learn how to design your website, create pages and content and everything else in between.  This course is a plus for someone who is working with a low budget. You can literally be up and running with with little out of pocket.  We offer live demonstrations and a videos library. If you like learning hands-on, then you will benefit from this course.  The live course is structured in a step-by-step website creation order. This makes it much easier to retain what you learn.  We also use non-technical jargon. It's easy to understand and grasp the concepts. Dates & online class time:Offered Daily Anytime. Zarlun also offers the following courses (click on course to learn more): Startup Online Marketing Package - learn the essentials to advertise your business on the internet. Small Business Online Marketing Bootcamp - learn how to fully market your business online and stop using old school methods. Web Design Course - learn how to create a website for your business. e-commerce Web Design Course - learn how to sell and market your products online. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Course - learn how to organize and create activities for your customers and prospects. Email Marketing Campaigns Course - learn how to connect with your customers and prospects to drive sales using email marketing campaigns. How to Make an Online Commercial - make a rockin online commercial for your business! Low Cost Internet Advertising - blast your business online to get as many customers as possible. Branding & Maximizing Your Online Visibility - a successful marketing strategy includes branding your business. Online Reputation Management - techniques to manage your reputation online (bad reviews, unwanted details about your business, private details, etc.) Internet Marketing Plan Course - learn how to develop a strategy for your online marketing, includes resources to help you be successful with digital advertising. Website Optimization - make sure your website shows up in search results! Mac users (Keynote) - learn how to use Keynote to make presentations and videos for online commercials. Click here for full course catalog. Hidden Discount.  Take 10% of Weebly website.   https://www.weebly.com/r/Z3XPYC Credits: Web Design Represents Website Searching And Network by Stuart Miles  freedigi.net Refer to zarlun.com for all course details and policies.
May-23-18 09:00 AM KMP I - Kanban Foundation & System Design - New York Who Should Attend This class is for those who take responsibility for improving delivery of products and services to the customers of their technology and, speaking more broadly, professional service businesses. What You Will Learn Understanding the Kanban method, principles, values and practices Apply systems thinking to design and introduce a unique Kanban system in your unique work environment Graduate from organizing your work with a team Kanban board to designing a Kanban system with the aims to improve customer-focused service delivery and to make a difference in your technology business Curriculum Day 1 - Overview Kanban in action Key elements of a Kanban system: commitment points, work item types, classes of service, explicit policies, decoupled cadences Kanban system mechanics: pull, replenishment, delivery Key Kanban system indicators: lead time, cumulative-flow diagram, flow efficiency etc.  Day 2 - STATIK: the systems thinking approach to introducing Kanban Kanban case study Creating context for change Demand analysis Workflow visualization Discovering and designing classes of service Replenishment and delivery cadences Kanban system visualization Both days consist largely of interactive group exercises and games. Certification  This training class is certified by Lean Kanban University as KMP I level training. Participants receive standard LKU certificates of class completion and 14 PDUs. 2 free eBooks by David Aderson will also be given at the end of the course : Essential Kanban Condensed & Kanban : Successful Evolutionary Change for your Technology Business. LKU awards the Kanban Management Professional (KMP) credential to those successfully complete KMP I and KMP II. Your KMP designation will never expire and no annual fees are required to maintain it.  Advantages  Lean Kanban University's certified training curriculum and teaching methods were created through collaboration of leading Kanban experts and validated in hundreds of training classes around the world. You get pragmatic, actionable guidance you can implement in your organization next week - because it doesn't require permission, a large budget or getting others to change Private on-site and semi-private training classes are also available, upon request.    Policies  Attendee substitutions are allowed anytime until the start of the class The organizer reserves the right to cancel classes if registrations are insufficient Refunds are provided as follows: 35 days or more, 100%; 15 days or more, 50% Visit www.agileagonist.com and http://edu.leankanban.com/ for details about Lean Kanban
May-23-18 09:00 AM 11th Diabetologists Conference (CSE) A About Conference The exciting and innovative program brought together national and international experts to promote the exchange of the latest Diabetes management practices and cutting edge research in diabetes. State-of-the-Art lectures, free communication sessions and scientific educational symposia, were appreciated by the 2017 attendees. With this enthusiastic support of our Organising Committee and Editorial Board Member, we are overwhelmed to announce “ 11th International Diabetologists Conference” (Diabetologists 2018) " as a continuum of our previous successful conference.  Diabetologists 2018 will be held in New York, USA during May 23-24, 2018. The conference will focus on “Beat the Diabetes” The program organising committee consists of members from all three societies and endeavours to present you with the latest and most exciting data from these respective fields with a range of international and national leading speakers. The benefits of this large scale collaborative meeting include: broader content areas, efficiency in meeting attendance and costs for delegates and trade partners, a more diverse variety of sessions, and increased attendees. Our scientific program includes invited plenary presentations, symposium and seminars, meet-the-professor sessions, basic and clinical abstract presentations, young investigator awards, and interactive poster sessions. Our speakers are drawn from a truly international profile, with themes in contemporary Diabetes and its related disorders and Therapies. Conference Series organizes 1000+ Global Events inclusive of 300+ Conferences, 500+ Upcoming and Previous Symposiums and Workshops in USA, Europe & Asia with support from 1000 more scientific societies and publishes 700+ Open access journals which contains over 30000 eminent personalities, reputed scientists as editorial board members Why to Attend? The meeting will provide many opportunities to network and discuss science and medicine, ensure equity of opportunity, find new funding and research opportunities, and build collaborations and contacts with international colleagues. We are sure that you will find this to be a truly exciting meeting presenting both the breadth and depth of clinical and basic research.  Trade partners will have exposure to more areas of specialties in Diabetes and Endocrinology. World Class Speakers and Fresh New Talent from across the Globe in Health Industry gather in this world congress. Target Audience Diabetologists Endocrinologists Doctors Researchers Physicians Business Professionals Academic Professionals Students Scientists Medical and Pharma Companies Medical Colleges and Hospitals Diabetes Societies and Associations We wish to meet you @Diabetologists2018     Speakers Etheresia Pretorius "University of Pretoria South Africa" , South Africa Aline Meirhaeghe "university of Lille France" , France Emilio Herrera "Complutense University Spain" , Spain Carlo Gaetano "Goethe Unicersity Germany" , Germany Małgorzata Zakłos-Szyda "Lodz University Poland" , Poland Ulrich Keil "HAS University of Applied Science Belgium" , Belgium Sebastian Oltean "University of Bristol United Kingdom" , UK Irina Kurnikova RUDN University Russia , Russia Malcolm Carruthers Centre for Mens Health UK , UK Guido Lastra University of Missouri Columbia USA , USA Henry Dong University of Pittsburgh USA , USA Gerald Prud homme University of Toronto Canada , Canada Please contact the event manager Marilyn below for the following: - Discounts for registering 5 or more participants. - If your company requires a price quotation. Event Manager Contact: marilyn.b.turner(at)nyeventslist.com You can also contact us if you require a visa invitation letter, after ticket purchase. We can also provide a certificate of completion for this event if required. NO REFUNDS ALLOWED ON REGISTRATIONS ----------------------------------------------------------------- This Event Listing is Promoted by New York Media Technologies LLC in association with Conferenceseries Ltd. http://www.NyEventsList.com http://www.BostonEventsList.com http://www.SFBayEventsList.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- SHU171212CEV
May-23-18 09:00 AM 3rd International Conference on Nursing & Midwifery(CSE) About Conference Conference series welcomes you to attend the " 3rd International Conference on Nursing and Midwifery" which is going to be held on May 23-24, 2018 at New York, the USA which includes prompt keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations, and Exhibitions. Why to attend??? The purpose of this conference is to enhance nurses' knowledge regarding advances in the care and treatment of individuals and populations with Nurses & Midwifery this is your best opportunity to reach the largest assemblage of participants from the Nursing community. Conduct presentations, distribute information, meet with current and potential scientists, make a splash with new ways of treatment & care, and receive name recognition at this 2-day event. World-renowned speakers, the most recent techniques, developments, and the newest updates in Nursing are hallmarks of this conference. Target Audience: Nurses/students, Nursing Researchers, Nursing Faculty, Medical Colleges, Nursing & Midwifery Associations and Societies, Business Entrepreneurs, Training Institutes, Software developing companies, Manufacturing Medical Devices Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies Nurses, physician assistants, advanced practice nurses, clinical research nurses, and social workers with a focus on Nursing and Midwifery Scope & Important: The scope of Nursing & Midwifery encompasses clinical practice, education, consultation, research, and administration. Nursing is focused on the care of individuals, families, groups, and communities at risk for or with a diagnosis of diseases. The Nursing Society maintains that nurses involved in patient care have the responsibility to develop and demonstrate knowledge and skills that display competence in the field.  Nurses they play an integral role in the administration of antineoplastic agents and are responsible for safe drug handling; evaluation of laboratory data; calculation of drug dosages on the basis of body surface area; insertion of intravenous lines or accessing central venous devices; continuous and time intensive monitoring to address potential adverse reactions or drug interactions; and screening patients for inclusion in available research trials or protocols. In the Nursing & Midwifery arena, the nurses need to have an understanding of Nursing Care and Health Care. They are also responsible for extensive symptom management, patient education and the submission process for clinical trials or research protocols Market Analysis Title: 3rd International Conference on Nursing and Midwifery Date & Venue: May 23-24, 2018 New York, USA Theme: LEADING THE WAY: Nurses& Midwives for Safe Healthy and Peaceful World Summary of Nursing Midwifery 2018: Nursing Midwifery 2018 provides the perfect platform for all the participants which are an interactive and engaging 2-day event: unique in format, content, networking, and engagement. The main theme of Nursing Midwifery 2018 is " LEADING THE WAY: Nurses& Midwives for Safe Healthy and Peaceful World ". Since midwifery needs are essential for every woman in her lifetime during childbirth and also after, the midwifery associations are growing worldwide. Bearing a child and giving birth is considered as a boon for every woman, in this process a lot of changes takes place in her body where she has to be aware of to maintain her health. Midwives play a crucial role in educating the women how to put up her health and baby’s health. They also help in making the delivery painless, stress less as far as possible. Midwives are the center of attraction in maternity health care. Conference Series  Organizes 1000+ Global Events Every Year across the USA, Europe & Asia with support from 1000 more scientific societies and Publishes 700+ Open access journals which contain over 100000 eminent personalities, reputed scientists as editorial board and organizing committee members. We look forward to an exciting scientific event in the beautiful city of New York, New York State, USA. Target audience: Doctors, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Midwives, Community Health Workers, Nursing Clinical Director, Midwife Nurse Educator, Nurse Researcher, Nurse Manager, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse, Community Nursing, Military Nursing, Forensic Nursing, Cancer Nursing and all Nurses Why to Attend: Opportunity to attend the presentations delivered by Eminent Scientists from all over the world. Selected contributions will be published in Journal of Emergency Medicine for free of cost. Best poster presentations and Young scientist awards. Participation in sessions on specific topics on which the conference is expected to achieve progress. Global networking: In transferring and exchanging Ideas. A Unique Opportunity for Advertisers and Sponsors at this International event. Scope and Importance of Nursing Midwifery: Throughout the 21st century, the role of nurse has evolved significantly. Nurses work in a variety of settings, including the hospital, the classroom, the community health department, the business sector, home health care, and the laboratory. Although each role carries different responsibilities, the primary goal of a professional nurse remains the same: to be the client's advocate and provide optimal care on the basis of evidence obtained through research. The midwife is recognized as a responsible and accountable professional who works in partnership with women to give the necessary support, care and advice during pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period, to conduct births on the midwife’s own responsibility and to provide care for the newborn and the infant. This care includes preventative measures, the promotion of normal birth, the detection of complications in mother and child, the accessing of medical care or other appropriate assistance and the carrying out of emergency measures. Midwives have an important role in health and wellness promotion and education for the woman, her family and the community. Midwifery practice involves informing and preparing the woman and her family for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and parenthood and includes certain aspects of women’s health, family planning and infant well-being. A midwife may practice in any setting including the home, community, hospitals, clinics or health units. Why New York? New York is a state in the Northeastern United States and is the 27th-most extensive, fourth-most populous and seventh-most densely populated U.S. state. New York is bordered by New Jersey and Pennsylvania to the south and Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont to the east. The state has a maritime border in the Atlantic Ocean with Rhode Island, east of Long Island, as well as an international border with the Canadian provinces of Quebec to the north and Ontario to the west and north. The state of New York, with an estimated 19.8 million residents in 2015, is often referred to as New York State to distinguish it from New York City, the state's most populous city, and its economic hub. Tourism is a vital industry for New York City, which has witnessed a growing combined volume of international and domestic tourists, receiving a sixth consecutive record of nearly 60 million visitors in 2015. Tourism had generated an all-time high US $61.3 billion in overall economic impact for New York City in 2014, pending 2015 statistics. Approximately 12 million visitors to New York City were from outside the United States, with the highest numbers from the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, and China. According to the website reuters.com, "New York City tourism climbed to record high in 2015 for the sixth year. Over 600,000 students are enrolled in New York City's over 120 higher education institutions, the highest number of any city in the United States, including over half million in the City University of New York (CUNY) system alone in 2014. In 2005, three out of five Manhattan residents were college graduates, and one out of four had a postgraduate degree, forming one of the highest concentrations of highly educated people in any American city. New York City is home to such notable private universities as Barnard College, Columbia University, Cooper Union, Fordham University, New York University, New York Institute of Technology, Pace University, and Yeshiva University. The public CUNY system is one of the largest universities in the nation, comprising 24 institutions across all five boroughs: senior colleges, community colleges, and other graduate/professional schools. The public State University of New York (SUNY) system serves New York City, as well as the rest of the state. The New York metropolitan area has the busiest airport system in the United States. It is also the most frequently used port of entry and departure for international flights. The metro area is served by three major airports, John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) and La Guardia Airport (LGA), which have been operated by PANYNJ since 1947. The International Air Transport Association airport code (IATA code) "NYC" is reserved to refer to these three airports. JFK and Newark are connected to regional rail systems by AirTrain JFK and AirTrain Newark respectively. Statistical analysis of Midwives verses Nurses attended by them in the USA:     Speakers Agenda   Please contact the event manager Marilyn (marilyn.b.turner(at)nyeventslist.com ) below for: - Multiple participant discounts - Price quotations or visa invitation letters - Payment by alternate channels (PayPal, check, Western Union, wire transfers etc) - Event sponsorship NO REFUNDS ALLOWED ON REGISTRATIONS Prices may go up any time. Service fees included in pricing. ----------------------------------------------------------------- This event is brought to you by: Conferenceseries Ltd. - NewYorkEventsList http://www.NyEventsList.com http://www.BostonEventsList.com http://www.SFBayEventsList.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- SHU180112CEV
May-23-18 10:30 AM Water Ecology & Engineering Tours for Schools - Spring 2018 Each public school is entitled to 1 free tour. A $50 deposit is required to reserve a tour. It is refunded once your class completes the tour. Additional tours can be purchased for $75 each (Title I) and $150 (non Title I). We can accomodate up to 34 students per tour. Tours start at 10:30am, last 2 hours and include time for lunch at the end. Decisions to reschedule a tour due to inclement weather are made at 7 a.m. on the day of the tour. You will be contacted via email by the H2O tour guide assigned to your class. The criteria for rescheduling is based on the NWS forecast. If there is greater than 50% chance of rain the tour will be rescheduled. Cancellations less than 7 school days in advance will not be refunded. NYC H2O is a registered vendor with the Department of Education. Please email melinda@nych2o.org if you would like to book via purchase order.