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Oct-20-17 05:00 AM Women in Energy Site Visit: Marcellus Shale The Center on Global Energy Policy's Women in Energy program and NYU's Center for Global Affairs are excited to invite you to tour the Marcellus Shale formation in Pennsylvania. This event is being led by the Penn State Marcellus Shale Center for Outreach and Research. Please see the full details below.  Items to discuss in the overview and out in the field: • Overview of shale development – from land acquisition to drilling to production • A look at shale gas infrastructure – pipelines, compressor stations • Shale economic impacts – for landowners, municipalities, state, national, global • Shale development land impacts – agriculture, forest, wildlife, infrastructure, tourism • Wastewater management, water use, and environmental impacts Transportation to and from the facility will provided. Please note that this will be a day-long trip with an early pick-up time. See below. Pick-up & drop-off location: NYU's Center for Global Affairs - 15 Barclay Street Pick-up time: 5:00 am Drop off time: We expect to be back in New York City by 9:00pm Other: Lunch will be provided. Requirements: • Registration is required • This event is open only to current female grad students • Required attire – For safety, all visitors must wear flat, fully-enclosed shoes and long pants. • Space is extremely limited therefore please register only if you can commit to attending the site visit. No-show's will not be permitted to participate in WIE events through the end of the calendar year. If you RSVP and can no longer attend, please email me at least a week in advance.
Oct-20-17 08:30 AM Hypertension: Clinical Challenges in Treatment - 5th Annual To address both common and uncommon challenges in hypertension that medical practitioners face in a one-day ACCME accredited course.
Oct-20-17 10:00 AM Facilitating Student Learning Beyond the Classroom: Grading Papers Learn how to engage students in their learning beyond the classroom by giving more effective feedback. Join the CTL for a two-hour workshop for graduate students focused on giving you tools to better grade papers and other written assignments. In this workshop, you will learn approaches to grading papers that help you encourage students to focus more on their improvement and less on their marks. We will discuss the use of rubrics to help streamline and standardize our grading, while helping students better understand what we value in the topic and discipline. The Essentials of Teaching and Learning workshops for graduate students are focused on giving you the tools as a new or developing instructor to better facilitate student learning and improve your teaching practice. To learn more about more opportunities for graduate students beginning to teach, visit our website at http://ctl.columbia.edu/graduate-instructors/ This workshop is facilitated by Ian Althouse, Center for Teaching and Learning.
Oct-20-17 12:00 PM Revolt, Defiance and Resistance in Prints! Organized by Marie Tennyson Polly Apfelbaum, Barnaby Furnas, Ellen Gallagher, Brad Kahlhamer, Dinh Q. Le, Kara Walker, and Tomas Vu, Visual Arts An exhibition of prints published by the LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies that challenge, resist, revolt and defy! Featuring work by a diverse group of artists with various backgrounds, points of view, and ideologies with at least one thing in common: a need to challenge ideas, stereotypes and social issues of today. This exhibition showcases how printmaking continues to be an exceptional vehicle to share, protest, and critique contemporary culture. The LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Dodge Hall
Oct-20-17 12:00 PM Development Colloquium: Golvine de Rochambeau As part of Columbia University's Fall 2017 Development Colloquium, Golvine de Rochambeau will present.
Oct-20-17 12:00 PM Genetics and Development Student Seminar Series Mechanism of cell fate specification by the Hox factor Ultrabithorax Ryan Loker Mann Lab Sponsored by Dr. Richard Mann
Oct-20-17 12:30 PM Literature as an Ark: on the Stylistic and Ethical Aspects of Zoopoetics - A talk by Anne Simon, moderated by Eliza Zingesser Zoopoetics aims to highlight the plurality of stylistic, linguistic and narrative tools used by writers to express the plurality of animal activities, affects and worlds, as well as the intricacies of the interactions between humans and animals. Such an approach helps to understand that all life forms are in a relationship of dependence with an arche (Husserl)--an origin, a reason, a refuge, a dwelling, the Earth--and that animals are more stylistic or rhetorical beings than we usually think of them as being. Evolution and biomorphic logics allow us to intuitively understand other species related to us, to share many of their emotions and expressions, and to be able to account for them through specific human means, such as evocative and figurative language. The lecture will show that perspectivism, metamorphosis and hybridity are universal patterns and experiences that literature embodies in different ways. Anne Simon is a Research Director at the Centre National de la Recherche Francaise and a Member of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Paris), where she leads the Project "Animots"; an author of Trafics de Proust, 2016 and La rumeur des distances traversees, to be published in 2018. Her research focuses on disturbing relationships between philosophy and literature, and on zoopoetics.
Oct-20-17 01:15 PM University Senate Plenary The monthly meeting of the full Columbia University Senate, open to everyone with CUID. The University Senate is a University-wide legislature, representing all constituencies, including faculty, students, administration, researchers, librarians, administrative staff, and alumni. It makes policy on a range of issues that affect the entire University or more than one school. Event Contact Information: Thomas Murray Mathewson 212 854 6836 tmm2@columbia.edu
Oct-20-17 01:30 PM Performing Tradition and Innovation Meet the teachers and enjoy live music at Barnard College's popular Family Weekend event, featuring Barnard and Columbia dance students performing their studies in various dance styles.
Oct-20-17 08:00 PM Mary Stuart by Friedrich Schiller Experience Friedrich Schiller's intense psychological study of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, directed by Gisela Cardenas. Performed by Barnard & Columbia Students.