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  The Bell House
Address: 149 Seventh Street
City: Brooklyn
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Jan-18-18 07:00 PM Slate Presents: Hit Parade Live in Brooklyn with Ted Leo Hey, New York—Hit Parade, Slate's exciting new podcast, is coming to you live for the first time! Pop-chart analyst and critic Chris Molanphy, writer of Slate’s “Why Is This Song No. 1?” series, hosts this special live episode of his podcast, telling stories about B-side hits throughout pop history. It’ll be a night of pop trivia and great music—featuring special guest Ted Leo, the singer-songwriter who fronts the Pharmacists, joined Aimee Mann for rock duo the Both, and just released his solo album The Hanged Man. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. for the live show.
Jan-19-18 07:30 PM NO CARTRIDGE PRESENTS: THE GAMING DEBATE with MEMBERS OF CHAPO TRAP HOUSE with Trevor Strunk, Matt Christman, Virgil Texas
Gaming. Is it good or bad? The question that haunts us will be resolved once and for all in the debate of the century, a Link'n-Douglass-style clash of two leviathans of logic, Chapo Trap House co-hosts Matt Christman (anti-gaming) and Virgil Texas (pro-gaming). These pugilists of polemics will argue over the aesethics, spar over the sociology, and duel over the dialectics of video games. Moderating the fight between these firebrands of forensics is Trevor Strunk, writer and host of No Cartridge, a merciless interrogator who has no loyalty to either of these dreadnoughts of discourse, but only devotion to the damned truth. Aiding Trevor in interrogating these rivals of reason will be special celebrity guests. At the end of this No-Scopes Monkey Trial, there will be only one verdict that matters: yours.
Jan-20-18 08:00 PM Whiplash with LINEUP TBA!
ABOUT WHIPLASHWhiplash is a weekly standup show at the UCB Theatre in New York. Every Monday night at 11pm, people have a chance to see some of the best stand ups in the world today performing ten to twenty-minute sets.Hosted by Aparna Nancherla
Jan-21-18 08:00 PM Sasheer Zamata Party Time! with Sasheer Zamata, Chloe Hilliard, Rojo Perez, musical guest Jocelyn Mackenzie
Sasheer Zamata (SNL, This American Life) likes to party, spend time with friends and do shows. Watch her do all three of those things at the same time! There will be laughter, merriment, and probably a lot of booze.
Jan-22-18 07:30 PM Ask Me Another
Puzzlemaster Will Shortz and Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! host Peter Sagal walk into a bar... No, it's not the start of a joke. It's the essence of Ask Me Another, a rambunctious hour that blends brainteasers and local pub trivia night with comedy and music. Host Ophira Eisenberg invites in-studio guests and listeners alike to stretch their noggins, tickle their funny bones, and enjoy witty banter and guitar riffs from house musician Jonathan Coulton.For an hour, listeners can play along as Eisenberg puts questions to a rotating band of puzzle gurus, audience members and special mystery guests, who then takes a turn in the contestant's chair facing trivia games written especially for him or her. What you'll hear resembles the casual intimacy of game night at a friend's house: one where scores are forgotten in favor of hilarious gaffes.Ask Me Another is recorded live at The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY.Ask Me Another is a co-production of NPR and WNYC.
Jan-24-18 08:30 PM Bushes B-Day Bash: a Comedy Show for Planned Parenthood. Hosted by Lacey Jeka and Kristen Buckels with Janeane Garofalo, Mary Houlihan, Jo Firestone, Sasheer Zamata, Dan Soder
Comedians Kristen Buckels and Lacey Jeka of Between Two Bushes have birthdays that are kind of close together. Like, close enough together where you'd go "I guess, sure" but VERY exciting to them. Exciting enough to plan a show. They've invited their friends to tell some jokes and play some music and proceeds are going to Planned Parenthood. Party!
Jan-25-18 08:00 PM JEAN AND JOHN with Jean Grae, John Hodgman
Jean and John are friends. John Hodgman is still on television sometimes. Jean Grae used to rap more often. Just google them. The internet will tell you they have done a lot of stuff and had a lot of adventures and are the funniest, most charming people in the world. This is their variety show. Jean and John own a carnival wheel, and they write topics on the wheel, spin it, and talk about those things. Some topics have included What Did You Dream Last Night? Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jeans Hair, and Johns Privilege. Some topics are suggested by the audience. Others are suggested by Jean and Johns guest. Jean and John know some amazing people from the worlds of music, comedy, books, film, and unscripted television. For example, that carnival talk-wheel? It was handmade by Adam Savage, a MYTHBUSTER. He wont be at this particular show, however. The guest will be a surprise guest. And there will be at least one game and two songs, and basically this is going to be the most enjoyable night of your life. So please buy a ticket. Jean and John cant wait to see you. Its better when youre there.
Jan-26-18 07:30 PM Fix Your Hearts or Die: A Pre-Valentine's Twin Peaks Night with a place both wonderful and strange (ft Liberty Rose): The Laura Palmer Deviations, Fuck You, Tammy!, Symbolism In Twin Peaks: A Talk, knifesex (Road House DJ sets)
Jan-27-18 07:30 PM Josh Gondelman
Josh Gondelman is a writer and comedian who incubated in Boston before moving to New York City, where he currently lives and works as a writer for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Onstage, Josh charms audiences using his good-natured storytelling and cracks them up with his sharp, pointy wit. He takes topics from surprise parties to his experience teaching preschool and makes them all equally hilarious. This spring, his standup will appear onscreen on Conan (TBS) and Night Train With Wyatt Cenac (SeeSo).Offstage, Josh has earned a Peabody Award and an Emmy nomination for his work on Last Week Tonight. He is also the co-author (along with Joe Berkowitz) of the book You Blew It, published Fall 2015 by Plume. In the past, Josh has written for Fuse TVs Billy On The Street. His writing has also appeared in prestigious publications such as McSweeneys Internet Tendency, New York Magazine, and The New Yorker.Gondelman is the co-creator and co-author of the Shorty Award-winning Modern Seinfeld Twitter account, and his own Twitter feed was named the years best by Paste Magazine in 2015. The Ellen DeGeneres Show took notice of Joshs joke writing skill and featured him as part of their Tweetly Roundup.Additionally, Josh has performed at the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, and SF Sketchfest. His debut standup comedy CD, Everythings The Best was released in November of 2011 by Rooftop Comedy Productions, and his sophomore release Physical Whisper will be released March 18th, 2016, also through Rooftop.
Feb-01-18 08:00 PM JOSIE LONG with Jonny Donahoe, John Hodgman, and Special Guests!
Often described as a unique voice in comedy, Josie Long is one of the most respected comedians of her generation. She started stand-up at age 14 and soon after went on to win the BBC New Comedy Award.Josie has appeared on multiple TV and Radio shows, including the UK programs The News Quiz, Just A Minute, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, The Alternative Comedy Experience, Skins, 8 out of 10 Cats, Drunk History, Russell Howards Stand-Up Central, and Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls, as well as Australias Thank God Youre Here, and Comedy Centrals @midnight and Night Train with Wyatt Cenac and Hidden America for Seeso in the US. Josie has also worked extensively in factual areas - she investigated the rise of online comedy for The Culture Show on BBC2 and is the voice of the incredibly popular Radio 4 show and podcast Shortcuts. Her audio series All of the Planets Wonders is in development with Stitcher Premium in the US.Josie has performed stand-up around the world and her eighth solo stand-up show, Something Better, started in full swing in September 2016 with a sell-out two weeks at the Soho Theatre in London, followed by a two-week run at the Barrow Street Theatre New York. In 2017, Josie has continued her success on the road, headlining at San Franciscos Sketchfest and RIOT LA in the US, The Melbourne International Comedy Festival in Australia, and highlighted by a sold-out show at the Duchess Theatre in Londons West End. Josie also recorded Something Better as an hour-long special for Live From the BBC, which aired in July 2017. Winning her rave reviews, Something Better is a comical and positive narrative on Brexit and the tribulations of the Labour party, wittily combining the political and the personal.