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  Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts
Address: 3 Spruce Street
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Nov-20-17 09:00 AM CF: Executive Board Meeetings This meeting is for the executive board members of CFP to have a formal setting for our organization affairs. Location: PARK ROW 811, MEETING ROOM
Nov-20-17 09:00 AM Student Services Location:
Nov-20-17 09:00 AM Book Store: Offline Location: 163 WILLIAM STREET 430, CONFERENCE ROOM
Nov-20-17 10:00 AM Transgender Day of Rememberance Join the LGBTQA & Social Justice Center in front of the library to honor the lives of those we lost this year due to violence against transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. We will be making kites in honor of those we lost and hanging them in the halls of 1 pace plaza. Location: CIVIC BIRNBAUM LIBRARY, LOBBY
Nov-20-17 12:00 PM New Student Org Interest Mtg. (Date #1) Location: PARK ROW 813, MEETING ROOM
Nov-20-17 12:10 PM National Society of Leadership/Success Location: CIVIC LHN, LECTURE HALL NORTH
Nov-20-17 12:00 PM OPB Tabling OPB Tabling Location: KESSEL WELL TABLE AREA 4
Nov-20-17 12:10 PM P.A.C.E. Board General Meetings The purpose of our meetings is to discuss new events and get new ideas and build a P.A.C.E Board community. Location: CIVIC LHW, LECTURE HALL WEST
Nov-20-17 12:10 PM Executive Board Meeting Location: CIVIC W621
Nov-20-17 12:15 PM PUMA Meetings PUMA (PLV) is a professional and established club run by motivated students to enhance our professional and educational aspirations through a collaborative environment. Our mission is to host events that will bring new opportunities to network and grow as a student run club. Each week we will host events that will have unique professional guest speakers, presentations, and offer marketing career guidance. Panelists will provide information and tips to network in the business field. Participating guest speakers will bring networking and internship opportunities that will prepare and shape students to become job ready professionals. We aim to provide an experience that will differentiate our PUMA members from other student clubs. Location: MILLER HALL 26