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  Mercury Lounge
Address: 217 East Houston Street
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Jun-02-20 09:30 PM Snotty Nose Rez Kids
As two friends that grew up close to one another in Kitimat, BC, Yung Trybez and Young D, naturally connected through their love of music, wrestling and pop culture. Growing up on the Rez, close to a predominantly white town, the two faced similar challenges, but ultimately found refuge in Hip-hop and inspiration in each others talents. Snotty Nose Rez Kids (SNRK) was born in 2016, forged from a life-long friendship between two emcees that used music to create, connect with their culture and language, and as an outlet to express themselves. SNRK released two albums in 2017, the first a self-titled project, and the second, The Average Savage, just nine months later. Both solid projects by a new group, The Average Savage gained unlikely notoriety for a small release. The Average Savage resulted in SNRK winning Best Hip Hop Act at the Western Canadian Music Awards (WCMA), landed them on the coveted Polaris Prize Top-ten Shortlist, and received a nomination for Best Indigenous Music Album from the Junos. Rising popularity prepared them for their strongest release in 2019, TRAPLINE, which centred their nation, The Haisla Nation, Haisla teachings, the matriarchs in their lives, and created a bridge to other marginalized experiences, tapping The Sorority, Cartel Madras, Brevner, Boslen, and Kimmortal all for features. TRAPLINE has been streamed over 3million times, its music videos, viewed over 800,000 times, and its constant radio play kept it on the Earshot Top 10 Hip-Hop charts for over 20 weeks. The album was shortlisted for the Polaris Prize, making SNRK one of only 3 artists to ever be shortlisted in back-to-back years. Amidst its success, the duo was recognized as Breakout Artist of 2019 at the WCMAs. Having spent over two years perfecting their live show, SNRK embarked on an ambitions tour in 2019 with over 80 dates across Canada, Australia, Mexico, US, UK and Netherlands. Their Canadian headline tour was a success selling out across the country, and they were headliner or surprise hit of multiple festivals, sharing stages with Method Man & Red Man, Ice Cube, and Cypress Hill. Best described as thought-provoking club bangers, SNRKs live performance has unparalleled energy and audiences will dance and sweat, but theyll leave with new knowledge.Preparing for 2020, SNRK are back in the studio writing new music, working on new collaborations with artists in multiple genres, and further developing their craft. They are looking forward to taking their artistry to new heights and into new parts of the world this year.
Jun-03-20 09:30 PM The Pack A.D. with Yella Belly Tickets (21+ Event)
Jun-04-20 07:00 PM Gracie Abrams
Jun-05-20 06:00 PM Mike Viola Tickets (21+ Event)
Jun-05-20 09:30 PM mmmonika Tickets (18+ Event)
Jun-17-20 06:30 PM Yam Haus Tickets (16+ Event)
Jun-19-20 09:30 PM Nana Grizol with Wizard Apprentice
Growing up in the South, Theo Hilton found both lonely solace and wide community in music. When he formed Nana Grizol in Athens, Ga., in 2007, he secured an outlet for expressing how confusion and constant pining became ingrained into a young, queer male in a small town. Despite Athens' liberal leanings and bevy of artistic collaborators, Theo walked in liminal spaces as a queer surrounded by straight people. Nana Grizol's first two records "Love It, Love It" (2008) and "Ruth" (2010) chronicled that mixed experience. With "Ursa Minor," the first Nana Grizol record in six years, Theo Hilton is unequivocally certain about who he is and what he wants to say. He's traveled and studied, moving from Athens to Seattle to New York and, currently, to New Orleans. Along the way, the role of social justice advocate came to suit him. Through song, he casts a critical eye on "Ursa Minor" to concerns environmental, like the effect of oil refineries in the Mississippi watershed, as well as how neoliberal policies chew up and spit out innocent human lives. He's loved and lost and been reaffirmed. The new songs reflect an artist fully aware of what he's learned, what's changed for the better, what still sucks, and what, exactly, we're going to do about it. On "Ursa Minor," a loyal cast of players return to give wing to Theo's songs. Robbie Cucchiaro (Music Tapes) adds trumpet and euphonium lines that echo both the golden era of Elephant 6 recordings and the brass bands of Theo's current home. Laura Carter (Elf Power, Orange Twin Records) supplies secondary drumming, clarinet trills, and trumpet calls, a familiar cradle for new songs. Jared Gandy (Area Men, Witches), on bass and guitar, notches another year in a two-decade collaboration with Theo. Matte Cathcart (Landlord, Door-Keys), an ally pulled to Athens, Ga., from Bloomington, Indiana, rounds out the quintet on drums. Everyone, except Theo, lives in Athens. Recorded by Andy Lemaster at Chase Park Transduction Studio in Athens, "Ursa Minor" completes a transition from 4-track recordings to big, clean production without sacrificing intensity. In addition to themes of queer identity and capitalist aggression, the songs on "Ursa Minor" take cues from literary and academic tomes. Throughout the album's 12 songs, look for references and inspirations to works such as Cindy Milstein's "Anarchism and its Aspirations," Richard Wright's "American Hunger," and Carson McCullers' "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter," among others.
Jun-22-20 06:30 PM Absofacto
Jun-26-20 07:00 PM Supersuckers with Clownvis Presley Tickets (21+ Event)
Jun-26-20 10:30 PM Supersonic - Tribute to Oasis