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  Mercury Lounge
Address: 217 East Houston Street
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Apr-24-19 06:30 PM Anna Clendening with Gia Woods
From the moment pop singer-songwriter Anna Clendening appeared on the scene, her music hit home with thousandsand very quickly, millionsof people.Granted, that moment came when she least expected it: One night about five years ago, at home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Clendening recorded a video of herself singing an acoustic version of Gas Pedal, the monster hit from Bay Area rapper Sage the Gemini, and casually posted it online. It quickly went viral, so she began making more videos and eventually garnered over 2.5 million followers online. Less than a year later, she snagged her first major television appearance: competing on Americas Got Talent. (Her audition also went viral: onstage, she bravely described overcoming crippling anxiety to appear that day, then wowed the judges with a chill-inducing rendition of Leonard Cohens Hallelujah on her acoustic guitar.)Though by 2016, she realized she wanted to establish herself as an artist in her own right: I think it's cool that people hear a song and they want to hear me sing it, she says, But what really connects me to music is the words. I really did not want to be a cover artist. For me, that sounds like purgatory, she laughs. Youre doing music, but you're not doing your own music. So in early 2016, I started writing.In 2017, Clendenings breakout acoustic version of her single, Boys Like You, proved she has what it takes to go toe-to-toe with pops power players. The songwhich Clendening says she conceptualized as a tongue-in-cheek, script-flipping version of Justin Biebers Love Yourselfhas amassed over 12+ million streams on Spotify (without any official Spotify playlist support), plus an additional 25+ million views on YouTube. Just in time for summer, Asylum Records released a sleek new version of the song June 1, 2018. Stylistically, Clendenings songs range from acoustic to alternative pop with an edge, but each is hook-heavy and relatable. Vocally, she can deliver incredibly personal material with a honeyed grace (as she does in the not-yet-released Drowning which she wrote about her own struggles with mental health), but can also carry a power-pop chorus with confidence. In terms of career inspiration, she cites artist-songwriters Sia and Julia Michaels. Throughout her growth as an artist over the last few years, Clendening has also continued expanding her social media presence with a YouTube channel (nearly 600,000 subscribers) and on Instagram (over 540,000 followers), where she often field-tests the hooks shes working on in real time to get feedback from her fans. She also regularly shares her experiences with her own mental health. Theres this huge stigma around mental illness, she says. Its so weird to see people be like, Well, I dont want depression, I dont want anxiety! This is just a normal part of my life. It shouldnt be glamorized or romanticized, but it should be normalized.Ultimately, though Clendening has spent years honing her craft and building a loyal fanbase, this is just the beginning.
Apr-24-19 08:00 PM The Tillers- LOST DOG street band- Matt Heckler
Apr-24-19 09:00 PM Lost Dog Street Band with Matt Heckler, The Tillers
Lost Dog Street Band formed in the winter of 2010 after husband-and-wife duo Benjamin Tod (guitarist/vocalist) and Ashley Mae (fiddle player) parted ways with former musical project Barefoot Surrender. Originally conceived as a duet, Benjamin and Ashley quickly dedicated themselves to carrying the tradition of the American troubadour - hopping trains and hitchhiking across country while delivering their unique brand of original songwriting and tragic storytelling. In the summer of 2011, while performing on the streets of Nashville, Tennessee, Benjamin and Ashley met Nicholas and Shannon Ridout, two skilled musicians traveling from the Pacific Northwest. Immediately inspired by each others music, the two groups began writing collaboratively and soon formed the band Spit Shine. The four musicians quickly built a friendship stronger than family, and together poured their blood and sweat into the music of Spit Shine. For the next two years Lost Dog Street Band took a hiatus, until Nicholass tragic death in the spring of 2013. Pushing through the sorrow at the loss of their best friend, Lost Dog Street Band was resurrected with a fervency. Now doing very little street performing, Lost Dog Street Band tours the country each year, delivering their story through song in venues nationwide. In 2017 Lost Dog completed a national tour supporting The Devil Makes Three playing some of the oldest and largest theatres in America. Most recently, the group tours regularly appearing coast to coast in venues nationwide. Along the way they keep Nicholass work alive by sharing his music at the end of every show they play. Drawing from years of lonely tramping, and more than one tragic loss, Lost Dog Street Band has crafted a distinct sound that is best described as dark country that never wavers from its roots and honors the traditions of its forbearers. In the same vein as country-legend Guy Clark, Benjamin Tod weaves his melodies and lyrics together to offer listeners an unapologetically raw and authentic account of the human experience. Lost Dog Street Band has since relocated from home base in Tennessee to Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. They are currently homesteading eleven acres of raw land.
Apr-25-19 06:30 PM Tamika Lawrence with Kid Hawk
Hailing from the Mount Hope neighborhood of the Bronx, Tamika Lawrence began her musical career on Broadwayalmost 10 years ago. (The Wiz Live! On NBC, Book of Mormon, Come From Away, RENT) She then began to lendher Alt-Rock vocals to movie soundtracks and sang backgrounds for artists including Hugh Jackman, and IdinaMenzel. A cross between Jack White and Betty Davis, Tamika began to write her own music and in 2014 releasedthe Album "Ugly" with her the band Tamika & The Slay to critical acclaim in 2017. In 2018, Tamika wonaGRAMMYfor her work on the Dear Evan Hansen Album and completed her debut solo EP "Two Faced"scheduled for release in 2019.
Apr-25-19 09:30 PM Lord Tiller with Ralph da God, Solo Jones, Big Chef Dog
Apr-26-19 06:30 PM Friends at the Falls, Mike Liegel, Tucked In
Apr-26-19 10:30 PM Blockhead with Nick Hook
Tony Simon AKA Blockhead was born and raised in Downtown Manhattan, in New York City. The son of an artist, he found a fondness for music at a young age. In particular, he fell in love with Hip Hop. In his early teens he began penning rhymes and eventually was part of a group called The Overground with a bunch of his friends. While he loved rapping, he also always had an interest in the musical side of things so he would soon abandon his dreams of being a rapper for being the man who made the beats. This was a wise choice.Eventually, he and his friend Aesop Rock would meet and begin to make music together and release it on the internet. In 2000, Aesop's album Float was released on Mush Records and quickly propelled both Aesop and Blockhead into notoriety. After that, Blockhead released a breakbeat album on Mush called Blockhead's Broke Beats.After a few years more years of making beats for rappers, Blockhead put out his first solo instrumental record on Ninja Tune records , titled Music by Cavelight. This was the first of four critically acclaimed albums he has since released on the UK based label.He also was one half of the comedy rap duo Party Fun Action Committee, which was released on Definitive Jux records in 2003.As well as making solo albums and working with Aesop, blockhead has also worked with artists like Murs, Slug, Mike Ladd, Cage, Open Mike Eagle, Maclethal, SA Smash, Isaiah Toothtaker, Illogic and others.Blockhead has also been busy touring the last 8 years with groups like Aesop Rock, Dj Cam, Amon Tobin, Bonobo, Kid Koala, Cold Cut, Emancipator, and many others.Currently, he's finsishing up a bevy of projects , including a new solo album Interludes After Midnight (His fifth album on Ninja Tune), and looking forward to releasing all that new music to the public in the near future
Apr-27-19 07:30 PM Cisco Adler with Sean Carroll
Apr-27-19 10:30 PM Light Up the Night
Join us at Mercury Lounge for our Light Up The Night Dance Party and showcase! We have amazing acts, drag queens, artists, and an incredible DJ spinning all night. A safe space for artist' to perform, express themselves, and party! Bar specials to get your drink on! Come join us as we take 2019 and light up the night away!
Apr-28-19 05:30 PM Sabrina Stone with Charles Ellsworth
Singer-songwriter Sabrina Stone artfully weaves together stories of madness, adventure, joy, and disappointment, creating an evening of humor, heartache, and tipsy singalongs. Sabrina Stone has played hundreds of shows in her hometown of NYC and around the world, most recently headlining The Toff in Melbourne, AUS. She will be joined onstage by Australian classical violinist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer, Kieran Ledwidge (of Miracles of Modern Science)."