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  Mercury Lounge
Address: 217 East Houston Street
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Oct-20-17 06:30 PM The Amazons - RANN
Oct-20-17 10:00 PM Pickwick
Oct-20-17 11:59 PM BASSBEAR!! with JX Cannon, El Blanco Nio, Montepiedra, Bojaq, Gooddroid
Fueled with a powerful low end punch to the chest BASSBEAR!! Is a Dj/ Producer from hip hop's birthplace, The Bronx, NY. BASSBEAR!! Uses his origin style as a skeleton key to many genres of electronic music. Allowing himself to give his listeners a chance to feel the generations of music with a touch of "bass".
Oct-21-17 07:30 PM The National Parks with RIVVRS
The National Parks formed in Provo, Utah in early 2013.To date, the band has released two full length albums ("Young" and "Until I Live") and one standalone single ("As We Ran" - written for the documentary film "Love in the Tetons") Despite operating as a true independent, the group's music has climbed to #13 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart, top 50 on the iTunes Pop Chart, #5 on Billboards regional Heatseekers Chart, and has amassed over 10,000,000 Spotify streams. In April 2016, Monsters of the North, a lead single from their second album, was awarded 1st Prize in the International Songwriting Competition for all unsigned artists. The National Parks was named Utahs Band of the Year in 2016 by Salt Lake City Weekly and press from national outlets such as NPRs All Songs Considered, CMT Edge, and Pop Matters has fueled additional momentum.To date, The National Parks has played in over 50 cities including performances at SXSW, Snowmass Mammoth Fest, MusikFest, School Nights at Bardots and Canadian Music Week.
Oct-21-17 10:30 PM Jaw Gems with Bae Bro
Jaw Gems conjure the aesthetic of Flying Lotus.creating rich, neo-soul tapestries[Their] keyboard lines roll butter-thick harmonies [and] wrapped snugly around them are shimmering synthesizers, classic Moog timbres, and trebly, swishing rhythms and high hats. EARMILKJaw Gems, an electronic outfit from Portland, Maine, is a collective of young, experimental producers bringing beat-music traditionally programmed and played on samplers to a live band setting. The mesmerizing result is a harmonic convergence.Combine legendary beat-makers like J Dilla and Flying Lotus with indie rock and electronic icons like Deerhunter and Washed Out, then add Radioheads dreamy ambience and you begin to approach the sound of Jaw Gems. Electronic musician, Daedelus says Jaw Gems have done the magic trick of delivering a thoroughly listenable instrumental album that you can also sing along to.Dilla is the common thread for how we all met and began playing together, says keyboardist Hassan Muhammad. Not many people in Portland knew about him seven years ago, so through various friends we were all pointed out to each other and we were blessed with the opportunity to hold a weekly residency at a bar, playing all the stuff we liked and getting increasingly weird.Since their start in 2009, the band has been exploring sonic and rhythmic ideas that emphasize interlaced melodies and heavy grooves. First outfitted solely with dueling vintage synthesizers, a drummer, and an electric bassist, Jaw Gems have now incorporated a Roland sp404 and the Juno 106 analog synth, going on to employ the beat- repeating, sample-warping technologies of the present to help create their wall of sound. Armed with new gear, Jaw Gems were able to evolve their beats, trigger intricate samples, and alter sounds in an increasingly advanced way. You can do so much with these devices, and we all have our own ways of using them, says bassist Andrew Scherzer.In August of 2016, Jaw Gems delivered their second album, HEATWEAVER, via STS9s 1320 Records. The 14-tracks create a thickly layered transcendental auditory world a meticulously crafted collection grounded in a modern electronic aesthetic. HEATWEAVER melds neck-breaking, hip-hop synthesizers and nostalgic atmospheres, while simultaneously touching on elements of psychedelic funk, neo-soul, and punk rock. Jaw Gems likes to keep their recording process relaxed to allow for creative diversity.Setting up shop in a makeshift home studio, the band hunkers down and lets their songs come to life. Put four beatmakers in a room together for a week, and the outpouring of ideas could be endless. As we develop as individual musicians each of our sounds morph and evolve in different ways, so when we come together to record we all bring something new to build upon, says drummer DJ Moore. Our creative process is never the same, says keyboardist and sampler Tyler Quist. On HEATWEAVER, we let some of our beats stay in a more bedroom beat format, and others we revamped to sound a lot more live. In this case, Jaw Gems was left with a solid compilation attesting to their evolution as tenacious genre-bending producers.Now, after catching the attention of acclaimed Alpha Pup Records, Jaw Gems will re-release HEATWEAVER on the label this September, with additional remixes of every track. This re-release will feature flips from T3 (Slum Village), Daedelus, Brady Watt (Talib Kweli/DJ Premier), THE GRID (Jon Cleary Band), Break Science, Russ Liquid Test, and more. Expect Jaw Gems next full-length album on Alpha Pup Records in the coming months, as well.In addition to national tours, and landing their dream record deal, other recent Jaw Gems highlights include shared stages with icons such as My Morning Jacket, Flying Lotus at L.As legendary Low End Theory (FlyLos first appearance at the famed L.A. beat scene event in years), STS9, Lettuce, and many more.
Oct-22-17 06:00 PM Jonah Matranga with Meghann Wright
Jonah Matranga is essentially unique. His music is somewhere in between Prince,Bjork and The Clash, but it doesnt really fit into any genre.Over the last 20 years, hes fronted influential post-hardcore band Far,along with lots else (onelinedrawing, New End Original, Gratitude, Camorra, etc).Jonah has played with, collaborated with, and influenced artists fromFrank Turner to Kimya Dawson to Deftones to Sepultura to Jimmy Eat Worldto Fort Minor to Lupe Fiasco and lots more.Jonah has played as many house shows as he has huge festivals, and hebrings the same thing regardless of where hes playing ambitious songwriting, weird wit and honesty, and an interest in making it personal, direct, and fresh every time.
Oct-22-17 09:00 PM Oogee Wawa, Bumpin' Uglies
Oct-23-17 06:30 PM Kacy & Clayton with Gold Child
The music of Kacy and Clayton exists outside of time, and burgeons with beautiful contradictions. Its psychedelic and traditional, contemporary and vintage, melancholic and joyous. All at once, it showcases a slightly psych-folk sound of Linda Perhacs, Fleet Foxes, and First Aid Kit; rare country blues records and English folk tunes; and 1920s disaster songs and murder ballads. Their songs often are sugar-coated pills, tales of murderous jealousy, dilapidated graveyards, and infanticide, all delivered with Kacy Andersons sweet, lithe voice, and Clayton Linthicums hypnotic fingerpicking.Their latest album, Strange Country, strays away from straightforward folk, delivering a sound that pairs Laurel Canyon vibes with Dustbowl-era drama. And for the duo, the subject matter is literally close to home. Theyre second cousins who have grown up in the Wood Mountain Uplands, an isolated region of southern Saskatchewan. It is ranch country, very remote, with a landscape punctuated with hills, 12 miles from the Montana border. Neighbors were scarce, and their school bus ride was a long drive into town. Where we come from its kind of a step behind society, Kacy, 19, says, We had a lot of time to take in our surroundings. Characters are still very strong.They learned music by picking up rare vinyl at record stores -- the closest, the 21-year-old Clayton says, was five hours away -- and Kacy troweled through Wikipedia to discover long-forgotten bands and musicians. But even Internet was unreliable in their area. The remoteness of their town required many hours in the car, so the long trips became educational moments. I found out about Doc Watson and The Carter Family from a tape that my grandpa had in his car, Clayton says, and I found out about Hank Snow and Bob Wills from a neighbor who came up on 1940s and 50s country music.Clayton would experiment with instruments scattered in his great-uncle Carls basement, occasionally performing with Kacy and her sisters (Carls grandchildren). There wasnt much of a conventional music scene where they lived. However, Kacy & Clayton spent most of their Sunday evenings at the seniors home performing with and for local geriatrics. To rehearse, the two cousins living six miles apart often illegally drove to each others houses before they had drivers licenses.We both started playing music because we were nerds about it, Kacy jokes. The history of music and reading biographies and things like that; learning about artists and traditions and styles. That is why we really like folk music. Clayton continues: With songwriting, it is more like travelling to a time. We are both obsessed with the old world. When we write songs we almost subconsciously think about an older world.Kacy says they use music as a way to understand their own ancestors, resuscitating folktales through their songs, stories recounted from mouths of family and community members. Their music is a way to bring those vanishing times back to life again. Lots of our songs are inspired by old stories from our family, she says, The common ancestors Clayton and I share were ranchers that moved up from South Dakota and settled in the Saskatchewan hills we both live in now. Loneliness and seclusion, sickness and death; the stories are often tragic, yet all recounted with fondness.Like their previous albums pay homage to music of yore, Strange Country was conceived under a similar influence. Their arrangements are enhanced with fiddle, melodeon, Autoharp and occasionally a rhythm section. All of their lyrics stem from the plain, regional language of folk songs, often telling the gossip of their tiny town. The rollicking Brunswick Stew was inspired by scandalous pregnancies that have happened in their community. Underneath the veneer of their idyllic town, gossip and hearsay reign, as a girl denies her pregnancy for months, then suddenly gives birth. Kacy wrote the dark, haunting Dyin Bed Maker on the fiddle, telling the story of a woman who kills another woman for having an affair with her man. I am not a murderous person, she laughs, I do love murder ballads though. Most murder ballads have a crazy man and an innocent girl and she is in love with him and he takes her to the mountains and kills her. It is always a pitiful story about a weak woman. I like the stories where the woman is the murderer. Its saying We are not weak we are gonna fucking murder you.Their music elevates everyday moments, and gives voice to the voiceless, often portraying the hard lives of tough women and men in past and present frontier towns. I love ordinary things, Kacy says. I was obsessed with housewives. Who cares about housewives anymore? No one. Theirs is a story that few have told. No one sees them or cares about them or speaks of them but for so long the mother has been in the house slaving away and living without fulfillment.Their music has resonated far beyond Saskatchewan, earning them fans culled from their long tours across North America and the U.K. Clayton says it was a surprise to see that people in cities outside their small town connected with the music they loved. You get the young record collecting nerds like us that come out, he says, and the more obsessive older crowds that were like those younger people 45 years ago.Clayton says their stripped-down sound is an iconoclastic thing in the age of overproduced albums. Theres something defiant about just a guitar and vocals, breaking away from the present to create a world from the past. As Clayton surmises: The most rebellious thing you can do is rebel against the rebellion.
Oct-23-17 09:00 PM TRN & DVD
Kiam Records is very proud to present Afraid Of The Dark, the debut LP by New York hip-hop duo TRN & DVD. Afraid of the Dark is an ambitious and furiously creative coming of age story about two brothers. And it's a true story, one that keeps a keen focus on family life, the importance of being an individual, and the pursuit of a dream. It explores the struggle to navigate and balance it all, seen through the specific lens of being young black men in America.TRN & DVD (brothers Norvin and Darian Van Dunk) have been making mixtapes, EPs, and solo albums since 2009. They've played the Bamboozle,Vans Warped Tour and CMJ Music Festivals as well as numerous shows alongside a diverse assortment of hip-hop and rock acts - from Pusha T to K. Flay to Twenty One Pilots.While taking nothing away from the duo's earlier work, Afraid of the Dark marks an immense step forward, sonically and artistically. Drawing inspiration from hip-hop heavy hitters like Kanye West, Eminem and Wu-Tang Clan, as well as from indie and pop acts like Lana Del Ray, Grimes, and The Weeknd,standout tracks Afraid of the Dark, So Far Throne, and We Are the Weirdos are unfussy in their production and anthemic in their hooks. Each stares into an adult life that promises to be complicated (We gonna succeed despite being so demonized," raps DVD on the albums title track), but each is filled with the ambition to bend the future. Afraid of the Dark is a serious album, but it's equally humorous, littered with intricate pop culture references that could only be made by two such diehard fans of music, wrestling, videogames, movies and television. This spirit is evident in every single one of their songs and you can feel the exhilaration in rhymes like: "Squad like Taylor's/'Cept they paler/Prayin' that we make it that major" (DVD on"Bloodline"), "Kofi Kingston with the grind, Just needed the right team" (TRN on "Destructo Bros") and "Young black aspiring artist, I harness, 16 bars like bits on a cartridge, Whole family opposite of Partridge" (TRN on "Afraid of the Dark"). Written and recorded over the past two years (with all initial tracks recorded and produced by TRN), Afraid of the Dark was co-produced by TRN, Tom Beaujour and Kiam Records-owner and labelmate Jennifer OConnor (who is a also a guest vocalist & co-writer on "So Far Throne") at Nuthouse Recordingin Hoboken NJ. Another Kiam Records labelmate, Amy Bezunartea is a guest vocalist and co-writer on the opening track Regeneration, the duo's brother Lynk is a featured rapper and co-writer on "The Three-Headed Beast and Christina Van Dunk wrote and raps the hook on "Year One.Musically, the album sets the average bounce meter in the area of 95 bpm, with heavy kick drums and gurgling, fuzzy synths pushed straight into the foreground. Lyrically, hints of formation, revitalization, and new life bubble up through every verse. The duo's focus is often somewhere in the distance, with a hard look at the challenges in front of them; other times it drifts to the pull of old habits as well the minutiae of everyday challenges such as how to keep your writing light on without waking the baby. This attention to detail is an important part of what makes Afraid of the Dark so compelling. It's one of the rare albums that reveal lyrical layers with every listen.It makes a lot of sense that Afraid of the Dark is being released on Kiam Records, a label known for artists whose work can cut to the bone. Our music has got to be authentic and not something thats fabricated or forced, says TRN. Even though life can be sporadic, its still some kind of story whether you think of it as having a beginning and an end or not. Thats what came into this album, the past two years and everything leading up to it.
Oct-24-17 06:30 PM Luke Elliot with decker.
Its no wonder that Germany's Rolling Stone compared Luke Elliot to some of the greatest sonic storytellers of our time when they wrote, "Luke Elliot's style is timeless, his songs tell stories and comparisons to Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, or Tom Waits are therefore not uncommon." This Princeton, New Jersey-bred singer/songwriter/pianist journey began the old-fashioned way working his way up from playing small bars in the Lower East Side of Manhattan to some of the most legendary clubs in the country, such as NYC's Mercury Lounge and Webster Hall and Philadelphia's World Caf Live. At the time, The Aquarian Weekly wrote that Elliot is "taking the New York music scene by storm,". But it was an introduction to Rihanna's original manager, Christa Shaub, which would lead to a chance meeting with an influential Norwegian journalist that would send his career on a fast-track trajectory in Europe. And, though he'd never been out of the country, Elliot found himself spending a whirlwind two years in Europe, recording in Norway and then embarking on sold-out tours, performing to thousands of new fans, appearing on major TV shows, and drawing the praise of the European press. Le Parisien wrote, "He brings life to his compositions with conviction, and makes us live a great concert hour... Luke Elliot shines with the stars." Elliot's penchant for storytelling and fascination with topics a bit out-of-the norm is front-and-center on his already critically acclaimed debut full-length release, Dressed for the Occasion, which is set for a summer 2017 release on Jullian Records in the U.S.