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  Mercury Lounge
Address: 217 East Houston Street
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Aug-17-18 12:00 AM William Clark Green
Aug-17-18 11:59 PM Last Night NYC: An Indie Dance Party
Aug-18-18 07:00 PM Sunshine Bothers Inc (21+ Event)
Aug-18-18 07:00 PM Sunshine Brothers Inc, Upright Man & Petal Crush
Aug-18-18 11:30 PM Great Dane
Aug-19-18 05:30 PM F*ck You Tammy, Bunny X
Aug-19-18 05:30 PM Fck You Tammy (21+ Event)
Aug-19-18 08:00 PM The Curls, Railings with Matthew Danger Lippman
Aug-20-18 06:30 PM Britton & The Sting with The Nectars
With strong roots in gospel, jazz, funk and activism, Dallas native Britton Smith has formed a new band called Britton & The Sting that fuses old school funk, sensuality and groove to engage his audiences in the power of liberation. Think Southern Church tent revival on Molly. His EP ( The Realness Project) focuses on his relationship to self, loss, love, history and the healing nature of melody and groove. Britton is currently seen in Be More Chill. Has played several Broadway Houses, Le Poisson Rouge, Dizzys, Rockwood Musical Hall. And is an active community organizer for social justice initiatives.
Aug-20-18 09:30 PM Blink 182 Tribute (21+ Event)