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  Mercury Lounge
Address: 217 East Houston Street
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Dec-16-17 07:30 PM Be Yourself
Be Yourself is a Brooklyn based karaoke band that performs popular pop punk and emo songs from the late 90s/early 00s, while members of the audience come up to sing.
Dec-17-17 05:30 PM Upright Man with Caverns
New York City-based rock band Upright Man is Aidan Dolan (guitar/vocals), Nick Katz (bass/vocals) and Max Yassky (drums/percussion/background vocals).Upright Man is currently putting the finishing touches on their dynamic self-titled debut due out August 18th. The forthcoming albums ten tracks were produced by Marc Copely (Roseanne Cash, B.B. King, Billy Squire) and Zev Katz (Jeff Beck, Hall & Oates, Aretha Franklin) and engineered by Bruce Sugar (Ringo Starr, Joe Walsh) at Avatar Studios and Sear Sound in NYC and at Blackbird Studios in Nashville. Upright Man has crafted an exciting, ambitious, formidable album that immediately captivates and holds tight. The magnetic songs boast the hulking riffs and spacey twists of the eponymous Upright Man while the bombastic tribal beats of Animals and Checked Out throw you into a hypnotic frenzy. Three Easy Pieces mesmerizes with propulsive piano-driven swagger, Agorognostic paints a lush soundscape via sharp lyrics and vibrant instrumentation and Designer Mind and Say What You Mean offer sultry distortion-drenched stomps.The band met while studying classical music composition at New York University where they played together on various projects ranging from classical ensembles to rock bands. Their strong writing chemistry spurred the formation of Upright Man. Combining elements of alternative, psychedelic, roots rock and classic rock with complex harmonies and time signatures, Upright Man seamlessly intertwines influences like Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Crowded House, Little Feat, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and XTC into a unique sound all their own. Aidan explains, Our different musical backgrounds make for an explosive chemical reaction that creates something none of us would have alone. We have a compulsion to write songs together and do so constantly, adds Nick. We just want to write great songs, play genuine music and share it with the world, says Max.
Dec-17-17 08:00 PM Oldsport, Crystal Robots, Pale Moon Gang
Dec-18-17 06:30 PM Fiona Silver, The Worst Humans, Modern Whale
Dec-18-17 09:30 PM Squad Car, Dad
Dec-19-17 06:30 PM The Crush, Maria Ellis
Dec-19-17 09:30 PM Christian Dupree, Cale Hawkins
Dec-20-17 06:30 PM The Chordaes with Nina Lee
The Chordaes, who released their debut album, "Touch the Ground," in 2016 are on a mission: to bring back great, melodic rock and pop, refracted through a contemporary lens. The bands songwriter, lead vocalist and guitarist, Leo Sawikin, crafts music that contains, according to Elmore Magazine, A diverse array of sounds and ideas, inspired by the freewheeling experimentation of Radiohead and late period Beatles while retaining a strictly pop essence.Along with Leo, The Chordaes' lineup includes Ethan Glenn (Drums), Nick McFly (Bass), Dan Cobert (Keyboards), and Kevin Foley (Guitar, Backing Vocals) . The members draw on varied musical backgrounds indie rock, jazz, classical that merge into a sound Philly Mixtape dubbed vibey and chill.The Chordaes' first recording, cut in 2014, is the albums title track and also expresses its main theme: the transition from youth to adulthood. The full album was recorded over the next year, a time of personal change, with two band members turning 21. Leo continued to write, finding inspiration in such melodically-driven idols as Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney.As early tracks were released, they received strong college radio airplay and premieres on Earmilk, BlackBook, and many more. Deli Magazine named The Chordaes best NY-based emerging alt rock band of 2015. The band has been playing frequent gigs around NYC.To draw without snobbery on fifty years of the greatest rock and popon everything from Abba to Zeppelinto reimagine it, and to bring that sound to a mass audience: this is The Chordaes dream. And the band believes it will happen because, in their words, People are hungry for real music again.The Chordaes are: Leo Sawikin (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Ethan Glenn (Drums), Nick McFly (Bass), Dan Cobert (Keys), and Kevin Foley (Guitar/Backing Vocals).
Dec-20-17 09:30 PM Motion Studies with The Flag
motion studies is tyler mccauley. once a prolific bedroom disco project, motion studies was a ceiling-high stack of demos and several one-man live performances. it later became a 6-piece outfit that, for a year, only headlined. tyler writes, performs, and produces everything. he also encouraged the entire band to read phil jackson's 'eleven rings; the soul of success'.
Dec-21-17 06:30 PM Olivia Morreale, Slow Dance