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Jun-24-17 07:00 PM Spiral Stairs with Lazyeyes, Grooms
Its been eight years since Scott Kannberg, aka Spiral Stairs, released any new music. He knows that. The years just have a habit of slipping away sometimes. The Real Feel the Pavement guitarist and Preston School Of Industry leaders 3rd album arrived in 2009, just as Pavement were announcing a hugely successful burst of reunion shows through 2010. Then, after the Pavement shows, I moved with my wife to go live in a house in the country near Brisbane, in Australia, the amiable Scott remembers, of those years of seeming inactivity. Then we had a kid, and that sort of got in the way. I tried to do music, but all of a sudden it was two years later and Im mowing my lawn and tending my garden. A little while after that, Scott and family got bored of life in Australia and moved to Los Angeles. I had the perfect set-up there, so I started work. The way I write songs is, I put on my electric guitar and walk around the house and play it and look at myself in the mirror, he laughs, and just make up stuff. But because the kid was off at school for three hours a day, I only really had an hour or so to do that. So it took a little time. It was my intention to have done at least a couple more records by now, things just got in the way. You cant hurry genius not even the genial, unforced and unpretentious genius that has long been Scotts forte. Whats for sure is his second album as Spiral Stairs, Doris And The Daggers, is worth the wait. Its some of the best music Scotts been involved with, and also some of the most personal and emotional music hes ever written, reflecting the life changes that occurred over those eight years. During that stretch, Scott weathered the loss of friends, treasured the joys of fatherhood, lived life as an Australian and even ate haggis meat experiences that inform these warm, sweetly melodic and soundly honest songs. The lyrics definitely have a more traditional songwriter feel, agrees Scott. Im getting older, and the music Im listening to is often more story-based. I love Paul Kelly, the Australian singer-songwriter hes a great storyteller. I think I was trying to channel some of that, and people like Lloyd Cole, songwriters more from the Dylan school of honesty. It turned into a pretty emotional record, because my drummer died right before we were going to record it. That hangs over it, too. The original concept for the album was to go to Seattles Orbit Studios and record the whole thing in a week, like the old days. Then, a month before the trip, Scott awoke to heart-breaking news: Darius Minwalla, who had drummed with Preston School Of Industry and on The Real Feel, and was scheduled to play on the mooted Seattle sessions, died suddenly in his sleep. Scott was deep-sixed by the news, and it would be another three months before he was ready to return to the studio. By that time, the album had changed the songs had grown in the interim, become longer, more emotional. That early idea of the album was more garage-rock than what it became, says Scott. Following Darius death, Scott went to spend time with his friend, singer-songwriter Kelley Stoltz, up in San Francisco, where they bounced ideas off each other. His influence made me turn the record in an entirely different direction.Instead of a week-long blitz, Doris And The Daggers was recorded over a more civilised, considered batch of short sessions at Exactamundo studios in Eagle Rock, California. Long-time low-end foil Matt Harris returned on bass duties, while the drum-stool was adopted by Broken Social Scenes Justin Peroff. The trio cut 30 songs in all, while a number of Scotts close musical friends stepped in to make some key contributions. Peroffs Broken Social Scene cohort Kevin Drew sang on Emoshuns, Kelley Stoltz lent guitar to the summery chime of AWM, and The Nationals Matt Berninger lends vocals to the bittersweet, zephyr-light Exiled Tonight. Matts a friend, says Scott , and I actually wrote that song for him to sing while I was writing it I was thinking, how would Matt sing this? And when I told him about the song he said, You have to sing this! And so we both sing on it. The songs range a wide sprawl of moods and subjects. The gleeful, charismatic Dundee Man essays a golfing trip to Scotland Scott made with old friend Paul Esposito (Its a travelogue, says Scott, but its also about a guy whos, like, really proudly Scottish. Its a great pub song.). The moody, horn-shaded Trams (Stole My Heart), with its melancholic visions of blankly riding trams from town to town, is one of a clutch of songs Scott wrote during his sojourn in Australia (Pig City and Vultures Of Caboolture, the other two chapters of this Brisbane trilogy, will surface as B-Sides, and are well worth tracking down). The anxious, paranoid narrative of album opener Dance (Cry Wolf), meanwhile, is leavened by a stomping, danceable vibe, with Scott allying chords with a Wire-ish feel to a Roxy Music, David Bowie groove. Its positive, a kind of Dance away the pain thing, says Scott. The Unconditional is an unabashed, lovable anthem to Scotts young daughter, a beautiful creature, who I helped to grow, whos getting a little older, and now telling me what to do. I got kind of nervous writing those lyrics, admits Scott, with a chuckle. But everyones got to write a song about their kids, right? Its me trying to be like Van Morrison writing about his kids. Angel Eyes, meanwhile, is a salute to lost friends and comrades, poignant but upbeat, and affectionately commemorating fallen bandmate Minwalla Little D, such a good friend to me / those rosy cheeks that girls could not deny in its third verse. The closing title-track an unforgettable blast of proggy-post punk, with its infectious chant of Doris!, and clattering drums from Shudder To Think drummer Adam Wade, inspired by a real-life Doris, the elderly landlady of a bar Scott frequented in Sydney closes with a goofy vignette narrated by Minwalla, ending on a haunting note. I guess Ive been writing songs for a while now, reflects Scott on his second album. I like hearing echoes of things I love in the music that I make. Writing music doesnt come easy to me its hard to write a song thats good. But our memories slowly escape us as we get older, and in songs you kind of relive those moments, the things that matter. And thats part of the key to Doris And The Daggers charm, along with the lyrical wit and Scotts unerring knack for tuneage as embraceably familiar as a beloved sweater: that these songs are full of life, stories engagingly told, and a sense of affection for everything that happens within them. Youll keep returning to them again and again, and hope that Scott doesnt wait so long to cut his next batch.
Jun-24-17 10:15 PM CC Roots, Jim the Boss, Penniless Loafers
Jun-26-17 06:30 PM Tuomo & Markus with The Dives
Tuomo & Markus is a new musical project from acclaimed Finnish soul artist Tuomo Prttl and singer/songwriter Markus Nordenstreng of The Latebirds.The two gentlemen gathered spontaneously at Wavelab Studio in Tucson AZ to record new music with their friends who included John Stirratt (Wilco, Autumn Defense), John Convertino, Joey Burns and Jakob Valenzuela from Calexico, Pat Sansone (Wilco, Autumn Defense), and Gary Louris (The Jayhawks) who also contributed one song for the album.The duos debut album 'Dead Circles' which also features Finnish musicians Juho Viljanen, Miikka McGyver Paatelainen and Jere Ijs was released in August 2016 and will be available in North America and Europe in 2017. While their craftsmanship and timeless songs are rooted in the great American songbook and some of the harmonies may be reminiscent of Simon & Garfunkel or Crosby, Stills & Nash, Tuomo & Markus are no retro act. Unusual arrangements and fearless use of both vintage and modern technology brings their sound to the 21st Century.Tuomo & Markus new live lineup includes Finnish jazz trumpet sensation Verneri Pohjola. With Pohjola onboard the groups jazz and psychedelic influences have become more evident. Tuomo & Markus have made a marvelous debut album steeped in the pioneer stories of the Band, the painted-desert psychedelia of the American Beauty-era Grateful Dead and the modernist extensions of Wilco and the Tucson band Calexico. -David Fricke, Rolling Stone"Tuomo & Markus debut LP, Dead Circles, is a rich tapestry of acoustic orchestration, often subdued but never enervating or insignificant. Over the delightful melodies, the duos harmonies drift airily, easily recalling CSNY and Simon & Garfunkel with reverence." -Jim Beckmann, KEXP
Jun-26-17 09:15 PM SAENTS
SAENTS is a heavy blues-rock duo from Nashville, Tennessee.Formed in 2017 by acclaimed guitarist Rett Smith and drummer Daniel Sousa, SAENTS is the duos collective answer to bring back the artistry and power of rock pioneers from the 60s and 70s, combined with the rawness and style of the early 2000s bands of New York City.Sousas heavy, virtuosic drum grooves accompanied by Smiths blistering guitar and haunting vocals have been featured in American Songwriter, NYLON and NPR to namea few. SAENTS debut record, coming in fall of 2017, promises to cement the duos future as a force to be reckoned with, soul stirring and real, both timeless and unique.
Jun-27-17 06:30 PM Dagny with The Skins
In late 2015, Dagny delivered an energetic, entrancing, and enigmatic anthem with Backbeat. Following its world premiere on Zane Lowes Beats 1 show, the Norway- born and London-based songstress amassed over 9 million Spotify streams in a couple of months time, landed on Artist to Watch lists from Apple, Spotify, and Tidal, and earned features from The Line of Best Fit and more. Theres a simple explanation to the songs meteoric rise.Its almost effortless in its executionas if it were meant to happen all along. Given her upbringing, it probably was. Born to two musician parents in the small Norwegian town of Troms, her earliest memories include falling asleep to the sounds of mom and dad practicing jazz and Brazilian music just down the hall.I slept better with music than I did without it, she affirms.At 15-years-old, she vividly recalls watching an Eva Cassidy Christmas concert on tele- vision. At that moment, she picked up an acoustic guitar and began tenaciously writ- ing songs, reflecting the energy of the world around her.Where Im from, we have 24 hours of darkness in the winter and 24 hours of light in the summer, she explains. That affects your mood, and it comes through the music.Turning 21, she moved to London, started jamming with various songwriters, and per- formed around the city. However, her sound would undergo a profound transformation around this time.We were doing more folky music, says Dagny. When I first got to London, I was tak- ing it all in and learning. I hadnt found my identity yet. By 2014, I needed something new. I was playing around on my electric guitar and working on the drum beats. Some- thing naturally happened.Writing Backbeat with collaborator Sam McCarthy she channeled a new spark alto- gether. Driven by a shuffle of handclaps, drums, piano, and electric guitar, the song gallops with a distinct swing culminating on a big hook.I sang over this cool telephone sound on the vocal mic, and we just jammed it out, she goes on. Its about the vibe. Backbeat is the feeling of letting yourself go a lit- tle bit.As Backbeat caught fire, Republic Records signed Dagny, and she immediately set out to work on her debut EP in Los Angeles.The five track Ultraviolet EP was released on September 2nd and features new mater- ial that DAGNY recorded with a dream team of collaborators including Tommy English (Brns, Tigertown, Ladyhawke), Dave Bassett (Elle King, Fitz and the Tantrums), Mattman & Robin (Tove Lo, Ellie Goulding, Taylor Swift) and Justin Tranter (Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, The Knocks, KYGO), as well as Backbeat and "Fool's Gold" featuring BRNS, which DAGNY released to fans last summer.With Fools Gold reaching #2 on the Norwegian radio charts, a P3 Gull nomination for Best New Artist, Spelleman nominations for Best Song and Best Newcomer, tips on Ones to Watch Lists from the likes of VEVO, 27 live shows this summer, early support from the likes of The Gaurdian, Pop Culture, Zane Lowe, and BBCs radio 1s Scott Mills and Cell Spellman, and her new Single 'Wearing Nothing' set to drop on May 26th, Dagny is ready for a busy year in 2017.
Jun-28-17 07:00 PM Manchester Orchestra
Jun-28-17 09:30 PM Liz Cooper and The Stampede, Sun Parade
Jun-29-17 06:30 PM Andy Suzuki & The Method with Roarke
Brooklyn's Andy Suzuki and Kozza Olatunji-Babumba (of Andy Suzuki & The Method) have been making music together for nearly a decade, but now with their third full-length album, The Glass Hour, a creative friendship has flowered into a formidable musical force. The pair first garnered wider attention with their buoyant, organic folk-pop album, Born out of Mischief, and soon found themselves opening for names as large as Ringo Starr, Eric Hutchinson, Joshua Radin, Marc Broussard, Delta Rae, and Tyrone Wells. Fans fell hard for their combination of a "velvet voice" (NPR) and their deadly way with melody" (TimeOut New York). Their sinuous songwriting, which curves into eddies and unexpected shapes at every measure, is steadied by Andy's impossibly dulcet vocals, that carry us gently through as the songs toss and heave. The Glass Hour keeps all these curves and fleecy vocals, but no longer wants the limits of the folkpop label. Instead, Andy and Kozza are aiming for nearly every place on your radio dial. There's tinseled RnB ballades like Shelter and Overtime, burning-rubber country rock like Digging My Way Out, adamant life-anthems like Fight and Fire, and the verifiably ready-to-drop pop of I Need You More. To pull off this kind of range, Andy and Kozza enlisted the production talents of LA-based Juny Mag, and also brought in big guns Dominic Fallacaro, Will Hensley, Chris Gehringer all Grammy winners for recording, mixing and mastering a project of its stylistic breadth.Half-Jewish, half-Japanese, Andy hails from an eclectic background. He fell in love with music early, singing in both English and Japanese and soaking up influences from every possible direction. It wasnt until high school, however, when he was stuck with a solo that no one else wanted to sing, that Andy leapt into developing his talent a talent that, to this day, he hopes to never stop developing. "With us, there's always a ton of trial and error, experimentation and breakthroughs and we want this struggle to really come through in the music. We love it when nobody, including us, knows what to expect from the next album, or even the next song." Kozza descends from musical legacy. His grandfather was Babatunde Olatunji, a Grammy-winning percussionist admired by John Coltrane, Stevie Wonder, Max Roach and naturally Kozza himself. He became a hand-percussionist at a young age, but pursued other interests at Brown University until his musical passions were rekindled in his senior year through the overtures of a clear-eyed and particularly dogged freshman by the name of Andy. After fumbling through a few of Andy's early tunes in their first session, the two suddenly, inexplicably, magically, came into sync, "Our first time playing together didn't go very well, until Kozza played these two drum hits: immediately we both knew this had potential," recalls Suzuki.The Glass Hour opens half-reminiscent of their previous folk-pop, but quickly shifts to stranger things, into a near-future pop that sounds like it's beaming in from the year 2019. The rhythmic intricacies still reflect the hand-percussionist half of their writing team, only with Juny Mag scaling everything up to stadium-sized dimensions. Its sensibilities hover somewhere between Jack Garratt and Michael Jackson, and nowhere is this clearer than on I Can't Live, Overtime, and unmistakably on I Need You More, which could easily double as a movie soundtrack to an impromptu street dancing scene. Then, with another flick of the radio dial, we coast through stretches of soul and blues that would be the envy of Amos Lee, and hear great cloudbursts of gospel choir breaking through on Shelter and Fire. With another flick, we run from unapologetically earnest love songs like Searching and Mama Told Me to power-numbers like Fight, Digging My Way Out and Come Forward, then back again to the stripped-down, unplugged rawness of Hold You and the soul-searching bittersweetness of Forgiven. Throughout, Andy and Kozza are more than performers or songwriters; they're our tourguides through a fresh musical landscape, with unknown terrain that they themselves are clearly still giddy to discover.What we do know is that they've only begun, with 2017 already booked full with a headlining tour, a prominent spot on the Rockboat line-up, and a new name-making album in hand. The near-future has never sounded better.
Jun-29-17 09:30 PM Chris Stylez
R&B artist Chris Stylez is a fresh, unique voice whose rapid success in the music world has been thus far unstoppable.His recently released EP, "Who Is," has been featured on Spotify United States Viral 50, the UK's Viral 10, and Snapchat Discover's "Under the Ghost" Channel. It has more than 50 million total plays, topped by use in more than 10,000 clips on Vine, and has charted in 14 countries on Spotify's Viral Charts, including France, Portugal, Spain, Poland, and Austria.This EP's instantaneous popularity is no fluke; its immense reputation can be entirely attributed to its quality. The four sensuous, memorable songs show Chris's roots in reggae, R&B, and rap, yet are guided to new landscapes through his deft hand in contemporary production. The tracks are in no way shy of their overt sexuality, and yet are presented in such luscious and enticing restraint that the listener is left wanting more. "To appreciate this record is to open yourself up to uncomfortable conversation," Stylez explains. "I wanted to keep the minimalistic approach of the music consistent in the visuals. This is about more than the physical aspect of sex; it's about the complex emotions involved."Chris is having no problem stealing the spotlight with his new EP, largely due to his endless list of accomplishments in the more invisible roles of the music scene. He has previously toured the world singing background vocals, and his songs have been sold to numerous artists throughout the United States and Europe. However, after his extremely successful debut on BET's "Music Matters" campaign, Chris decided it was time to place his music in his own very capable hands. He opened as a solo artist for both Ne-Yo and Wycleaf Jean, and is currently preparing for tour in Summer 2016.Chris Stylez, n Allen, is of both Jamaican and Canadian decent, and is bilingual in French and English. He has always been heavily influenced by reggae, particularly from his father's first cousin, Jimmy Cliff, and his granduncle, B.B. Seaton, who was the first reggae artist to be signed to Virgin Records. Chris studied Entertainment Business Management at the Toronto Film School. He now lives and works bicoastally in the United States with a strong base in both New York and Los Angeles.
Jun-30-17 07:30 PM Modern Diet, Pecas