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  Mercury Lounge
Address: 217 East Houston Street
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Jan-18-20 06:30 PM Matthew Gross (of The Bushpilots) & Kathryn Kitt, Jake Benjamin
Jan-18-20 09:00 PM Xiuhtezcatl with DJ Cavem, Rillyril, Dpsoul
The new wave of hip-hop has arisen a woke generation. From it, Xiuhtezcatl -- eighteen-year-old Indigenous rapper and activist -- has emerged, stirring the comatose with his music.From performing at the Standing Rock encampment with Immortal Technique and Nahko to leading the Youth v. Gov. lawsuit against the Federal Government, Xiuhtezcatl's actions show his music is more than words.Xiuhtezcatl grew up immersed in the indigenous Aztec traditions of his father and advocating for social and environmental justice with his mother.Recently Xiuhtezcatl performed before the U.N. General Assembly, collaborated on stage and in the studio with Jaden Smith and Bassnectar, and appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.Additionally, he wrote the best-selling book, We Rise, and is featured in the next iconic series by Shepard Fairey, We The Future.
Jan-18-20 11:30 PM Suneater Codd Dubz, Algo
Jan-18-20 11:30 PM The Dark Eighties NYC
Jan-18-20 11:30 PM Codd Dubz, Algo with XL, Suneater
Jan-19-20 05:30 PM Lina KO (21+ Event)
Jan-19-20 05:30 PM Lina K.O., STATHI, Chrisy Mc Cullagh
Jan-19-20 08:00 PM Billy Woods with MIKE, Elucid, Fielded, Akai Solo
billy woods is a rapper who defies easy categorization; he claims Washington D.C. as his hometown but has spent much of his life in New York City. He was born in the U.S. but spent much of his childhood in Africa and the West Indies, the second child of a Jamaican intellectual and a would-be Marxist revolutionary. On the mic, woods is no less of a conundrum, possessed of versatile flows and an ability to not only tackle topics other artists wouldnt dream of, but also to bring unique perspectives to the familiar ones. On his latest album, Terror Management, woods weaves past, present and future into a dark tableau as hilarious as it is macabre. This is a place where skeletons spill from closets, lead pours from faucets and the punchline is the whole joke. This is the sound of the police not coming, of garbage trucks in reverse, of glaciers shearing off into a black ocean. But these are also tales of perseverance, compassion and love, however quixotic. Of snatching ones humanity from the fires that rage all about us. Terror Management rounded out a stellar 2019 for the enigmatic MC as a follow-up to the acclaimed Hiding Places with producer Kenny Segal.
Jan-20-20 06:30 PM Jake Benjamin, Morgan Reilly
Jan-21-20 06:30 PM K Roosevelt with rum.gold
K. Roosevelts music can immerse you in a dream-like state of self reflection with a single tune. His ability to capture Californias sunny skies and melancholy all at once has touched audiences around the world. Son of blues artist Keb Mo, Roosevelt was surrounded by remarkable musicians before learning to walk - and it shows. Hes accomplished so much in the time since, with a career marked by collaborations with notable artists The Game, Jhen Aiko, Rapsody and most recently, Mahalia. While his journey began with the drums, its evolved to guitar, piano, vocals and production, making Roosevelt a true musical polymath. This became clear when his breakout single Do Me Now featuring Hit Boy rose to the Top 100 of the R&B charts, and has carried through to his latest work. The eight-track EP Bloom is the first independent project for the artist. Collaborating with talent like Amir Ob, SuperDuperKyle and Luke James, its an evolution of Roosevelts laid-back beats and playful use of melody. Mellow and surreal, the work captures the realities, anxieties and thrills of moving through adulthood. The project was an opportunity for Roosevelt to explore sound and experiment with the more technical side of production. Layering in live instruments to mix analog with digital helped him achieve a sound difficult to master any other way. Combining tremendous experience with the excitement of youth - the EP is a triumphant testament to his talent. - Sarah Grech