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  Mercury Lounge
Address: 217 East Houston Street
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Oct-21-19 06:30 PM The Bros. Landreth with hunter & wolfe
Before they were The Bros. Landreth, Joey and Dave were only looking for a good excuse to spend a little more time together. They had spent their respective early years backing up other artists and touring the world as hired musicians until one particularly long and challenging tour prompted Joey to call his older brother with a simple proposal. When I get home, lets sit down and make some noise together would be the call that would be the turning point seeing them focus on their own roots rock sound that went on to be celebrated on their acclaimed debut album, Let It Lie. Originally released in their hometown of Winnipeg in 2013, Let It Lie was re-released in 2015 after signing a record deal with Nashville-based Slate Creek Records. The album received widespread acclaim, won multiple awards including a JUNO, and propelled the band to play over 400 tour dates around the world. A Rolling Stone review praised the bands quiet storm of slide guitar solos, blue notes, three part harmonies. Lifelong musical hero, Bonnie Raitt, was equally impressed after catching the bands set, saying "I haven't liked a band as much as The Bros. Landreth in a long time. To hear this kind of funky, southern style rock played with such originality and soul will knock you out."Then, the band went on a hiatus. A break afforded Joey Landreth the opportunity release and extensively tour his debut solo album Whiskey in 2017, furthering his reputation for being a first-rate guitar slinger, songwriter, and performer in his own right. Joeys booming solo career might have delayed the timeline for the brothers, yet they never stopped writing songs that would eventually be recorded for their long awaited, follow-up release. The time off that we took between touring Let It Lie and coming back together to make this next album was really difficult. Dave says. It was tough, but we needed to do it. Being away from each other gave us some really valuable perspective. It let us realize just how important and deeply satisfying it is for us to make music together and thats something that we wont soon forget.Teaming up in studio with drummer Ryan Voth, guitarist Ariel Posen,and longtime producer Murray Pulver, the soon to be released album is an exciting evolution of the bands sound, honed by thousands of hours on stage and filtered through the lens of the last many years on the road. Weve got hundreds and hundreds of shows and thousands and thousands of miles under our belts. This next record has a confidence that we didnt have - couldnt have with the first. The Bros. Landreths journey took some unexpected turns,but ultimately reaffirmed two brothers earnest desire to make honest music together. Slated for release fall of 2019, the follow up album is called 87, a nod to the real beginning of the band; the year they became brothers.
Oct-21-19 09:30 PM Mariee Sioux with Angelica Rockne
Mariee Sioux was raised in Northern California and is of Indigenous and Polish Hungarianancestry. She prefers to be known as an abstract storyteller and a voice for the natural world and trials of humanity through song. Shes been given gifts of songs for over 10 years. Her songshave been described as medicinal, hallucinatory, and haunting, with a trance like performance.
Oct-22-19 06:30 PM Smith & Thell Tickets (18+ Event)
Oct-22-19 06:30 PM Smith and Thell (18+ Event)
Oct-22-19 06:30 PM Boom Vang, Corsaire
Oct-22-19 09:00 PM Possum with Mary Vision, Priestess
Possum is Brandon Bak (Guitar, Vocals) Tobin Hopwood (Guitar) Patrick Lefler (Bass) andBradley Thibodeau (Drums). The group first connected over the sounds of CAN, Grateful Dead,Fela Kuti, and Ty Segall, resulting in an other-worldly fusion of garage, kraut, psych rock andethno jazz with heavy, time-bending rhythm, chugging bass, and hypnotic riffs. Live audiencescan expect all the cerebral happenings of a party that starts at noon and ends at dawn. Theband's colorful, high-energy performances transport audiences back to the glory days ofpsychedelic-rock music. Its a punch you out cold twang toned tornado in the words of oneeloquent fan. Often accompanied by enchanting visual projections by The Oscillitarium, Possumbrings a visceral, immersive, experience to each show they play.The band met within the psych/garage music scene in Toronto, started playing together andquickly decided to amalgamate equipment and build a recording studio. With an admiration forold tape machines, Possum has independently recorded, mixed, produced and packaged 100% oftheir music. Recorded almost entirely live and mixed by Brandon Bak & Tobin Hopwood, theirdebut album Space Grade Assembly is an example of their DIY ethos. Studded in riffingarpeggios and cooled with a shadowy ghost rider gouging, Space Grade Assembly takes youthrough a kaleidoscopic hot washer of a particularly kinetic and frenetic head rushing TVpersonality all replete with sci-fi-tronic electro shocks.Possum has performed at festivals, clubs, and DIY spaces all over North America with the likesof Ty Segall, All Them Witches, Shannon and The Clams, Bombino, LA Witch, & Chad VanGaalen. After looming in the dark for the past year, Possum is set to release their debut album"Space Grade Assembly" June 7, 2019 via Garment Street Records.
Oct-23-19 06:30 PM Kid Quill with MoonLander
Oct-23-19 09:30 PM CRAY with KilCool
CRAY, short for Cheney Ray, is not actually an abbreviation for crazy. However, the LA-based DJ, singer, producer, and gamer has been effortlessly styling Crocs and cultivating a fan base at a rate that could be defined as such, thanks to her sincere nature, genre-defiant bangers, humorous observations on life and relentless dedication to high-quality snackage since she entered the scene in 2015. After relocating from her hometown of Vancouver to Southern California to pursue warmer weather and a sociology degree at Chapman University, she decided to put her early love for electronic music to work, initially seeking to pursue a career in artist management. Not one to half-ass anything, she dedicated herself to learning to produce music firsthand, to fully understand what being a musician entails. It wasnt long after she began creating her own sounds that she fell in love with making music, realized damn...Im pretty fucking good at this, and started playing shows under her childhood nickname-turned-stage name, CRAY. Already an avid gamer with a substantial following on Twitch, she began adding occasional DJ sets into her usual live streaming routine to an overwhelmingly positive response. Performing as an opener on Anna Lunoes HyperHouse Tour in 2016 gave CRAY the physical and emotional momentum she needed to throw herself fully into her music career. The tour was a monumental turning point for the artist, as she experienced many surreal firsts being acknowledged as a peer by musicians she had long admired, playing in front of her large crowds and getting to interact with her fans. Since then, CRAYs magnetic personality, relatable charisma and incredibly energetic sets have earned her a spot on HARD Summer, Voodoo and Electric Zoo. In 2018, CRAY and her extensive sock collection went international. She kicked off the year touring through Japan alongside Skrillex, followed by multiple festival appearances and most recently, a China tour. Inspired by her love for classical jazz and swing artists like Frank Sinatra and Billie Holiday, CRAY brings a refreshing perspective to the electronic scene. Her inventive records allow her to avoid labels and continually reinvent her sound, resulting in a fan base that spans the indie electronic, pop and dance genres. On her latest single, Fractions, produced by Kid Froopy, she continues to show us a different side of her and gives us a look at whats to come. When not on the road or in the studio, CRAY thrives at being a supremely normal human just seeking a life filled with balance and tacos. Her ideal days are spent gaming, eating Chipotle, repeatedly trying to keep her long hair out of her line of vision, searching for the worlds best hot sauce and chilling with her cat.
Oct-24-19 06:30 PM The Commonheart with The Mighty Pines
This band is therapy for me to bring myself back to being a better person, and I hope people come along with me, says powerhouse singer Clinton Clegg of The Commonheart. The testimonial begins on August 16th when the 9-piece band issues its most potent and purposeful dose of grittily redemptive rock n soul, its sophomore album, Pressure (Jullian Records).Clinton didnt grow up in a Baptist church, and his soul machine of a band isnt pushing religion. Live and in the studio, the Pittsburgh-based collective is offering feel-good positivity, Golden Rule messaging, and sweat-soaked performances that nimbly ease through blues, vintage soul, and rock.The nonet is bonded by familial-like ties and a desire to foster spiritual uplift. Among its ranks are female backup singers, drums, bass, guitar, a horn section, and keyboards. Out front is Clinton, a lightning bolt charismatic front man with dynamically expressive pipes that effortlessly traverse bluesy pleading, and honeyed balladeering.The Commonhearts latest album, Pressure, is both rugged and refined. The 10-song album showcases raw-nerve soul musicianship pristinely recorded. It's an album by a band on a mission. We are willing to take risks and to go at any lengths for this band, Clinton says affirmatively. We are ready to spread positivity and make a stretch of this thing.
Oct-24-19 08:00 PM The Mighty Pines