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  PlayStation Theater
Address: 1515 Broadway
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Mar-01-19 08:00 PM Watsky - Grieves, Beau Young Prince
Mar-02-19 07:00 PM Within Temptation
Mar-07-19 07:00 PM Decibel Magazine Tour 2019 ft.Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Necrot, Blood Incantation
Mar-07-19 07:00 PM Decibel Magazine Tour (16+ Event)
Mar-08-19 07:00 PM State Champs - Our Last Night, The Dangerous Summer, Grayscale
Mar-09-19 03:00 PM NYC Winter Wine Festival Join Us In Times Square For Our Largest Annual Wine Tasting!General Admission Includes Sample hundreds of wines, feast on light accompaniments and take in a jazz concert. In The Heart Of The Big Apple It goes down at the PlayStation Theater in the heart of Times Square, a 2100-capacity venue desi[...]

Mar-10-19 06:30 PM The Noise Presents Nothing More: The Truth Tour - Of Mice & Men, Badflower, Palisades
Mar-15-19 08:00 PM We Three
Mar-20-19 08:00 AM The Contently Summit: Masters of Content Today’s marketers are expected to be Swiss Army knives. They’re supposed to write, edit, shoot video, run campaigns, analyze data, prove ROI, work with sales, help accounts, know HTML, and then maybe sleep if there’s any time left in the day. That’s an impossible model for success. Content marketing is about more than taking on more tasks. Sure, effective marketers have to blend creative and strategic skills with business acumen. But to achieve content mastery, they have to empower teams across their organization. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the Contently Summit: Masters of Content. In this exclusive event, attendees will learn about true content ROI and what steps they need to take to keep their marketing accountable. You’ll hear from best-in-class marketers, members of Contently, and special guests.  We know what it takes to master content marketing, and we’re going to show you how. Learn more about this event here.
Mar-21-19 08:00 PM Whindersson Nunes Completely performed in Portuguese