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Address: 1039 Washington Street
City: Hoboken
State: NJ
Date Time Event Description
Oct-21-17 09:00 PM Skanatra
Born out of the ashes of 37 different bands, Skanatra formed in 1996 as an excuse to get as many of the friends into the same band. And ska was the perfect genre (Ever seen those bands? They're huge.). Featuring ex-members of 90's Hoboken mainstays The Gefkens, The Whatnots, and Fear of Falling, the lads were uninterested in writing original ska music - the idea being to just have fun and drink too much beer. In fact, beer played a large part in the idea to marry ska with the classic stylings of Frank Sinatra. Most of the members were living in or around Hoboken, NJ at the time, so Sinatra seemed like the natural call. Especially when one of the them came up with a potential name: Skanatra. And so it was written - they would dive into the legendary Sinatra catalog, pick out a handful of classics and ska-ify them. And it worked! Skanatra performs only sporadically these days, but when the allure of a Hoboken gig at Maxwell's comes calling, they answer.
Oct-24-17 08:00 PM Hocus Pocus Trivia “I put a spell on you and now you’re mine!”Oh look, another glorious trivia. Makes me SICK! Sisters! All Hallow’s Eve is drawing close and we’re going to be running amok for Hocus Pocus Trivia! We’ll be lighting the black flame candle at Maxwell's Tavern on Tuesday, October 24 starting 8pm!Reservations can be made by visiting; https://HocusPocus102417.Eventbrite.comThe best way to reserve tickets is by selecting a team captain and having them be in charge of tickets for ALL team members.For example, if Winifred, Sarah, Mary and Max are a team and Winifred gets put in charge, she will then reserve tickets for herself, Sarah, Mary and Max = (4) in total.PLEASE ONLY RESERVE SINGLE TICKETS IF YOU ARE PLAYING BY YOURSELF.We will send a confirmation email to everyone closer to the event.Now let’s light this sucker and meet the old broads.
Oct-26-17 08:00 PM Nolan, TJ Sullivan
Oct-27-17 09:00 PM Tangina Stone, Lauren Marsh, Stephanie Schulte
Oct-28-17 09:00 PM HALLOWEEN 2017: The Led Zeppelin Engagement
A collective of the hottest musicians & singers in the NJ/NY area performing 2hrs of Led Zeppelin!
Nov-01-17 08:00 PM Davy Knowles with Jamie McLean Band
Hot on the heels of the 2015 album release The Outsider, the full-length documentary Island Bound, and an extensive tour schedule, Isle of Man-born Davy Knowles announces his new album Three Miles From Avalon. This collection of new songs sees Davy returning to his roots, and the sounds that first ignited his passion for music.Recorded exclusively in his adopted hometown of Chicago, the capital of electric blues provided Knowles with a landscape steeped in legend, inspiring him to creatively explore the genre of music hes always loved - energetic, guitar driven blues-rock.Knowles began the recording process for Three Miles From Avalon with a fresh approach, one that has resulted in a dynamic, gutsy sound: I wanted to go back to the basics. The band and myself have racked up a lot of playing time together, and we have really started to gel. I wanted to capture that live feel in the studioThis led naturally to a back-to-basics approach, and a search for authenticity when it came to recording the new material: My favourite sounding records are certainly older ones, recorded to tape, with minimal fuss or overdubs. I wanted that lovely warm, vintage sound that only tape and glowing tubes can do.A raw, vintage sound is evident in the albums opening two tracks, the hard-driving Aint Much Of Nothing, and a long-time live favourite, What Youre Made Of, a homage to one of Davys musical heroes: Rory Gallagher has been a huge influence for me, his energy and drive was so mesmerising. I wanted to get back to that high energy, big guitar riff style of writing.Falling Apart, the albums third track, adds dark drama to the records driving pace with its smoky verses and heavy, snarling, blues riff. Ive had this song kicking around for a long time, but it wasnt until I had found this guitar pedal called The Octron (one of only two pedals used by Knowles on the entire album) that the song and the riff really came to life, its got this wonderful menacing sound.Weaving a moment of pathos into the tracklist is Oxford MS a fictional account of shady dealing and violence. Storytelling has always been a vital ingredient in Knowles work: Songs with characters and stories have always grabbed me, and I wanted to write one in the blues and gospel vein, its a story of blackmail, gambling and regret, though certainly not an autobiographical one!Yet its the title track, Three Miles From Avalon, which brings to the fore very personal aspects to a tale. The song is really all about being slightly further away than where you want to be, and the frustration that comes with that. Avalon is this Arthurian legend, the Island that could never be found. It became my metaphor for things just out of my grasp.The song also reveals the musical influences close to Davys heart, showcasing his love of blues and classic rock with affection The album closes on a hat tip to one of the all-time greats, Willie Dixon, with a re-working of his blues classic What In The World. Performed with a live, after hours feel, the track showcases Knowles confident and distinctive guitar playing, but also a powerful solo on the Hammond B3 by Andrew Toombs demonstrating that Knowles and his tight-knit band all possess not only stunning technical ability, but soul too.
Nov-03-17 09:00 PM The Mighty SPECTRUM Band
The Mighty SPECTRUM Band has a long standing reputation as one of the popular bands in the NY/NJ area. From the Jersey shore to the beaches of the Hamptons, the Band has built a strong base of loyal fans. A driving rock 'n roll band, SPECTRUM also has an unmatched horn section - which enables them to play a repertoire of hundreds of songs. One particular area of expertise for the band has always been the music of Bruce Springsteen. But unlike many "tribute bands" that just play the songs, The Mighty SPECTRUM Band's interpretation of the music of Bruce Springsteen bares an uncanny resemblance to being at an actual Springsteen concert. The songs, the energy, conviction, and the attitude all come across in the performance. The Mighty SPECTRUM Band hasn't lost its identity, rather they have put together "The BRUCE Show" - to give their fans a night of music specifically by Bruce Springsteen. And once you've experienced "The BRUCE Show" you'll want to do it over and over again!
Nov-04-17 09:00 PM Daniel Thomas, DJ Treadway with MuLa
Nov-10-17 09:00 PM Hey Bulldog - The Beatles Cover Band
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the releases of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely hearts Club Band & Magical Mystery Tour. Both albums will be played cover to cover!
Nov-11-17 08:00 PM One Hundred Thousand, Owl Kill, Chevonne and The Fuzz, One Time Mountain