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  Walter Reade Theater
Address: 165 West 65th Street
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Jan-19-20 05:30 PM Incitement

Director Yaron Zilberman and producer Tamar Sela in person

This acclaimed historical drama follows the disturbing radicalization of Israeli ultranationalist Yigal Amir in the year leading up to his assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995. A law student and Orthodox Jew outraged by Rabin’s announcement of the Oslo Accords, which aspired to achieve a lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians, Amir turns to violent extremism and begins to recruit fighters and gather weapons. As he becomes fixated on his righteousness and his justification of the assassination, his mental health continues to decline. Israel’s submission for the 2020 Academy Award for Best International Feature Film.

Jan-20-20 09:15 PM The Day After I’m Gone

Yoram is a veterinarian in Tel Aviv. When his adolescent daughter Roni attempts suicide, his cloistered world is shaken to its core. To rediscover her happiness and expand their worldview, they travel together to visit her mother’s family along the banks of the Dead Sea, beginning a journey of mutual discovery that helps clarify the source of his daughter’s depression and his latent feelings of hopelessness. Director Nimrod Eldar writes of this graceful and tender film, “I tried to write a film that is not driven by narrative provocations of any kind—a film where everyone is ‘good.’”

Jan-21-20 01:00 PM My Polish Honeymoon

Director Elise Otzenberger in person

When French newlyweds Adam and Anna take their honeymoon in Poland, the home of their Jewish grandparents, excitement about discovering their families’ histories begins to morph into anxiety. As the trip unfolds and they attend a ceremony commemorating the Jewish community in Adam’s grandfather’s village, which was destroyed 75 years ago, anxiety gives way to culture clash in this deliciously dark romantic comedy.

Jan-21-20 03:30 PM I Was Not Born a Mistake

Directors Eyal Ben Moshe & Rachel Rusinek and subject Yiscah Smith in Person

This beautiful documentary tells the true story of Yiscah Smith, who was living as an ultra-orthodox married man with six children and deep ties in the community before coming out as a gay man and leaving Israel. In the United States, Smith underwent a gender transition and took her current name. Twenty years after leaving home, she returned to Israel to be close to her family and her heritage, becoming a religious educator and spiritual mentor. I Was Not Born a Mistake alternates between past and present, where she helps clients on their own paths of awareness and self-discovery.

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Butterflies in Berlin: Diary of a Soul Split in Two
Monica Manganelli, Germany/Italy, 2018, 29m
New York Premiere
This sumptuous animated short tells the story of one of the world’s first post-op transgender women in Weimar-era Berlin. As discrimination rises against “deviance” of all kinds, can she stay true to her identity?

Jan-22-20 01:15 PM The Birch Tree Meadow

Introduced by Richard Peña, Professor of Professional Practice in Film, Columbia University

Anouk Aimée and August Diehl star in this astounding autobiographical drama by Marceline Loridan-Ivens, a French filmmaker and memoirist who passed away in 2018. Aimée plays Myriam, a filmmaker and Holocaust survivor who has lived in New York for years. When she returns to Europe for a reunion of fellow survivors, she confronts her past and visits Auschwitz, the scene of her “murdered adolescence.” There, she meets Diehl’s Oskar, a young photographer coming to grips with his grandfather’s role in the SS. This extraordinary film, which screened in the 2004 NYJFF, is a profoundly moving reflection on memory from a true iconoclast of French cinema.

Jan-22-20 03:30 PM God of the Piano

A Greek tragedy set in contemporary Israel, God of the Piano is the story of a concert pianist from a respected musical family who has never been able to live up to her father’s stratospheric expectations. When she becomes pregnant, she transfers her hope of being a musical prodigy onto her child. She is devastated when her son is born deaf, but she doubles down on her dream, obsessively grooming him for stardom. This beautifully composed film has the pacing of a thriller.

Jan-23-20 01:00 PM They Ain’t Ready for Me

Director Brad Rothschild and subject Tamar Manasseh in person

This moving and timely documentary tells the story of Tamar Manasseh, an African-American rabbinical student who is combating gun violence on the South Side of Chicago with magnetic, self-assured energy through her organization MASK, or Mothers Against Senseless Killings. They Ain’t Ready for Me explores the complex identity and motivations of an extraordinary person who is Jewish and black, and how these intersecting identities offer her a road map for addressing one of America’s most urgent crises.

Jan-23-20 03:30 PM Those Who Remained

Director Barnabas Toth in person

The 42-year-old Aldo lives a solitary life in Budapest in the years following his imprisonment and the loss of his wife and child during the Holocaust. When he meets 16-year-old Klara, whose family was also murdered by the Nazis, they form a father-daughter connection that helps them both heal. As Hungary falls under the postwar shadow of the Soviet Union, the innocence of their relationship is called into question. Toth’s film is a lyrical meditation on the power of love to bolster the human spirit in the face of trauma and conflict. Hungary’s submission for the 2020 Academy Award for Best International Feature Film. A Menemsha Films release.

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Life Is All There Is
Ron Blau, USA, 2019, 15m
World Premiere
Told through the 8mm images that a young German Jewish immigrant to the U.S. captured in the 1930s, coupled with his reflections nearly a half-century later, this moving short tells the story of a young man struggling to find his way in a new culture.

Jan-25-20 09:00 PM An Impossible Love

Rachel, a young office clerk, meets Philippe, a charismatic man from a bourgeois family, and she gives birth to a daughter amid their whirlwind romance. But Philippe proves to be an insufferable narcissist, disappearing and reappearing as a toxic presence in the lives of both Rachel and her daughter Chantal. Over the next 50 years, Rachel and Chantal attempt to preserve an unconditional love for each other despite the absent and abusive father. Hailed as a “brilliantly dark and tender family drama” by The GuardianAn Impossible Love meditates on all forms of love—familial, romantic, functional—and their messy intersections.

Jan-26-20 03:15 PM The Garden of the Finzi-Continis

Presented for its 50th anniversary, this beloved Italian drama based on the classic novel by Giorgio Bassani is set amid the rise of Fascism in the 1930s. The wealthy, intellectual Finzi-Contini family’s estate serves as a gathering place for the local Jewish community, as they try to take shelter from growing anti-Semitism. Ordinary tennis clubs become off-limits to Italian Jews, but such policies are unenforceable behind the tall, stone walls of the garden. While romance unfolds, the increasingly hostile reality sets in. This beautiful film from legendary director Vittorio De Sica (Bicycle ThievesYesterday, Today, and Tomorrow) won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

50th Anniversary Presentation