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  Knitting Factory
Address: 361 Metropolitan Avenue
City: Brooklyn
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Jan-29-15 08:00 PM Revel in Dimes, The Acid House, The End Men
Jan-30-15 08:30 PM 85th Presents: "Where I'm From Tour"
Jan-30-15 08:30 PM 21 Quest WITH Light Upp, Dylan Tran, Perrion, Kiah Victoria, Oxymorrons, Inner City Kids
Jan-31-15 08:30 PM Ki:Theory, Negative Gemini, Mirror Kisses
Feb-01-15 06:00 PM Super Bowl XLIX
Feb-03-15 08:30 PM Deathrow Tull, Noelle Tannen, Uncommon Nasa, Karl Kavorkian
Feb-04-15 08:00 PM The Glorious Veins, Gentleman Brawlers, The Rally, The Falldown Town
Feb-05-15 08:30 PM A Place Both Beautiful And Strange, Ghost Cop, Claire, Clapperclaw
Feb-06-15 08:30 PM Nude Beach, Shellshag, The Hamiltons, Mal Blum, Black Wine, Crow Bait hosted by Chris Gethard
Feb-07-15 08:00 PM Funknasty- Torpedo Joyride