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  Knitting Factory
Address: 361 Metropolitan Avenue
City: Brooklyn
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Oct-22-14 07:30 PM Reigning Sound AND White Fence
Oct-23-14 12:00 PM Hunters, Gringo Star, Flowers, September Girls, Port Juvee, Go Back To the Zoo
Oct-23-14 08:00 PM Obits, Protomartyr, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, Gem Club, S, Luluc
Oct-23-14 08:00 PM Obits AND Protomartyr
Oct-24-14 12:00 PM Splashh, The Wytches, Pins, PAWS, Beverly, Solander
Oct-24-14 08:00 PM Kate Boy AND SAFIA
Oct-25-14 12:30 PM The Bottom Dollars AND Rathborne AND The Nuclears
Oct-25-14 12:30 PM The Bottom Dollars, Rathborne, Jeremy & The Harlequins, The Nuclears, Whiskey Bitches, TEAM*, Sylvana Joyce & The Moment, Wonderbitch
Oct-25-14 01:00 PM Sylvana Joyce and The Moment- Whiskey Bitches- The Bottom Dollars
Oct-25-14 08:00 PM PAWS AND Flashlights AND Orenda Fink AND Amanda X