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  Knitting Factory
Address: 361 Metropolitan Avenue
City: Brooklyn
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Jul-28-16 08:00 PM Israel Nash, the Bones of J.R. Jones
Jul-29-16 09:00 PM Rfa, Personal Space, Mike Palladino, Persuasion, Figure Eight
Jul-29-16 11:30 PM Feder
Jul-30-16 08:00 AM Mobley Age Limit: All Ages


Jul-30-16 10:30 AM Soulga
Jul-30-16 12:30 PM Puppies N' Pints
Jul-30-16 08:00 PM The Peach Kings and Mobley Present: the Night Sweat Tour
Jul-31-16 10:30 AM Soulga
Jul-31-16 09:00 PM Comedy At the Knitting Factory Hosted By Will Miles, Clark Jones and K
Aug-01-16 08:00 PM Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy