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  Knitting Factory
Address: 361 Metropolitan Avenue
City: Brooklyn
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Jun-24-17 07:00 PM Cheerleader, Made Violent, Oso Oso, Original Sharks
Jun-24-17 07:30 PM Backup Planet with Darla and Muscle Tough Backup Planet is a progressive funk-rock band based out of Nashville, Tennessee. To see Backup Planet perform live is to simultaneously travel back in time and forward into the future. Their truly unique sound emanates from a place that seems familiar, yet unchartered. Elements of jazz, funk, roots, blues, electronic, and progressive rock all emerge during the course of their shows. Their sound draws from so much you’ve heard before—‘70s rock and funk, high-energy improv, a touch of pop, and a sliver of metal. But the members of Backup Planet mix and match those elements—with just a hint of modern tech to burnish a sturdy nucleus of retro-minded organ and guitar—in ways that never fail to astonish. With a fantastic repertoire of original songs, they’re able to build fluid sets interspersed with extended improvisation. -------------------------------------------------- Darla is an 8-piece progressive funk group from Philadelphia. The band’s sound is a melding of its raw origin in the Philly basement scene and keen compositional focus on feeling the groove. At its core, the Darla sound is driven by a powerful horn section that wields a lyrical and catchy sense of phrasing. ---------------------------------------------- Muscle Tough is Philadelphia's premier Futuristic Funk Fusion trio. Formed in 2014 at TIME, the band has developed a sound that is a heavily improvised blend of modal jazz, funk, and psychedelia. Drawing from a widely diverse set of influences and a common love of sonic texture, their unique use of sound design and group-minded improvisation allows them to create eclectic original compositions, as well as stretch classic pop hits to new depths. In 2016 they released their first EP, "Greasin' Up The Mediocrity Wheel", and shared noteworthy live collaborations with members of Phish, Medeski Martin & Wood and Dopapod. The band is close to finishing their first full length effort, "Magical Achievements".
Jun-24-17 11:30 PM Visions Nyc
Jun-25-17 07:30 PM Can't Swim, Souvenirs, Young and Heartless
Jun-25-17 09:00 PM Comedy At the Knitting Factory Hosted By Will Miles, Clark Jones and K
Jun-26-17 08:00 PM Taylor Kelly, Leah Rich, Allbe, Lohai
Jun-27-17 08:00 PM Yors (Formerly Roso Moon), Quinn Devlin & the Bridge Street Kings, Tin
Jun-27-17 09:00 PM Drunken Master featuring Hard Boiled
Jun-28-17 08:30 PM Dead Rabbitts, I Set My Friends On Fire, Set To Stun, Northern Ghost,
Jun-29-17 08:00 PM BJ Barham, Charley Crockett, Bonehart Flannigan