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  Knitting Factory
Address: 361 Metropolitan Avenue
City: Brooklyn
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
May-24-17 08:30 PM Conan, North, False Gods
May-25-17 09:00 PM The Walters, the Misters
May-26-17 08:00 PM God Tiny, Stuyedeyed, Ghost King, Greasy Hearts
May-26-17 11:55 PM Road To Disc Jam Pre-Party Feat. Detox & Monotronic
May-27-17 08:00 PM Saywecanfly, Painted Young
May-27-17 11:00 PM Down To Party with Sounds By Just Dimy, Teeburr, Checko
May-28-17 09:00 PM Comedy At the Knitting Factory Hosted By Will Miles, Clark Jones and K
May-30-17 08:00 PM Mustardmind, Future Heart, Radiant Reveries
May-31-17 08:00 PM V Fun V Cool, Gamblers, Orphan Jane, Tom Moran
Jun-01-17 08:00 PM Hidden Fences