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  Knitting Factory
Address: 361 Metropolitan Avenue
City: Brooklyn
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Sep-23-14 08:00 PM Nina Storey, Ashley Jana
Sep-24-14 08:00 PM The Sleepy Zzz, 68 Creep, Water, Electric People
Sep-25-14 07:30 PM Dialogue from a Silent Film
Sep-25-14 08:00 PM 3P Music Productions
Sep-25-14 08:30 PM Circadian Clock WITH Dialogue From A Silent Film, Mariko, Lord Classic
Sep-26-14 08:00 PM The Love Ways, The Rotaries, Infinity Girl
Sep-26-14 11:00 PM Red Scare 10th Anniversary Acoustic Pre-Party with Tom May & Greg Barnett (of The Menzingers), Brendan Kelly, Elway (Acoustic)
Sep-27-14 07:30 PM Fate Breaks Dawn WITH Ross The Boss / Mike LePond / FBD, Flames Of Fury
Sep-27-14 11:30 PM Hani Zahra
Sep-28-14 05:30 PM The Virus AND Svetlanas (U.S.S.R.) AND Left Alone AND The Sharp Lads