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  Rockwood Music Hall
Address: 196 Allen Street
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Jan-19-20 06:30 PM CEG Presents: Lazer Lloyd CEG Presents: Lazer Lloyd - Rockwood Stage 2
Jan-19-20 09:00 PM The Slavo Rican Assembly
Jan-23-20 07:00 PM Blake Morgan Blake Morgan w/special guest Richard Julian - Rockwood Stage 3
Jan-23-20 07:00 PM BLACKOUT NYC A Cappella BLACKOUT NYC A Cappella - Rockwood Stage 2
Jan-27-20 08:30 PM Drew Gasparini & Friends Drew Gasparini & Friends - Rockwood Stage 3
Jan-31-20 07:00 PM Nina Lee
Feb-08-20 07:00 PM Scatter The Atoms That Remain
Feb-09-20 05:30 PM Eden James Eden James gives a special NYC performance to celebrate the release of his new single, Black Book - the 5th single from his forthcoming album. Free entry. $5/$10 donations are welcomed. Merch Giveaways on night.
Feb-13-20 08:00 PM Martin Rivas- Brooklyn Sugar Co.- BSki- Evan Watson- Paul Maddison Rare full-band show to celebrate Rockwood Music Hqll’s 15th anniversary!