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  Rockwood Music Hall
Address: 196 Allen Street
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
May-24-17 07:00 PM Monte Mader
NYC-based singer/songwriter, Monte Mader, is a girl from the middle of nowhere, who lost everything and is now on the brink of everything. After a tumultuous journey of love and loss, Monte emerges onto the music scene with the release of her debut EP, Skydive, out May 19, 2017. Originally from the Midwest, Monte was raised on a ranch, surrounded by country and gospel music. After a broken engagement at age 22, Monte packed up her life in rural Wyoming to dive headfirst into music. Following battles with bankruptcy, heartbreak and loss, Monte found her voice and wrote her first album, Skydive, as an ode to her resilience. Now based in New York City, Monte has taken center stage throughout the city, including performances at the Friends of Firefighters charity concert and the Equinox Anniversary Bash in Rockefeller Center.Be sure to catch this firey artist, Monte Mader, on Rockwood's stage 2 on Wednesday, May 24th, at 7 pm!For more info: http://montemadermusic.com/
May-24-17 08:00 PM El Mar
EL MAR is Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Joey Primero alongside a collective of New York City musicians. The Berklee College of Music graduate was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and comes from Colombian and Cuban-American decent. The name EL MAR is a nod to her Latin roots, and an ode to her hometown. EL MAR's debut EP, The Road, is out now.Listen: https://soundcloud.com/iamelmar/sets/the-road-ep-1Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nORLf1C65Vc"one of New York's most captivating musical phenoms...bluesy, folky, and mystically catchy music...One of the most striking aspects of the sound is its dreaminess...There's nothing quite like these songs out there, and that's why you'll be listening again and again for a long time to come." - Artist Direct "In 'Grow'...upbeat circus drums and distinct country bluegrass chorus, swell and explode into chills down your spine as the love song exposes every heartbreak you have ever experienced." - Ladygunn"Its a quite eclectic blend that makes for a truly potent mix of romantic pop and brooding rock." - Earbuddy
May-24-17 09:00 PM Circadian Clock
May-24-17 10:00 PM The Running Lights
The Running Lights are a pop trio from New York consisting of singer/guitarist Mike Squillante, his brother Nick Squillante on keys, and drummer Steve Ranellone. A Berklee College of Music graduate, Mike has been active in the music industry for the past 5 years releasing both original and cover videos through his YouTube channel of over 3 million total views and 20,000+ subscribers. Following an appearance on NBC's The Voice Season 3 and a successful touring career with Atlantic Records artist Melanie Martinez, Mike left the road to refocus on his own musical endeavors. He formed The Running Lights in the summer of 2015 with his brother Nick. An accomplished audio engineer, Nick was working exclusively with Michael Brauer at Electric Lady Studios on records for artists such as Butch Walker and Bon Jovi. The brothers began creating their first wave of material, Mike taking the lead on songwriting while Nick concentrated on the overall soundscape. They enlisted the help of longtime friend Steve Ranellone, a drummer with several years experience performing all over the tristate area. The trio has since released three well received live covers, garnering over 25,000 views while targeting Mike's substantial YouTube fan base. The band is currently writing and recording new material for release in the near future.
May-25-17 06:00 PM Bourbon Express
May-25-17 07:00 PM Cole Nakoa & Treacher
The trio of Cole Nakoa & Treacher joins the forces of three of the most soulful and engaging performers in the singer/songwriter world today. Brad Cole, Matt Nakoa and Robinson Treacher weave their sound, lyricism and inspiration to cultivate a live music that is as undeniably unique as it is powerful."when cole, nakoa and treacher played my on your radar series, they brought down the house with their chemistry and creativity. - john platt - wfuv"Poignant songs, seamless harmony blends, bedrock roots power overall killer chops. A must-see!"-Acoustic Live MagazineBrad Cole - The songs of Brad Cole address the ups and downs of the human condition with both wit and raw insight. His passionate and distinctive delivery of roots-based folk music, woven with the grit and groove of old school bossa and rhythm & blues moves the listeners soul in a direction that is unexpected, yet perfectly familiar.The last eighteen months have been very fruitful for Brad - Playing over a hundred shows and sharing the stage with a range of immensely talented artists such as Chris Stapleton, Shovels and Rope, Ingrid Michaelson, Dave Davies, Ari Hest, Dan Navarro, Ellis Paul and Will Kimbrough.Brad has just finished recording his fourth full length record, entitled Lay It Down which is due to be released in early 2016. Lay it Down was recorded in East Nashville, TN with producer Joe McMahan and a veteran cast of musicians resulting in a project that is perhaps Brad's most soulfully eclectic and cohesive work to date.Matt Nakoa - Matt Nakoa grew up on a small goat farm in Central New York and began composing music as a teenager. Following a formative stint as a concert pianist, he won scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music. There Matt worked alongside a whos who of soon-to-be industry darlings, including St. Vincent, Esperanza Spaulding, and members of the bands Karmin and Lucius. After school, Matt wrote and toured with his Berklee-bred band, The Fens. His first solo release, 2012s Light In The Dark, was received by fans as an eclectic pop/rock masterpiece while Matts latest studio album, A Dozen Other Loves (2014), explores a mainly acoustic palette. This acoustic avenue has led to steady folk radio airplay and performances with veteran songsmiths Patty Larkin, Ellis Paul, and Tom Rush. An engaging performer, Matt tours internationally, recently giving concerts at The White House and throughout India. Matt is a 2014 Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Winner and a Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Most Wanted Artist. Additionally, Matts piano music has received favorable reviews in publications including The New York Times, and his film scoring has been featured at BAM, and on Disney.com. Robinson Treacher -If entertainment can be defined as an agreeable occupation of the mind, then Robinson Treacher has found a way to encompass this in every aspect of his contribution to music-kind. Whether playing the role as front man to the soul-rock infused Delaware Hudson, as co-collaborator to the Alt-Country based Tensleep, or as a solo singer/songwriter, Treacher seems to drain himself of energy in the ceaseless pursuit of portraying moments of musical passion. This passion is evident in every attempt he makes to involve us, the listeners, in the spiritual orchestrations of emotion that have been meticulously tempered into songs.Just like the long list of New York City artists before him, Robinson feeds off the honest grit found among the "huddled masses"...coupling the blatantly obvious (to a New Yorker at least) with the deeply personal. Chameleon-like in his approach to his songwriting, he refuses to be pigeonholed into one particular genre. Believing that each song is forged from its own unique terrain, he takes great pains in choosing the vehicle by which passengers might best weatherthe bumps, potholes, and blind curves found between the first note and the last. Admittedly susceptible to the affectations of the senses himself, he asks his audience to participate emotionally as well as physically in a "whole self " conceptual challenge, a 360 degree soul search comprised of the most joyous elation to the bitterest of pains.
May-25-17 08:30 PM Sara Watkins
This is a breakup album with myself... says Sara Watkins of her third solo record, Young in All the Wrong Ways. Writing and recording these ten intensely soul-baring songs was a means for her to process and mark the last couple years, which have been transformative. I looked around and realized that in many ways I wasnt who or where I wanted to be. Its been a process of letting go and leaving behind patterns and relationships and in some cases how Ive considered myself. What these songs are documenting is the turmoil you feel when you know something has to change and youre grappling with what that means. It means youre losing something and moving forward into the unknown.That sense of possibility infuses the songs on Young in All the Wrong Ways with a fierce and flinty resolve, which makes this her most powerful and revealing album to date. In some ways its a vivid distillation of the omnivorous folk-pop-bluegrass-indie-everything-else Watkins made with Nickel Creek, yet she makes audacious jumps that push against expectations in unexpected ways. These songs contain some of the heaviest moments of her career, with eruptions of thrumming B3 organ and jagged electric guitar. But its also quiet, vulnerable, tenderhearted. In other words, bold in all the right ways. Recently Watkins found herself without a manager at the same time she was leaving the label that released her first two solo albums. For many artists that might be the worst possible time to enter the studio, but working without a net invigorated Watkins. It was important for her to document this time in her life when she was between professional contracts: free from the weight of obligation to anyone but herself. In that regard the tumultuous title track sounds like the first song of the rest of her life. Her backing band create a violent clamor, with Jon Brions sharp stabs of electric guitar punctuating the din and Jay Belleroses explosive drumming ripping at the seams of the song. In the chaos, however, Watkins finds clarity: Ive got no time to look back, so Im going to leave you here, she sings, with new grit and fire in her voice. Im going out to see about my own frontier.Fittingly, Watkins wrote or co-wrote every song on Young in All the Wrong waysa first for her. Her previous albums have featured well-chosen covers that compliment her own songs and showcase her interpretive abilities. I love singing other peoples songs, and originally I did plan to have a couple of covers on the album. But as we were recording and getting a picture of how everything fit together, it became apparent that the covers really stood apart from the story that was taking shape. I felt like I just had a little bit more to say. Everything is coming from me, so theres a unified perspective on this album thats different from what Ive done before.Some are lonely and quiet: Like New Years Day describes in careful detail a trip out to the desert, and the low-key arrangement echoes the reassuring isolation of the southwestern landscape. Other songs are more extroverted, their volume and energy a means to reach out to friends and colleagues. Move Me opens as a loping pop song, but soon explodes into a walloping rocker as Watkins demands, in a voice that strains against composure, I want you to move me! Its a time-stopping performance: Janis Joplin by way of Fleetwood Mac. That song is about relationships that have gone stagnant, how sometimes we just go about the process of making small talk in order not to stir anything up, she says. But its sad when you cant have a meaningful conversation with people after a while. Even if they hurt you, you just want to feel something from them. You dont relate to each other the same way as you once did, so you have to decide if youre going to invite this person further into your life or just move on.Watkins knew just the right people to bring these tough-minded songs to life. She corralled longtime friend and fellow fiddler Gabe Witcher to produce, then put together a band that includes two of Witchers fellow Punch Brothers: guitarist Chris Eldridge and bass player Paul Kowert. Providing harmonies on the title track are Sarah Jarosz and Aoife ODonovan, Watkins bandmates in Im With Her, and Jim James of My Morning Jacket provides a vocal foil on One Last Time. Ive known these guys for a long time, so theres a personal trust as well as a musical trust. I was able to put my heart and soul into these performances, in a way that I dont think I would be able to if I was in a room full of strangers. It allowed me to give myself over to some of these very personal thoughts that are in the lyrics. To say these are personal lyrics might be an understatement. Theyre beyond personal, whether shes confessing some long-held regret or gently consoling a friend. Young in All the Wrong Ways ends with Tenderhearted, a quietly assured song that Watkins wrote about a few of her heroes: women like her Grandmother Nordstrom who have weathered hard times with grace and have provided Watkins with examples of how to live her life. Theyre women who have endured so much yet emerged with love, strength and kindness. I remember someone saying, Its so sad how much shes had to go through. And I remember thinking, Thats why shes such an incredible person. She faced all those trials and came out the other side. Watkins would never be so bold as to count herself in their company; instead, she aspires to follow their example. But Young in All the Wrong Ways does reveal an artist who has managed to transform her own turmoil into music that is beautiful and deeply moving: God bless the tenderhearted, she sings, who let life overflow.
May-25-17 10:00 PM Raycee Jones
Raycee Jones sits confidently at the intersection of powerful performance and the next wave of taste-making culture. As much a skilled vocalist as she is a versatile writer, she's been influenced by many artists including Jill Scott, Jessie Ware, Beyonce & Amy Winehouse. Her music traverses genres, offering hints of soul, electronica, blues and trip hop. Now Brooklyn-based, Raycee is developing her sound with the help of DJ/producers Robert Lux and Sammy Bananas, as well as other collaborators throughout the borough's vibrant artistic community. Whether working with some of the music industry's top writers, or gracing premiere venues with her passionate performances, Raycee Jones is an artist who commands attention.www.rayceejones.com
May-26-17 01:00 AM Good Morning Bedlam at Rockwood Music Hall Good Morning Bedlam is performing at Rockwood Music Hall! Good Morning Bedlam's show is an explosion of energy with soaring harmonies, a banjo player that scissor-kicks in the air, a string bass that will shake your chest, and a beat that will have your foot stomping through the floor. Every song is a unique twist on what is generally dubbed as folk music. One moment they are blasting through a jubilant bluegrass tune, headbanging and careening around the stage, and in the next, Sophia, their fiddler is dancing the Charleston during what can only be described as a modern folk swing dance song. 1AM | 21+ | No Cover
May-26-17 07:00 PM Birds With Fleas
Brooklyn-based indie rock trio Birds With Fleas has been obsessed with developing their sound year after year, trying to distill it down to the essential. The process has brought them through the genres of folk, rock, pop, and synthwave. Five years in, they are on to their third record which promises only to be an honest continuation of that process.Driven by singer/guitarist/keyboardist Matt Siegel, drummer Tom Pillar, and singer/guitarist Spencer Karges, the bands live show combines electronic sampling, live looping, guitars, and drums to turn three people into a full-on assembly of sound.