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  Rockwood Music Hall
Address: 196 Allen Street
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Mar-22-18 07:00 PM LaBaq
One of the most mentioned names when happens to talk about the new indie music scene in Brazil, LaBaq has strength and kindness in her voice and electric guitar. Releasing her first lbum in 2016, v o a , has more than 165.000 listeners/month on Spotify, being a target when the subject is a singer, composer, guitar player and producer from the new generation.On tour through the independent music circuit in Europe and Latin America, the artist comes from a 2017 counting more than 80 concerts at festivals, theaters and other venues in Poland, Russia, Chile, Argentina, Spain, Sweden and the list goes on.
Mar-22-18 07:00 PM Irish Mythen (21+ Event)
Mar-22-18 08:15 PM Freedy Johnston
Mar-22-18 08:30 PM The Teskey Brothers
Sam and Josh Teskey discovered American soul music of the 1960's via their parents' record collection and were immediately taken. As teenagers, the two brothers jammed night after night in the bungalow behind their family home on the outskirts of Melbourne, devouring the R&B songbook and absorbing the tricks of the blues trade. In their obsession, the pair became accomplished players and soon began writing originals, a process which came naturally to them both.In 2008, they joined with Liam Gough (drums) and Brendon Love (bass) to form The Teskey Brothers. The group spent the next eight years cutting their teeth in Melbourne city-fringe pubs and backyard party jams, honing the old-school Motown soul sound and working it into something of their own. At last in 2016 the band emerged from their home studio with a self-produced debut album Half Mile Harvest.The record was released independently in January 2017 and despite a low-key release campaign it immediately gained attention. Community radio latched onto the first single "Pain and Misery" as word quickly permeated Melbourne. Nobody could quite believe this was the work of a bunch of twenty-somethings out of the Yarra Valley and not that of Stax Records alumni in Memphis circa '67. The sound so authentic, the songs so original.After three sold-out shows to launch the record, it's fair to say Melbourne has fallen hard for The Teskey Brothers. And the word is spreading further afield too with everyone from Peking Duk to Allen Stone singing the band's praises. Surely it won't be long before the rest of the universe catches on."If this isn't album of the year I'll buy a hat and eat it" - Warwick Brown, Greville Records"This should've been on the Forrest Gump soundtrack" - Dom Alessio, JJJ
Mar-22-18 10:00 PM Sol Dojo
Mar-23-18 06:30 PM Sarah Cabral
Mar-23-18 07:00 PM Human First with Melissa Modifer, K. Sloan & Ida Metsberg, Morgan Reilly, Adelaide James, Amira B., Marina Blue Jarrette, Antonia Moses, Taylor Pearlstein, Dnasya Jordan, Juliette Reilly
Human First is back again for the third time as a fundraiser for the Green Hope School in Arusha, Tanzania! This time with the musings of 11 powerful women singer songwriters. Please join us in an evening of vulnerability and joy expressed through song to raise money for the kids at Green Hope School. We all know the struggles we face with getting ahead in this wild city, but what are the things that give us great joy? What are the things that give us authentic inspiration to be ourselves? That is what the women in this concert will be exploring.
Mar-23-18 09:00 PM Phil Pickens
On the heels of NPRs tiny desk contest, Bob Boilen (NPR) and Rita Houston (WFUV) invited Phil Pickens and his band the Astronauts to play the legendary Hit Factory in the heart of NYC. NPR Music recalls his sound as big-hearted and rootsy.Theres a push-pull in everything Phil Pickens says and doesnt say, in what he sings and doesnt sing. The words I do not say speak louder than I want them to, he sings in Fools Gold. Born and raised in Georgia, his crooked smile and royal blue eyes perfectly embody the double edge of kindness and menace in southern hospitality. Pickens has a bracing, expressive voice and a style that blends folk sensibilities and contemporary indie rock. His upcoming album, Cathedrals, seeks solace in loss. Re-accounting all the landscapes, the heartaches, and places yet to go, he sings in Cathedral. To Pickens, each song is its own cathedral a sacred place to ask questions without easy answers. In Arizona, he tries to make sense of his fathers mysterious death. In the studio, producer James Frazee (Sharon Van Etten, Anthony Da Costa, My Morning Jacket, Modern Savage) pushed him to go deeper, to face the thing he did not want to face. We call each other out, he says. The result is a song that pulses with an urgency to understand his own true nature.As a boy in Georgia, Pickens picked up a used guitar at a garage sale and learned to play southpaw from a wise lady named Miss Genie. His friends would come over to jam in his parents basement to best one another in the latest guitar lick on the radio and later on sneak into clubs to check out the latests local bands at Eddies Attic or The Tabernacle. Pickens began writing his own songs in college. Taking influence from playwrights, poets, and novelists of the beatnik era, Pickens began to create his own writing style with a backbone in landscapes, unexpected characters, and unique story twists.After college in southern Indiana and a year in Louisville, Kentucky, Phil made his way north to New York City. Over the last ten years, hes lived in every corner of Astoria and now resides in Harlem. Its not unusual to find Pickens devoted to a conversation after a set. Not in a rush, but not wasting time. And in each of his songs, there is the sense of a new conversation being had of a questioning that comes from a musician who needs to make music. Mix in his southern roots, his time in the fire of NYC and the result is the unique indie folk rock music of Phil Pickens.Big-Hearted, Rootsy - NPRPickens vocals come at us like a friendly carnival barker trying to hawk his wares - Pancakes & Whiskey
Mar-23-18 10:00 PM SK Invitational
Mar-24-18 07:00 PM Garth, Ed Balloon