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  Rockwood Music Hall
Address: 196 Allen Street
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Jun-24-17 02:00 PM LaGuardia New Music Ensemble
Jun-24-17 07:00 PM Kelly McFarling with John Elliott
Kelly McFarling is an Atlanta, GA born, San Francisco-based songwriter. Her work is reflective of transitions, the wilderness, and its navigation. Sometimes she plays banjo, other times acoustic guitar. Often, she plays a Telecaster fronting her band, The Home Team, featuring pedal steel (Tim Marcus), drums (Nick Cobbett), bass (Oscar Westesson), and various other Bay Area musicians.During her ten years in San Francisco, McFarling has released five independent recordings: studio albums, Distractible Child (2010) and Ridgeline (2013), an EP of cover songs, Others (2013), and two live albums, Live at Pirate Ship Laguna (2009) and Live at Eddies Attic (2011). She has toured behind her own projects as well as performing with bands like Y La Bamba and Goodnight Texas, and is one-third of the all-female folk trio Glittersnatch with Megan Keely and Wolf Larsen. Over the years, McFarling has shared the stage with artists such as Shovels and Rope, Sean Hayes, Chris Pureka, Jolie Holland, and has made a home for herself in the San Francisco music community.Water Dog, McFarlings latest release, is her most intimate and folk-leaning record to date. She recorded the album in seasonal segments of 2016. The songs were first demoed with Allen Rothschild in his bedroom in Asheville, NC, where the creaks of his wood floor and the sounds of summer winding down made their way onto the recordings through open windows and live takes.The demos became the foundation of the record, and McFarling took them back to San Francisco, where Avi Vinocur of Goodnight Texas produced and engineered the majority of the record at his home in the Sunset District. Recording at Avis house gave us the time to let the songs breathe and evolve. McFarling said of the process. It gave us space to make decisions at our own pace. Ive never made a record like that, and it was a really special time. These songs were written in quiet spaces that were lived in. It made sense to record them in that way.The album is a reflection on inward motion; on the way that water and its movement dominates our lives and bodies. Its about love, trust, and how we come to know the things we know. Above all, its about the cycles of nature that have the power to be both grounding and destructive. While I was writing these songs, I was thinking a lot about family, stability, and love; and I was simultaneously starting to spend more time in and around the ocean. I was getting in the water a lot, and it opened a conversation about the nature of flow; learning to move with changes, instead of against them.In addition to producing, Vinocur also plays on most of Water Dog and his work is prominent on signature tracks, like Both. That song was totally different when I brought it in. Avi simplified the groove, and made it more compelling. says McFarling. Vinocur also helped complete the writing of Caney Fork Overlook, one of the records more classic country tunes. That song had been half written for years. I wrote it in my van while on a road trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and it was one of those songs that I never had expectations for. I wasnt sure it would be on the record. Avi helped get it to a place where it shines. In other more stripped down songs, McFarling often played live in one take. The Storms are Getting Stronger, Spring Clean, and Box are songs that have been played in many different arrangements, mostly upbeat with a full band. For the recordings, I wanted them to go back to what they were when they were first written. Simple, quiet folk songs.Although Vinocur and McFarling play the bulk of the instrumentation on the record, they also tapped several trusted Bay Area musicians to explore additional layers of sonic texture. Water Dog features Tim Marcus on pedal steel and dobro, Graham Patzner on fiddle, Andrew Laubacher on percussion, Andrew Brennan on guitars, Oscar Westesson on upright bass, and John Elliott on piano. Austin-based band Whiskey Shivers also makes an appearance singing backup vocals on Caney Fork Overlook.Water Dog is a first for McFarling in many ways. It is the first record she has made without a band, the first time she approached recording without a deadline, and the first time she has explored stripped down instrumentation. From the beginning, the idea was always to let the songs speak for themselves and try not to get in the way.
Jun-24-17 08:00 PM Emma Charleston at Rockwood Just a few subway stops from Broadway, the Lower East Side of Manhattan will be a fitting setting for folky singer-songwriter and talented actress Emma Charleston as she makes her highly anticipated NYC debut at Rockwood Music Hall on Saturday, June 24 (Stage 3, 8:30 PM). The multi-instrumentalist Charleston will be performing on piano with a full backup band. More information on Charleston and her upcoming show at Rockwood Music Hall is available on her official website. Centered at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Charleston recently composed an album of soaring anthems and poignant ballads that reveal a maturity beyond her years. Her sophomore effort will soon be available digitally via iTunes, Spotify, and other online sites. Listen to the full EP “Enjoy the Ride”: https://soundcloud.com/emma-charleston/sets/enjoy-the-ride-ep/s-b0wJ5 Emma recently released her new single “Enjoy the Ride”--feel free to repost: https://soundcloud.com/emma-charleston/enjoy-the-ride/s-WX4iu The most recent member of a musical family spanning multiple generations, Charleston is influenced by her mother, the award-winning jazz singer, lyricist, and songwriter Rondi Charleston. Charleston’s grandmother, Elsa Charleston, was, in her day, a leading contemporary classical singer based in Chicago. Charleston grew up in a music-filled house, one that fostered creativity. Starting early at violin and piano in the Suzuki method, she made her musical debut at age five. At age eight, she made guest appearances at Lincoln Center, singing background vocals with her mother’s jazz quartet. Charleston has since created, performed, and interpreted different styles of music, resulting in her development as a classically trained singer who can also belt out pop, R&B, jazz, and rock anthems. Charleston has always combined her musicality with her theatrical talents. Her wide array of skills has allowed the multi-talented Charleston to star in, direct, and produce local and regional theatre productions of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, Hair, Sweeney Todd, Avenue Q, and Urinetown. She recently produced West Side Story at Berklee. Fueled by a seemingly endless passion for and commitment to her music, Charleston is also currently promoting her new EP on SoundCloud, posting cover songs on YouTube, and studying performance and songwriting.
Jun-24-17 09:00 PM Sean McNally, Mike O'Malley & The Beastie Band
Jun-24-17 11:00 PM Miss Mojo, Smilen, Hipnosis
Jun-25-17 03:00 PM LaQuin and the Family Tree Band LaQuin and the Family Tree Band debut never before performed music from LaQuin's debut EP Family Tree. Details coming soon!
Jun-25-17 03:00 PM Kallay Saunders Band LaQuin and the Family Tree Band debut never before performed music from LaQuin's debut EP Family Tree. Details coming soon!
Jun-25-17 07:00 PM The New Students
Jun-25-17 07:00 PM Early James with Birmingham, Alabama native is set to make NYC debut!
Early James is Folk/Blues musician based in Birmingham, Alabama. At age 23 he has been playing music for 8 years. He attempts to spin what perhaps has not been spun before; a so called "fresh" take on Folk, Blues, Jazz, and Country with dark, rusty, crooner-esque stylings.
Jun-25-17 08:00 PM Darin Brown Trio
Take the Great American Songbook, sprinkle in some Bobby Darin and Frank Sinatra, add a twist of modern sensibility,shake it all up and youll get a taste of what Darin Brown is serving. Featuring all new original works penned by Darin and lyricist Doug McCormick, theyre keeping the lineage alive by creating what has been called, Modern Standards. With Darin at the helm on piano and vocals, his trio swings in a way designed to appeal to a whole new generation.