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  Joe's Pub
Address: 425 Lafayette Street
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Aug-18-17 07:00 PM Cristin Milioti
Aug-19-17 04:00 PM Buck Gooter The annual Williamsburg-centric Northside Festival had a lot going for it this year—from a sunset show with pop-soul singer Miguel and late-night dance party with rising footwork producer Jlin to a proliferation of smaller club gigs. Harrisonburg, Virginia two-piece Buck Gooter stood out from the pack for its bafflingly thrilling live show. Front-person Billy Brett stood on the Union Pool stage screaming into the mic and occasionally kicking wind chimes that dangled from his table of effects and drum machines. Guitarist Terry Turtle, playing from the crowd, chunked out the songs chords on a metallically adorned acoustic guitar, overdriven into oblivion. Occasionally Turtle, hooded, would sing lead, a bit more melodic and bluesy than Brett’s hardcore growl. You’d watch for a few minutes, stunned, until another roundhouse to the dangling chimes knocked you back to your senses. For more check: Filtration Video
Aug-19-17 07:00 PM Cristin Milioti
Sep-03-17 08:30 PM West 4th Music Group X Joe's Pub In celebration of the start of the new semester, West 4th Music Group (NYU's student run record label) will be showcasing amazing performances by 4 of their artists: Jesediah, Charger, Julian Lamadrid, and Rence.
Sep-12-17 09:30 PM Patrick Leonard
Sep-23-17 07:00 PM Ute Lemper
Sep-24-17 07:00 PM Ute Lemper
Oct-01-17 09:30 PM Trashcan Sinatras
Oct-27-17 09:30 PM Julia Fordham
Oct-28-17 09:30 PM Julia Fordham