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  Arlene's Grocery
Address: 95 Stanton Street
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Jun-22-18 08:00 PM Scantlebury, Lizzie and The Makers, Exit 99
Jun-22-18 11:00 PM Arlene's After Hours
Jun-23-18 02:00 PM Interactive Murder Mystery Experience: The Ryan Case 1873 In the wee hours of the night, siblings are found dead in their tenement.  With the air rife with foul play, you enter an interactive murder mystery where you help crack a case based on a real unsolved crime from the 1870s. Your investigation takes you on an NYC scavenger hunt through the underbelly of the 5 points where you encounter unsavory characters, discover clues, confront suspects and mete out the justice that the slain victims deserve.OPEN BAR INCLUDED! Come play with us!Live In Theater
Jun-23-18 07:00 PM The Dirty Byrds, The Dives, Lovehoney, Strange Fuzz
Jun-23-18 11:00 PM Arlene's After Hours
Jun-24-18 07:00 PM Ernston, Andy Prasa, Heather Cook
Jun-25-18 08:00 PM Villins, THE HELL YEAH BABIES
Jun-25-18 10:00 PM Glitch
In the heart of the LES, Arlene's Grocery brings you a monthly cutting edge live music experience unlike anything you've ever seen or heard. Offering the rare opportunity to witness and be involved in spontaneous creation and performance, Glitch brings together some of NYC's best musicians to embark on a live, experimental electronic music journey which is truly one of a kind. For appreciators of live music and those who just wanna get their boogie on, Glitch is for music lovers of every breed.
Jun-26-18 07:00 PM Gari a Go Go, The Shooting Gallery, The Pros, The Spirit Of, DJ Dirty Santa
Jun-27-18 08:00 PM Mule Kick, Midnight Crisis, Snake Canyon