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Address: 239 W Fourteenth Street NYC (bet Seventh and Eighth Avenue )
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Oct-16-18 08:00 PM Raúl Rodríguez in Concert: "La Razón Eléctrica" (AfroFlamenco de Ida y Vuelta) Raúl Rodríguez in Concert "La Razón Eléctrica"  (AfroFlamenco de Ida y Vuelta)  Concluding our two day conference and festival, "The Body Questions: Celebrating Flamenco's Tangled Roots," please join us for an intimate performance by flamenco artist Raúl Rodríguez. This event is open to the public; conference registration is not required. Musician and cultural anthropologist, Raúl Rodríguez will present the songs of his two albums and books, Razón de Son (2014) and La Raíz Eléctrica (2017), in which he compiles more than twenty years of creative research on flamenco music and its connection with the rhythms of the Afro-Caribbean-Andalusian cultural matrix. Through the introduction of a new instrument, the Tres Flamenco (a mix between flamenco guitar and cuban tres), this special solo concert will take the audience on a round trip journey linking historical memory with cultural action, in an open dialogue between past and present, research and creativity, reasons and songs. Tickets will be available at the door for $25 ($20 student/senior). Drinks and light refreshments are available to purchase at the venue. La Nacional also has a full restaurant serving traditional Spanish cuisine, so why not join us for happy hour before the concert? About the conference: "The Body Questions" is a two day interdisciplinary conference and festival, celebrating the interracial and intercultural roots of flamenco. Day 1 (October 15) is a performance festival designed to showcase flamenco's diversity. Day 2 (October 16) is an academic symposium featuring international scholars in dance, musicology, anthropology and more. Both days are free and open to the public; registration is required. For registration information, performers, venues, etc, please see our official conference site.  This conference is sponsored by a Humanities New York Action Grant and by The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation.
Dec-01-18 07:00 PM Meet Your Mat(ch) LIMITED SEATS !RSVP ~ contact@yoganebula.comhttps://yoganebula.com/hatha/meet-match-registration/  Come join us for a night of Yoga, Meditation, Music and a Connection. It has become ever more apparent that with the rise of individualism there has been a decline within communities for healthy interpersonal relationships to prosper. There are ways to overcome this tide of disconnectedness by first building a beautiful relationship within yourself. As the saying goes before you are able to truly make others happy you must first find happiness within yourself. As Sadhguru says, “If relationships have to be really beautiful, it is very important that a human being turns inward and looks at themselves in a very deep way before they look at somebody else. If you become a source of joy by yourself and your relationships are about sharing your joy, not squeezing joy out of somebody , then you would have wonderful relationships with anybody. Relationships have become a problem because we are not using it to enhance our lives. We are trying to fill the gaps in our lives with relationships.” The world has become a lonely place and many people have resorted towards technology and dating apps to foster a facade of intimacy within their lives. Let’s make the possibility of intimacy greater by first fostering the bliss within you. With the help of simple yogic techniques you can align yourself from within and find a sensible and joyful way to live. Once you are able to create your own inner peace your ability to attract someone in line with your true self will become that much greater. We are offering an enormous possibility for ones ultimate wellbeing but before you can find your soulmate you must first place the soles of your feet together and wing it! Come join us for a night of yoga, meditation, music, and connection. We will begin with an introductory course of classical hatha yoga as taught by highly trained Isha Hatha Yoga teachers, followed by various activities that will promote and foster a sense of playfulness and connection amongst participants. Be blissful, breathe, and blossom to your ultimate possibility. For Questions : contact@yoganebula.com
Dec-12-18 07:00 PM NY Andalus Ensemble - Winter 2018 "Ana Qad Kana Li Khalil" (I Had a Love) An evening of music and song from al-Andalus and North Africa Artistic Director, Samuel Torjman Thomas, Ph.D For five hundred years, Christians, Jews, and Muslims lived side by side in medieval Iberia, sharing their arts and sciences to create a scintillating, multicultural tradition of music and poetry. Singing in Arabic, Hebrew, and Ladino to reflect this cultural pluralism, the New York Andalus Ensemble presents spiritual texts and songs of love and everyday life in Al-Andalus, emphasizing the expressive quality of the region’s shared tradition even as it respects the individual cultures that comprise it. Meticulous attention is paid to authenticity of style and pronunciation as ensemble members, hailing from Algeria, Syria, Israel, Morocco, and the United States, pool their linguistic and musical expertise. “You won’t want to miss the chance to see such a diverse and versatile group.” —Spain Culture, New York FOR MORE INFORMATION: NewYorkAndalusEnsemble.com