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Address: 239 W Fourteenth Street NYC (bet Seventh and Eighth Avenue )
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Feb-09-19 07:00 PM Meet Your Mat(ch) LIMITED SEATS !RSVP ~ contact@yoganebula.comhttps://yoganebula.com/hatha/meet-match-registration/  Come join us for a night of Yoga, Meditation, Music and a Connection. It has become ever more apparent that with the rise of individualism there has been a decline within communities for healthy interpersonal relationships to prosper. There are ways to overcome this tide of disconnectedness by first building a beautiful relationship within yourself. As the saying goes before you are able to truly make others happy you must first find happiness within yourself. As Sadhguru says, “If relationships have to be really beautiful, it is very important that a human being turns inward and looks at themselves in a very deep way before they look at somebody else. If you become a source of joy by yourself and your relationships are about sharing your joy, not squeezing joy out of somebody , then you would have wonderful relationships with anybody. Relationships have become a problem because we are not using it to enhance our lives. We are trying to fill the gaps in our lives with relationships.” The world has become a lonely place and many people have resorted towards technology and dating apps to foster a facade of intimacy within their lives. Let’s make the possibility of intimacy greater by first fostering the bliss within you. With the help of simple yogic techniques you can align yourself from within and find a sensible and joyful way to live. Once you are able to create your own inner peace your ability to attract someone in line with your true self will become that much greater. We are offering an enormous possibility for ones ultimate wellbeing but before you can find your soulmate you must first place the soles of your feet together and wing it! Come join us for a night of yoga, meditation, music, and connection. We will begin with an introductory course of classical hatha yoga as taught by highly trained Isha Hatha Yoga teachers, followed by various activities that will promote and foster a sense of playfulness and connection amongst participants. Be blissful, breathe, and blossom to your ultimate possibility. For Questions : contact@yoganebula.com