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Address: 167 Orchard Street
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Nov-17-19 09:00 PM Slippery Sundays Burlesque (21+ Event)
Nov-18-19 08:00 PM Musical Mondays (21+ Event)
Nov-19-19 08:00 PM Birth, Death, Sex and Makeup Tickets (21+ Event)
Nov-19-19 10:00 PM PIG (21+ Event)
Nov-19-19 10:00 PM PIG Stand-up comedy from the very best of New York's emerging comics.
Nov-20-19 10:00 PM The Glitter Gutter Fast and loose variety and burlesque, hosted by Slipper Room founder James Habacker.
Nov-21-19 07:30 PM Sex, Aerial & Rock 'n' Roll A wild and scandalous rock'n'roll experience, featuring the hottest aerialists, circus, and burlesque performers in NYC.
Nov-21-19 07:30 PM Sex, Aerial and Rock N Roll (21+ Event)
Nov-21-19 10:00 PM The Wiggle Room An elegant evening of booze, boobs, laffs, & boobs. Hosted by Bradford Scobie as Sir Richard Castle.
Nov-21-19 11:55 PM Stache Novak's Midnight Fingers Late night midnight show full of the best striptease, and burlesque performers in NYC