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Address: 234 West 44 Street
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Dec-16-17 10:30 AM Sardi's Tour Get the inside scoop on Sardi’s, the epicenter of Broadway life since 1921. Explore the place where famous shows started, classic movies were filmed, and iconic caricatures were drawn. Since 1921, Broadway legends have come to Sardi’s Restaurant to open shows, make deals, and get their caricatures drawn for the wall of fame. No wonder movies and TV shows like “Glee” and “The Muppets Take Manhattan” filmed here when they needed authentic theater flair. In the Sardi’s Tour, you get a backstage look at the restaurant, covering everything from the deals that were closed at the bar to the caricatures that were stolen by rabid fans. All tours are led by a longtime Sardi’s staffer, which means your guide will have a few eyewitness stories that you won’t hear anywhere else.
Dec-16-17 05:30 PM Sardi's
Dec-16-17 10:30 PM Sardi's
Dec-17-17 05:30 PM Sardi's
Dec-17-17 10:30 PM Sardi's
Dec-18-17 05:30 PM Sardi's
Dec-18-17 10:30 PM Sardi's
Dec-19-17 05:30 PM Sardi's
Dec-19-17 10:30 PM Sardi's
Dec-20-17 05:30 PM Sardi's