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  Apollo Theater
Address: 253 West 125th Street
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
May-24-17 02:30 PM http://www.cluesforhealth.com/biogenxt/ More Info >><< http://www.cluesforhealth.com/biogenxt/ Biogenxt This is the new site with the new supplement and is taking off its requests step by step because of its common fixings. The organization is exceptionally helping in clients so you will get the full support from this supplement and its producers so with no uncertainty, you can have faith in this organization. This is the sole item which has its famous and creative recipe for the clients. Potential purchasers are picking up their quality by the quality insightful flawless this supplement so you can be potential purchasers for this supplement.
May-24-17 03:00 PM High- Brid Details soon to come
May-24-17 07:30 PM Amateur Night At The Apollo
May-24-17 07:30 PM DeVonn
May-31-17 07:30 PM Amateur Night At The Apollo
Jun-01-17 10:00 PM Apollo Comedy Club
Jun-02-17 10:00 PM Apollo Music Cafe
Jun-03-17 10:00 PM Apollo Music Cafe
Jun-07-17 07:30 PM Amateur Night At The Apollo
Jun-08-17 06:00 PM I Am Somebody! Documentary Short Premiere and Fundraiser I Am Somebody! is a short film and the sequel to the book To Become Somebody: Growing Up Against The Grain of Society, written in 1982 by The DOME Project’s founder, John Simon.  It tells the story of a small youth program on the Upper West Side and how it brought six teenage boys together. Competing with the lure of New York City streets in the  70s, The DOME Project created opportunities and experiences that helped build an unbreakable bond between the teens and the community. At The DOME, teens had a voice and people who believed in them; they were offered opportunities to discover their potential and received support on the road to becoming somebody.  They reunite forty years later to share their experiences and the challenges they would come up against as they moved into adulthood, never losing the bond they created with each other and the organization. I Am Somebody! is directed by award winning filmmaker Charles Jones and funded by Campaign for Black Male Achievement. It demonstrates the lasting impact small community based organizations can have on young people and families who lack access to opportunties for discovering their potential.