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  Comic Strip Live
Address: 1568 2nd Avenue
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Oct-28-18 04:00 PM MATTERS OF THE HEART Husband and Wife ComedyDuo Skillet and Booker have been performing MATTERS OF THE HEART off-off Broadway, at the Comic Strip Live and touring since April 2014. This ongoing show has left audiences laughing and smiling going out the door. Audiences have compared Skillet and Booker's comedy to the comedic stylings of Desi and Lucy. Music teacher, Audie Booker (Terry Ballard) is looking for love wherever she can find it. Musician/teacher, Skillet Mahoney (Ken Crutchfield) is looking to avoid love at all costs, until one day Skillet's excessive chicken eating catches up with him. A host of comedic characters appear to help "Skillet" back on his feet. This in-your-face comedy has everything from situation comedy to vaudeville to burlesque.  Plenty of physical comedy and loads of zany characters played by the duo. Skillet and Booker are hilarious as they come face to face with all aspects of "matters of the heart". Don't miss this next show!

Nov-18-18 05:30 PM Brian Schiller: How I Lost My Virginity at 29 and Other Embarassing Tales “I am not sure what most people expect when they see a solo show but this show was moving, funny, engaging and sobering. An amazing combination of experiences to have in one sitting! The performer puts his life under a microscope and it isn't gratuitous or self indulgent. He has an important story to tell and is able to use humor and relay heartbreak. A special show.”  Minnesota Fringe Festival Brian Schiller's highly acclaimed one man show comes to The Comic Strip for one special performance. Produced and hosted by Scott Blakeman. There is a two item food or frink minimum.