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Address: 2751 Broadway
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Mar-22-18 12:00 AM Ulysses Owens Jr. and THREE
Mar-22-18 11:45 PM Nickel and Dime OPS New York City's premiere jazz fused hip hop band, Nickel and Dime Ops, continue their weekly residency on their way to 8 years at this world renown jazz club.
Mar-23-18 12:00 AM Bobby Watson Quartet
Mar-24-18 12:00 AM Bobby Watson Quartet
Mar-25-18 12:00 AM Bobby Watson Quartet
Mar-26-18 12:00 AM Vincent Herring Quartet
Mar-26-18 12:00 AM The New Jam Session Hosted by Vincent Herring
Mar-27-18 12:00 AM Mike LeDonne's Groover Quartet
Mar-28-18 12:00 AM Lezlie Harrison Sings from the Great American Soulbook
Mar-29-18 12:00 AM George Colligan Trio