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  Pete's Candy Store
Address: 709 Lorimer Street
City: Brooklyn
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Jul-03-17 10:30 PM Moonar Live At Pete's Candy Store! MOONAR rides it’s mystic tone in a journey to reconcile the influx of influences and shades in contemporary Indie rock. ​ Energetic, intricate and highly compelling in its songwriting and presentation bassist Lior Koren steps out of the smokey rhythm section into the front stage to debut his first project as a leader. After being a highly in-demand bassist in the Israeli music scene Lior made the leap and re-located to NYC where over the last few years he’s been writing, composing, arranging and recording music for what has finally crystallized as MOONAR - A highly aesthetically built, well crafted Indie Rock group that rids a wide spectrum of musical and emotional spaces with dexterity, maturity and power. The complex yet primal work presented by MOONAR tells the first chapter of its story in the EP recently released by Lior under the name LyO and is the jumping board for the material and style that is then extended and celebrated on stage by the band. Joining Lior, is a group of high caliber professional individuals, all rapidly making a name for themselves in the NYC scene - the group is highly diverse musically, but while hailing from different musical tradition the band poses a blessed amount of chemistry and is able to come together to project a cohesive, coherent unified sound - which in its own shines and radiates a unique musical ray.