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  Nuyorican Poets Cafe
Address: 236 East 3rd Street
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Mar-22-18 07:00 PM PennyPan Cabaret
Mar-22-18 07:00 PM The PennyPan Cabaret The PennyPan Cabaret is a trip through fantasy, causality and mythology by way of Arcadia, the NYC financial district and the West Village. Breaking the 4th wall and occasionally the time/space continuum, PennyPan is comprised of storytelling, original new music, poetry, two short plays and a hearty helping from the libretto of Mozart's "Don Giovanni". Comically brooding and musically inventive, this show is an aller-retour to a time and place that never really was, but still seems familiar, because life is life is life.
Gods Light Entertainment , Fire Circle EventsPresentsTHE CITY IS OURSHIP-HOP HEALING AMERICAMUSIC SHOW CASE EVENTOur Hip- Hop Healing America tour continues from last year. Move forward in spreading positivity and love through music. Organized by Gods Light Entertainment, this year each artist will have a positive message to say with their lyrics, songs and speeches. We are touring in NY, NJ, RI, DMV, FL & LA; if time permits,new artists may compete in this event for a spot on the tour. Please call us @ 1-646-698-2363 for more information or to sign up.
Mar-22-18 09:00 PM The City Is Ours
Mar-22-18 09:30 PM GOD'S LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT THE CITY IS OURS, MUSIC SHOW CASE EVENT An amazing event with Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, all generes welcomed. Top performer wins a spot on our tour.Called HIP-HOP HEALING AMERICA we have shows coming up in NY,NJ,DMV,RI,FL,LA.  If you want to perform call and contact us at 1-646-698-2363.
Mar-23-18 10:00 PM Friday Night Poetry Slam Featuring Mo Browne
Come check out the Nuyorican's most popular weekly event! Watch professional poets perform and our Wednesday night Slam winners spit! Judges of our Friday Night Slams are 5 randomly chosen members of our audience (in other words, it could be you!). $13 General admission at the door (a line forms outside an hour before admittance, general admittance starts at 10pm).Tired of waiting on line? Buy VIP Tickets online and mingle with da poets!$25 VIP admission (online only). Arrive at the Main Entrance (and not in the line) by 9:30pm SHARP!
Mar-23-18 10:00 PM Friday Night Grand Slam Finals
Mar-24-18 06:30 PM Helena D Lewis
Mar-24-18 07:00 PM Helena D. Lewis- Call Me Crazy: Diary of a Mad Social Worker
After being assigned more work than she can handle, social worker Lewis has a nervous breakdown, tries to kill her boss, and is committed for psychiatric observation. After being restrained, Lewis recalls her true-life experiences working with prostitutes, drug addicts and prisoners, portraying twenty-five different characters from pimps to menopausal women. Call Me Crazy... a unique look at the highs and lows of working for peanuts while trying to save the world one poem at a time.Doors Open at 6:30pm / Show time at 7pmAdmission: $20 online and at the door
Mar-24-18 10:00 PM Kraal Charles Media in association with LatinosNYC Presents: Her Story
Kraal Charles Media in association with LatinosNYC Present: Her Story4 different women from 4 different backgrounds, 4 voices, and one story. HerStory is the single account of love, pain, struggle, and triumph, spoken over melody and song, tear shed, and laughter. Unlike the traditional stories of fainthearted and muted women, here, they testify true accounts of their existence; from subordination to dominance, from discord to sisterhood. Mix this with spirituals and Meringue, hip-hop and jazz. Here the story is told. It is honest. It is intelligent. It is sexy.It is HerStory. Tickets: $12 online/$15 door