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  Chelsea Clearview
Address: 23rd St & 8th Ave
City: New York
State: NY
Date Time Event Description
Apr-28-17 03:30 PM Tribeca Film Festival - Shorts: Disconnected
Apr-29-17 12:00 PM Tribeca Film Festival - Whitney. Can I Be Me
Apr-29-17 03:15 PM Tribeca Film Festival - Shorts: S.O.S.
Apr-29-17 06:45 PM Tribeca Film Festival - The Divine Order
Apr-29-17 08:00 PM Tribeca Film Festival Shorts - Your Heart's Desire
Apr-29-17 09:00 PM Tribeca Film Festival - Tom of Finland
Apr-29-17 09:15 PM Tribeca Film Festival - Shorts: Disconnected
Jun-22-17 07:00 PM New York Girls: The Movie [NYC SCREENING ONLY] "New York Girls: The Movie" is a film adaptation of the popular YouTube web series New York Girls TV.  The film follows a group of lesbian friends as they struggle with love, career and personal relationships in the midst of a mutual friend's wedding weekend.  Since its release, the series has reached more than 7 million views.  It's been nearly a year since fans have witnessed the characters in action.  As a result, thousands of women are anticipating the NYGTV movie tour which kicks off in Los Angeles this June.