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  Symphony Space
Address: 2537 Broadway at 95th Street
City: New York
State: NY
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Aug-20-18 04:00 PM Matthew Hussey: Impact For Girls If you’re a girl, or identify as a girl, and you’re between the ages of 13-17 years old, this is for you. My mission for the last 10 years has been to help women create exceptional lives and relationships through advice that is honest, authentic and practical, so that they feel confident and in control of their own happiness. I’ve had the privilege of working with over 100,000 women in person, and my online training videos have been viewed a total of 220 million times.  And yet, it has always struck me how many of these women say: “I wish I had your advice when I was growing up”.  I can relate. As a teenager I was both shy and introverted, lacked confidence, and cared WAY too much what people thought of me. I knew early on if I could learn how to shed some of my insecurities and become more confident I would achieve more, have more fun socializing with other people my age, and stop holding myself back.  That’s why growing up I read as much as possible in order to better myself, decided to start taking more risks, and learned from incredible mentors wherever I could. And it worked for me. I went on to write a New York Times Bestselling book, have my own TV shows, built a 40 person global company, and continue to give speeches across the world.  10 years on, if there’s one thing working with adults has taught me, it’s that if people have great mentors EARLIER in life they can avoid much of the pain and trauma that comes from making bad decisions early on out of fear or insecurity.  I’d like to help people reach their potential sooner so they can be happier for more of their lives.  SO I’ve decided to trial my first ever event for YOUTH GIRLS in New York.  I’ll be speaking at the Peter Jay Sharp Theatre at Symphony Space in New York City on August 20, at 4:00 PM EDT. (Parents and guardians are more than welcome to attend with a youth! Be sure to register for your ticket too.) I won’t be pretending to know what it’s like to be a young girl! I’ll need your help in understanding the challenges you are facing, and I’m ready to learn.  But I will share with you what I’ve shared with millions of adult women over the years about how to: Become truly confident in yourself and stop worrying what others think Develop powerful social skills which are great for your social life and school/job interviews alike  Stop comparing your life with other people’s and start doing what makes YOU happy What I want is for us to have an open and honest conversation and to offer you some practical tools to navigate the challenges you are facing. This is my way of giving back. Which means I’m running this event for FREE!  EXCEPT for one thing…In order to confirm your place, there are two steps: You have to register for your ticket on this page You have to email 1 question to our friendly event organizer Lucy that you’d like me to answer at the event. The email to send your question to is lucy@matthewhussey.com (Please state in your email if you would like your question to be anonymous). Over the years I’ve learned that when something is free people rarely value it, even if it’s worth A LOT. So you emailing me a question is one small way you can show us that you are serious and are committed to showing up on the day. I’m keeping this trial event small so tickets are limited.  Remember, this event is for GIRLS between the ages of 13-17. Parents, guardians, and mentors - you’re welcome to accompany your youth girl (or girls!). Don't forget to register for a ticket for yourself. I can’t wait to meet you. Matthew P.S. If you are a teacher, influencer, or head up an organization for youth girls and would like to make a group booking for your girls, please contact lucy@matthewhussey.com.
Aug-20-18 07:00 PM Matthew Hussey: The Live Session The last time I did a live tour was 2015. Since then I’ve run my live Retreat twice a year, made over 150 new youtube videos, recorded over 100 ‘LoveLife’ podcasts, and consistently worked to improve our online programs for our members. But every day I receive hundreds of comments and emails from women asking if I’m ever going to hold a live event in their city. If you are one of them, or you’ve ever been interested in seeing me live, this is your moment... Over the coming months, I’m selecting a small handful of cities for a brand new style of live event that I’ve never done for the public until now. Tickets will disappear quickly. So if you want to be there, don’t waste any time. “What’s the new style of the event Matthew?!” This event will be different to other tours I have run before because I want to spend more time answering YOUR questions in the room. That’s why I’m calling it ‘Matthew Hussey: The Live Session’ I’ll kick things off by talking about something I’m all fired up to bring to you in the realm of dating, attraction and confidence... ...THEN, I’m going to open up the floor to YOU for Q&A. We’ll have spontaneous, raw and honest conversations which will be guided by YOUR questions. So yes… there is a genuine possibility that you will have your question answered. It’s going to be SO much fun. If you’ve been following me online but always wanted to come hang out and have fun with me in person, now is your chance. Woohoo! I'll see you soon! Your coach, Matthew xx
Aug-30-18 09:00 PM "I AM" series 8 "SHINE" "I AM" Seires 8! The theme is SHINE. Are you ready to shine?  We have 5 featured artists, AND we are now actually opening up to the audience. For those of you who have been hesitating to jump in. It's time. It's time that YOU get to shine. What are you waiting for?  Bar Thalia  8/30 Thursday 9pm $10 Suggested Donation “I AM” - We Are: CREACTIVISTS : CREATIVES + ACTIVISTS creating with mission and story.   We write poems to tell the truth.  We sing to share our stories.  We create to heal the world.  We dance to shift perspectives.  We tell stories to make people laugh.  We LIVE to create. Art Is: Art is healing: It is our power, our release, our pleasure, our passion, our anger, our lust. Art is story: It is how we communicate. It is universal. It is heart. It has no limit. It touches our souls.  Art is connection: It gives us a safe space. It leads to collaboration. It leads to growth. It leads to community. Art is us. 
Sep-20-18 07:00 PM An American in Paris

Part of Symphony Space's Theater on Screen series, bringing unforgettable theater from around the world to our screens.

The Tony® Award-winning Broadway musical about love, hope, and living your dreams took London's West End by storm with standing ovations from the public and a record-setting 28 five-star reviews from UK critics.

The musical follows a former American GI, Jerry Mulligan, trying to make it as a painter in post-war Paris. He falls in love with a dancer, Lise Dassin, after a chance encounter. Starring New York City Ballet principal dancer Robert Fairchild as Mulligan opposite British Royal Ballet dancer Leanne Cope as Dassin. Both reprise their roles from the original Broadway production. The musical features songs from George and Ira Gershwin; Craig Lucas adapted it for the stage. Christopher Wheeldon won a best choreographer Tony for his work on the production.

With gorgeous Gershwin tunes, stunning designs, and show-stopping choreography, this breathtaking new musical tells the story of an American GI discovering friendship, art, and love in the "City of Lights" in 1945.

Includes a 15 minute intermission. 

Private group screenings available! (Minimum 75 attendees) 
Contact ed.budz@symphonyspace.org

Sep-22-18 01:30 PM A special Thalia Kids' Book Club Camp event: An Afternoon with Katherine Marsh https://www.symphonyspace.org/events/special-thalia-kids-book-club-camp-an-afternoon-with-katherine-marsh Saturday, September 22 / 1:30 - 4:00 Spend an afternoon with the acclaimed author of The Night Tourist; Jepp, Who Defied the Stars; andThe Door by the Staircase for the release of her latest middle-grade novel. Nowhere Boy touches on the timely topic of refugees and immigration through the story of two boys whose worlds collide, changing everything they thought they knew about heroism, hope, and love. This event will include a conversation and writing activities with the author, games, a book signing, and more. Please note: This event is limited to 30 children, and advance registration is required. A copy of the book will be mailed to participants in advance. Ages 10 - 14 Tickets: $45 (includes a book)
Oct-06-18 11:00 AM Michael & the Rockness Monsters Saturday, October 6 at 11 am: Michael & the Rockness Monsters The “Preschool of Rock” band offers creative lyrics and interactive props to invite crowd participation. At this exclusive NYC show, the band debuts songs from their new album Monster’s Ball, and kids are invited to come in costume for the musical masquerade party. Their award-winning music offers the perfect balance of silly and serious, to "inspire the next generation of music lovers.”
Oct-13-18 11:00 AM WOW in the World Pop Up Party Saturday, October 13 at 11 am: WOW in the World Pop Up Party The Peter Jay Sharp Theatre explodes with a curious mix of science, live music, and sketch comedy. It’s the new “Wow in the World Pop Up Party,”a live and interactive spin on NPR’s wildly popular science podcast for kids. The show features a live performance by twice GRAMMY-nominated band The Pop Ups, along with short interactive games and foley-infused comedy skits presented by host Mindy Thomas. Tickets for this show are $20 ($17 for members).
Oct-20-18 11:00 AM Saturday, October 20 at 11 am and 2 pm: Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia: “The Rainbow Fish” Saturday, October 20 at 11 am and 2 pm: Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia: “The Rainbow Fish” This original glow-in-the-dark puppetry adaptation of some of Marcus Pfister’s most popular stories enchants audiences with the magical tale of the most beautiful fish in the sea, whose scales shimmer in all the colors of the rainbow. The Rainbow Fish is admired – and resented – by the entire underwater world, until a clever octopus advises him to give each fish one of his scales. He finds the courage to explore the great unknown deep sea, discovering a new world with wonderful sights and friendly creatures of all shapes, sizes and colors.
Oct-23-18 07:00 PM Sarah J Maas- Kingdom of Ash Tour
Nov-01-18 07:30 PM SPANGLISH FLY